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Auguste is a site template suitable for bloggers, artists, and designers. It features classic typography, 4 color variations (Classic Red, Subtle Grey, Black Ice, Orange), 8 Page Templates, and two working contact forms (Contact Page and Quick Contact via footer). The front page slideshow is a great way to showcase your artwork and designs. Its images can be of any width and height, so you can customize your slides to appear like background images.

Please note that a complete layered PSD composition will not be included as the template was designed primarily in the browser.


  • Text-based Logo
  • Full Width jQuery Slideshow (Cycle Plugin)
  • Multi-level drop-down menu
  • Pre-styled elements for posts (blockquote, code, lists headings, etc..)
  • Sidebar jQuery Tabs
  • Contact Form & Quick Contact Form w/ Validation
  • Individually designed Portfolio Page & Single Project Page
  • Compatible with IE6 , IE7 , IE8 , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
  • HTML /TXT Documentation included


  • Themeforest Asset Library
  • jQuery Cycle Plugin
  • Fancybox
  • jQuery Easing Plugin
  • jQuery UI Tabs
  • Social Network Icons by Komodo Media
  • Tango Icon Library
  • Select Artwork by Joel Rich (from Demo)
  • ‘Fancy Header’ drawings created using MrDoob’s Harmony Project
  • brucecris

    2010-07-09 04:13:52
    Purchased Reply

    This is the most detailed theme Ive seen here so far... Im trying to find a way to use it....

  • adkorte

    2010-08-09 02:11:39
    Purchased Reply

    I'm still waiting for a wp version! :-)

  • pifa

    2010-07-13 06:28:22
    Purchased Reply

    One of the best html templates here in Themeforest. Good luck with the sales!

  • Millin

    2010-05-23 23:44:58
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome! Will there be a WP-version?

  • gcfranco

    2010-05-25 07:11:24
    Purchased Reply

    In a matter of time, yes :)

  • goThemeTeam

    2010-05-27 13:16:43
    Purchased Reply

    This is such an elegant design. The typography and spacing is excellent and it's so well balanced. Reminds me of great print work. I'm sure Monsieur Renoir would approve ;-)

  • contempoinc

    2010-05-25 02:17:08
    Purchased Reply

    Nicely done, so clean, dig the nav on the on the portfolio page, so many great little touches.

  • atouati

    2010-07-15 23:40:02
    Purchased Reply

    Brilliant layout, well balanced and the colour scheme is great. One issue I'm having, the fancybox buttons (prev, next and close) dont show on IE. Not sure whether its a Z-INDEX issue. Works amazingly on ALL othr browsers... any ideas anyone

  • gcfranco

    2010-07-16 07:44:03
    Purchased Reply

    Looks like an image path issue with the IE filters. You will need to modify the 'src=' locations in Fancybox's IE filters so that they are relative to HTML document being viewed and not Stylesheet. If you've kept the folder structure intact then prepending the urls with 'js/' should do the trick Thanks for comment :]

  • dozakdaia

    2010-09-21 02:59:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hey! love your template. But i was wondering how I go in and add blog posts and news items? where does the site pull that info from? I looked through the documentary but couldn't find anything. Thanks for your help!

  • enigmatic

    2010-05-25 09:26:39
    Purchased Reply

    Great theme and great portfolio. Absolutely love your attention to detail, commitment to effective minimalism, and typographic feel. In a world where flashy is overrated, I hope people appreciate your art.


    2010-05-22 22:15:38
    Purchased Reply

    Wow, very well done! Spacing, grid, typography, colors, everything perfect :) Good luck with sales

  • gcfranco

    2010-05-23 00:29:53
    Purchased Reply

    Why thank you, kind sir!

  • adkorte

    2010-08-20 19:45:00
    Purchased Reply

    I'm still waiting for a wp-version! ;-) Do you have any details? :-)

  • gcfranco

    2010-09-13 05:23:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi adkorte, Unfortunately, I've decided not to pursue making the wp version. However, if enough people request it I may work something out. Best, Carlo

  • _rohan

    2010-05-23 04:45:06
    Purchased Reply

    Really beautiful. I love the typography , its all just so well done.

  • noahhendrix

    2010-05-27 06:10:00
    Purchased Reply

    My favorite part about this? You didn't use a slider, I hope it is a sign that sliders are phasing out of web design.

  • gcfranco

    2010-05-28 19:18:57
    Purchased Reply

    Technically, I did...unless by slider you mean the actual 'sliding' of images and the powerpoint-like transitions. I'm happy with just fading :)

  • movingmel

    2010-09-12 22:50:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Great design. Only one issue, I was wondering if you could please provide me with an html version of the contact form?

  • gcfranco

    2010-09-13 05:18:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi movingmel: Do you mean the contact form markup in contact.php sans validation code?

  • DDStudios

    2010-05-23 06:13:34
    Purchased Reply

    I like that a LOT ...

  • jeezihavenfi

    2010-07-01 15:53:23
    Purchased Reply

    Great theme! Such a wonderful job. Is a wordpress version something you are looking into? If not, I'd love to get a hold of your conversion Seth. Thanks mate.

  • sethrubenstein

    2010-05-26 02:05:23
    Purchased Reply

    BEAUTIFUL theme. Any chance you'll be making this into a Wordpress theme?

  • gcfranco

    2010-05-28 19:22:04
    Purchased Reply

    Sure will!

  • multipleone

    2010-06-04 05:41:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hello there! Great work! I´m about to start building my online portfolio (long due:-) Any chance that the WP theme is available in the next 1/2 weeks? Thanks!

  • gcfranco

    2010-06-08 14:18:02
    Purchased Reply

    multipleone: Thanks your interest in the WP Version, however it won't likely be ready until much later than that. I'll be sure to update you when the time comes.

  • BreezyNewMedia

    2010-05-24 21:06:50
    Purchased Reply


  • sticker

    2010-05-23 06:51:34
    Purchased Reply

    I think it's a very ambitious theme. That said, I'd have a few personal reservations; your logo is quite poor - The logo should be a focus point as it represents the title of the page. it's not even a graphic image, simply text dropped in. The same goes for the use of images to show off the "fancy header" - they are quite bland and don't bring the full potential of the code used. I feel with a more polished graphics set to showcase it, this would be outstanding. I don't mean to be overly critical, just a few thoughts. Best of luck with it all ther same!

  • gcfranco

    2010-05-28 19:13:38
    Purchased Reply

    I appreciate the candour, sticker. (oh and don't worry, I don't mind critical feedback :) ) I suppose the demo could have better front page slides to attract buyers but it doesn't concern me too much. It makes me a lot happier seeing folks enjoy the template for the layout and typography. As for the logo, I don't think an image is really necessary if it's going to be replaced. Keeping it as text provides an alternative for those who don't have a logo and want something temporary. It also leaves the doors open for font replacement. Thanks for the comment!