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Convert your images into 3D Grid to give your images some extra unique style. This style looks great on any kind of images. Total 11 actions to give you the most control over your desired output and requirements.

Images Used:

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  • tobypsl

    2013-03-07 03:31:59
    Purchased Reply

    Nice simple action, very quick and easy to apply etc. I've played around with the Grid1 and Grid2 settings but haven't worked out how to change the colour of the grid to white - is this possible? (I very rarely use photoshop so could spend all day trying).

  • mudi

    2013-03-07 05:08:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! Thank you for purchasing. Just select the layer which ends with name "Border" and while the layer is selected press Ctrl+I on windows or Command + I on Mac. Then change the layer blending mode to Screen. If you are having trouble doing this then we will release an update which includes white lines as an action.

  • tobypsl

    2013-03-09 04:17:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Mudi, I played around with the layers ending in background (there is no layer "Border") and managed to change them to white using the blending mode screen. Thanks for the help.