Landing Page Details

Latest version is 1.6, please view the changelog from here

Basic Page Features

  1. Advanced title settings per page / post / portfolio -
    1. Change font size / weight / vertical paddings
    2. Add Icons from Icon Library
    3. Change Title alignment Left / center / right
    4. Toggle Show / hide title per page
    5. Select from 9 intro title effects
    6. custom background / color / background opacity settings for title text
    7. Advanced background settings for title color ( coloured area behind title and transparent menu ) -
      1. Add background color
      2. Ajax Portfolios
      3. Add image background , set background position of the image or add custom position
      4. Add css3 gradient
      5. Add Self hosted background video
      6. Advanced settings – take complete control of the background with custom background options.
  2. Iconography , choose from over 500 retina ready fontello icons
  3. Powerful Page settings
    1. Change layout – Full / left / right sidebar
    2. Set any sidebar
    3. Advance options –
      1. set custom color scheme for the page
      2. set custom header template for the page
      3. Show or Hide – Breadcrumbs / head area / footer widgets / bottom footer area
  4. Featured Media – This gives you the ability to set from 10 featured media types.
    1. Proportional Resized Image ( Image dimensions maintained )
    2. Full Width Image
    3. Parallax Image
    4. Slider
    5. Gallery
    6. Full Width Slider with / without auto height
    7. Full Screen gallery
    8. Media from our Slider Manager
    9. Slider import from Revolution Slider (comes free with this theme)
    10. Video
    11. Zoomable Image ( Woo Commerce Product )
  5. You can set height of featured media elements. For sliders auto height option is there. The height slider changes according to resized image

RAD Builder Features

  1. 9 layout components
  2. 38 Inbuilt widgets
  3. 6 Third party components – 1 Revolution slider , 4 woo commerce widgets and 1 contact form 7 widget
  4. Save Revisions for the page
  5. Page library gives access to readymade pages in the library
  6. Page sections give access to readymade sections
  7. Ability to import and export pages
  8. Save as templates allows to reuse the current rad page in other pages of the website
  9. Unlimited sections allowed, set settings
    1. Set paddings, visibility on mobile devices or content layout
    2. Set background settings such as background image, parallax image , css3 gradients, background videos or color’s primary or secondary color
    3. Add custom overlay layer on top of background with background color or image option.
    4. Add custom top or bottom borders
  10. Clone the sections
  11. Create unlimited columns , with
    1. Animation settings on scroll
    2. Layout settings , set column to float left (default) , align in center ( 1 column per section ) or float right
    3. Set custom border settings
    4. Set background settings with background color with opacity , images or gradients.
    5. Custom margin control option to override default margins
  12. Each widget has option for intro animations
  13. Media Elements – gallery , sliders , images , videos, revolution slider and slider from slider manager.
  14. Posts /Portfolio – List, Grid, masonry and slider
  15. Text – raw text /styled text columns with icons and image support
  16. One Page Templating support

Total List of available components

  1. Text Widget with 7 column styles with icon engine. 4 Types of icon styles are supported
  2. Raw HTML Widget
  3. One Page Templating menu
  5. Notification Widget
  6. Sidebar widget
  7. Image widget
  8. Gallery widget
  9. Flickr widget
  10. Slider from slider manager widget
  11. Image thumbnails support with custom sizes
  12. Posts list layout support with 2 types of layout – Image with thumbnails and plaint lists. Custom Filters support available
  13. Posts grid layout with 1,2, 3,4,5 column layout and custom height
  14. Posts slider support
  15. Masonry support with 4,5,6 columns , 2 layout types – equal rows and masonry and custom height support ( resizes according to the browser width if full width layout is set )
  16. Intro title widget
  17. CTA widget with 2 styles and icon support
  18. Tabs support with top, bottom, left and right layout . Icons support and editor support for content. 2 Styles Available
  19. Google map support with custom markup, hue and multiple address support
  20. Magic list support with custom icon
  21. Accordion support with 3 styles and editor support for section content
  22. Toggle widget with 3 styles and editor support for section content
  23. Icon set widget to create custom icon groups from icon library or image icon
  24. Logo widget support with plain , scrollable or grid layout
  25. Image widget with resizing , custom links
  26. Divider widget support with 5 types of divider styles
  27. Scrollable widget support with custom width, height and margin support.
  28. Testimonials slider with 2 types of layout
  29. Single testimonial widget
  30. Video support
  31. Self hosted video support with custom media upload
  32. Progress bar with custom bar and animated strips support
  33. Radial chart support with custom width
  34. Counter widget
  35. Button with 3 types of style, icons support , links support with video and image support that opens on support
  36. Team person widget
  37. Pricing table widgets

Blog Features

  1. 5 Blog Templates – One Column / Grid / List / Timeline / Full width masonry
  2. Custom settings per page
  3. Integrate Query Engine, select custom categories / tags or order by title / date / random
  4. Full width masonry with load more feature

Single post features

  1. Facebook comments

Portfolio Templates

  1. Portfolio 1,2,3,4,5 columns with sidebar , proportional image support. Available in 3 layouts
  2. Portfolio list with sidebar support
  3. Portfolio fullscreen template
  4. Portfolio maerya template
  5. Portfolio gallery template with sidebar support
  6. Portfolio masonry with ajax load more support
  7. Portfolio modelie template with ajax loading
  8. Integrated with Query Engine filter by category or order by title , date or show random posts.

Single Portfolio features

    1. 4 Single portfolio layouts
    2. With featured media create any variation
    3. Extra portfolio images support with lightbox
    4. Advanced thumbnail management system
      1. Set alternate thumbnail for portfolio template
      2. Set video to be opened on lightbox
      3. Set slider for template
      4. Add unlimited portfolio fields
  1. Shop / Woocommerce features

    1. Advanced integration with IOA Framework
    2. Ajax cart in header
    3. 8 shop templates
    4. Custom settings per shop page including filters and custom product height
    5. Integrated with Query Engine filter by category or order by title , date or show random posts
    6. Single portfolio has sharing option
    7. 12 featured media items
    8. Custom sidebars for product category and tags page

    Theme Features

    1. Live search for options panel
    2. Logo and retina logo support
    3. 7 Menu dropdown effects
    4. 2 Types of 404 style
    5. Child theme support
    6. Select lightbox skin on the fly
    7. Unlimited sidebars
    8. Boxed / Full width layout
    9. Enable / disable responsive layout
    10. Flexible post types system, change portfolio post name on the fly without touching any code
    11. Custom admin logo upload
    12. Set understand construction mode without need of any plugin
    13. White labelled, add your own company information and logo in admin panel
    14. Sticky contact support
    15. Import and export theme options settings
    16. Ajax search
    17. 38+ inbuilt pages
    18. Ready to use instant sections
    19. WPML / Localised

    Head Builder

    1. Drag and Drop head are builder
    2. 3 sections available – top area, main menu and transparent bar
    3. 10 widgets available
      1. Text widget – with editor support
      2. Logo widget
      3. Image widget
      4. Main menu support
      5. Top menu support
      6. WPML language selector
      7. Woo commerce cart
      8. Default wordpress search
      9. Ajax search
      10. Icon sets – create icon group from 300+ icons
      11. Inbuilt 10 ready to use layouts
      12. Save as template
      13. Import / export header templates

    Slider manager

    1. Create unlimited sliders or galleries
    2. Add images sliders or videos
    3. Set full width sliders
    4. Css3 optimised and touch friendly sliders
    5. Set caption colours or select from 2 inbuilt styles
    6. Set custom caption position
    7. Advance slider controls

    Custom Post manager

    1. Create unlimited post types using our custom post manager and use it with our inbuilt custom post template.

    Visual Styler

    1. Select from 15 awesome master skins
    2. Powerful styling options
    3. Save / import /export color schemes
    4. Advance typography , set google / fontface / font deck fonts
    5. Set custom subsets or font weights for google font
    6. Custom font face uploader
    7. Custom Css editor for update proof editing
    8. Set custom font size , line height on the fly


    1. Super smart installer to install a compact demo on the fly.(Stock images not included)


We would like to thank you to awesome people , who have shared some amazing resources with the community.

Images -

  • Free Images from Unsplash
  • Stock Images from Photodune and Fotolia and Dollar Photo Club
  • Demo imagery from Dribbble and Graphicriver
  • Lorenzo Montezemolo ( used for flickr images.

JS Scripts -

  • Charts from
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • BX Slider
  • Isotope Plugin
  • Pretty photo lightbox
  • jQuery Transit
  • Easy Pie Chart
  • Waypoints
  • HoverIntent
  • jQuery Easing
  • jQuery Bower


  • Font Awesome
  • Entypo


Update 1.4

- Updated theme to latest woo commerce
- Styles resetting bug fixed
- Better WPML compatibility
- Minor Bug fixes

Once again, thank you for purchasing one of our products. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email and we will be more then willing to guide you through. Also when you’ve found a bug or any sort of issue, visiting our support ticket site is the fastest way to receive support. Thanks so much!

  • octopus66

    2014-06-28 04:29:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, i have 2 questions. 1. How can i set a link for the whole boxed columns? I set the basic color in css and a hover with the theme tool. Now i want that the "More" and the box is linked to the next page when i hover. 2. How can i activate the breadcrumbs for my submenus like your preview? If i set a name at " Enter Home Label " for example "home" then it works just for the first level not for a second. Now its this: home/first level but i want this: home/first level/second level... Hope you can help me. Regards

  • Artillegence

    2014-06-28 20:55:40
    Purchased Reply

    hey to answer your questions -
    1. Setting links for whole box columns is not possible for now , we will see if we push it in coming update or if you are in urgent contact through profile I will send you are modified file.
    2. There is no activation for breadcrumbs, it works right out of the box. You will need to set parent for pages if you want that relation , goto second level edit page from right side set first level page as parent and you will get the desired result ;)

  • octopus66

    2014-07-04 01:02:42
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for you answer! Yes i would be nice if you send me the modified file and describe me how i can add this. :) I have one question more: It is possible to set the gallery navigation arrows right and left? At the moment is this one below the other on the left side.

  • Artillegence

    2014-07-04 19:29:37
    Purchased Reply

    hey you can contact through profile with both the requests, our support staff will see to it :)

  • octopus66

    2014-07-06 03:40:07
    Purchased Reply

    Okay i contacted you through profile to send me the file. But now i have big problem with the gallery !!!!! The gallery don't work on mobile devices. On tablets or smartphones just the first image is displayed!! At the other images there are just a white place and the navigation don't work. Why?? Its important for me that this works. On desktop screen all works fine.

  • Artillegence

    2014-07-07 11:50:11
    Purchased Reply

    hey I will look into this and respond to your mail.

  • jcsinnige

    2014-06-27 05:32:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, thanks for your very nice theme! Why is my faux-holder in megamenu blocking selecting menu-items, in your demo theme is 50px height, I did not change any css..

  • Artillegence

    2014-06-27 14:42:00
    Purchased Reply

    hey for mega menus, faux height is same as menu bar and it appears just top of mega menu.

  • creativeCat

    2015-01-24 19:19:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, thank you for this nice theme! Under 'Theme Admin' -> 'Visual Styler' -> 'Advanced Stylings' the save button is hidden under the title bar. I tried to fix it in my child-theme's style.css but couldn't get it done. I have the latest WP version 4.1, the latest Axension theme 1.4 and work with Mac (tried it in Chrome, FireFox and Safari) Thanks and Kind Regards, David

  • Artillegence

    2015-01-24 22:52:48
    Purchased Reply

    hey thanks for pointing it out , contact through profile I will send you css fix :)

  • dronskii

    2014-09-05 20:00:23
    Purchased Reply

    Yesterday I bought a theme and started to work with her. The problem with compatibility with Wordpress 4.0 Featured Tabs stops working. Featured Tabs - long name of one of the tabs extends beyond the pressing

  • dronskii

    2014-09-05 20:11:37
    Purchased Reply

    Tooltip Icon Sets - How you can increase these icons? or is it impossible?

  • dronskii

    2014-09-06 03:39:38
    Purchased Reply

    Head Constructor - turned out to be other than as a Limitless. The lack of the ability to define the logo and menu stand in the middle. There is only "left", "right" I have a long logo when trying to put it on one line with a menu of the site all the spoils. The possibility of placing more than one line in the Main Bar box with air holes line.

  • dronskii

    2014-09-06 06:16:02
    Purchased Reply

    Logo Upload for Compact Menu - lacking very much. When long logo.example site

  • Artillegence

    2014-09-06 06:53:04
    Purchased Reply

    hey mate, we are on wordpress 4.0 only and featured tabs are working you can view the demo it is on 4.0. To answer your other questions

    1. can you please me the page, then I will be able to give you proper code as we have tooltips in sidebar / footer and in rad builder
    2. We dont have center layout like limitless for axension but we can help you out with long logo issue. Contact through profile with link to this comment we will do the rest :)
    3. In axension main menu converts into compact menu only so we didnt added separate option for compact logo

  • dronskii

    2014-09-06 07:22:37
    Purchased Reply

    What to do with long logo in the mobile version? It is cropped and not adjusted. To completely change the company logo not to offer =) I bought this theme focusing on Limitless. Because there is no possibility to get into the demo admin panel Axension. Now came the difficulties which were convenient in Limitless.This template is planned to be further developed to Limitless flexibility?

  • Artillegence

    2014-09-06 20:03:56
    Purchased Reply

    hey actually limitless and axension are different in workings .. we cannot move functions from one theme to another ;) ... contact through profile with site link.. I will try to find a solution for you ;)

  • rincewind666

    2015-02-18 22:10:10
    Purchased Reply

    When installing, I get the following message: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/bestmobi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/themestudio-content/metaboxes/metaboxes.php on line 26

  • Artillegence

    2015-02-18 22:11:39
    Purchased Reply

    can you please disable the plugin themestudio-content and try again , the error is generating from that plugin. I think its try to get themes post types.

  • rincewind666

    2015-02-19 23:32:31
    Purchased Reply

    No other plugins are installed. it's a fresh install. I've uninstalled and reinstalled wordpress and then uploaded/installed the theme manually. It now works.

  • Edink1986

    2016-02-17 11:40:44
    Purchased Reply

    The plugin does not have a valid header. Downloading install package from \(HIDDEN)\\(HIDDEN)\\wwwroot/wp-content/themes/AXENSION/axension/backend/plugins/… Download failed. A valid URL was not provided. I have emailed you guys as well but have not received a response. Can someone please get back to me asap

  • Artillegence

    2016-02-17 16:55:32
    Purchased Reply

    hey mate strange we havnt received a mail from you , can you please contact again, I will send you a fresh plugin zip asap.

  • Edink1986

    2016-03-03 13:44:05
    Purchased Reply

    I have sent 2 more messages. nobody has gotten back to me.. Can you please give me a email address to reach out direct. i will assume that your form is broken.

  • Artillegence

    2016-03-04 18:35:17
    Purchased Reply

    hey mate the profile form is from envato , we receive daily mails from there so it is working, have you contacted through here to be sure ... ?

  • RMImage

    2014-06-17 16:36:38
    Purchased Reply

    I have had the exact same problem as Tritrella. I spent over 4 hours finishing my home page and i clicked the save when you scroll down and my entire page content was gone and will not go back to previous revisions. Very sad if i lost all that time.

  • RMImage

    2014-06-17 17:49:34
    Purchased Reply

    Google fonts are also not working when you switch them and the text editor does not reflect what is in the page builder. I think that is where my problems started. This theme looked great but im starting to have some major regrets.

  • Artillegence

    2014-06-17 22:23:31
    Purchased Reply

    hey there sorry to hear that, Tritrella had some corruption from unclosed tags it break whole page down.. but we are definitely looking into this issue and making sure that this doesnt appears again.

    For the other question , google fonts works fine, can you show me the link. Regarding the page builder, can you contact through profile with admin details, I will check out the issue and make sure it is working fine :)

  • RMImage

    2014-06-18 07:49:30
    Purchased Reply


  • avweb

    2015-01-28 19:11:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi - hoping you can help. The active highlight color for the mega menu items is #f26822. This is your defaullt color. I cannot seem to change this. What control in the visual styler updates this? I cannot find it. If it does not exist - then please provide urgent fix.

  • avweb

    2015-01-28 19:15:25
    Purchased Reply

    sorry my apology it seems to be the fade color for the active menu. it seems all of your inbuilt colour schemes all fade the active mega menu to this blue colour?

  • Artillegence

    2015-01-29 01:23:31
    Purchased Reply

    hey in enigma styler -> Skins , you can access hover fade color in head area styles tab. The color palette Link Hover color controls it.

  • Digiblogger

    2015-03-31 23:24:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hey there, is there a demo of the backend to test? I am interested in some elements, for example the header builder. I don´t want to change anything, just watch without saving

  • Digiblogger

    2015-03-31 23:25:22
    Purchased Reply

    Oh I forgot... I can not click any of the menu links (links with "#")... so, maybe you can fix that to make things work

  • Artillegence

    2015-04-01 21:44:12
    Purchased Reply

    hey sorry backend is not accessible , you can check out the videos or I can give you the documentation if you want. menu with links #, # is added so that links cannot be clicked .. like in menu items with sub menu items :)

  • quecco

    2014-05-22 05:45:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hey guys, where can I download the demo-content? Thanks a lot! NICE THEME!!! Best regards Eddy

  • quecco

    2014-05-22 05:51:08
    Purchased Reply

    I've found the installert, THANKS!!! VERY NICE TEMPLATE!

  • Artillegence

    2014-05-22 07:44:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Eddy, glad you found it.. stay tuned for more goodies ;)

  • lukeskywalker007

    2014-06-29 17:12:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i am currently running a post production studio and want to have a website for it. I am really interested in your theme. But before purchase i would like to clarify few things : I have few talented people working for me, so i would like to have portfolios for them. so i want two sorting option for portfolios like : 1) Editing / Coloring / VFX / Animations / Titles . . . etc and then 2) The people worked in it like Mr andrews, Mr boyle, Mr Jack etc the idea is that visitors can select the field of work and the person who worked in it i hope you got me. this is one super important factor for me. Rest i am fully satisfied with your theme.

  • Artillegence

    2014-06-30 14:54:57
    Purchased Reply

    hey thanks for your interest, You can filter portfolio by categories editing etc but for the filter based on people it is not available by default in the theme and it will require paid customization .

  • evoke07

    2014-06-06 12:22:53
    Purchased Reply

    how can I make a portfolio page that only grabs certain categories of portfolio items? I want each portfolio page to be it's own category - but I don't see where you can select which category the portfolio template is grabbing will it only grab all items?

  • evoke07

    2014-06-06 12:25:31
    Purchased Reply

    never mind - i jumped the gun on that question- i see the wp query - very robust options. kudos

  • evoke07

    2014-06-06 15:30:38
    Purchased Reply

    actually - it is still a huge issue. The query engine is only allowing for post categories and tags - not any custom post types like portfolio categories - even when a portfolio template is selected. This means that right now you can only make portfolio pages that have all categories in them. Big flaw - what's the solution?

  • avweb

    2016-02-06 10:27:56
    Purchased Reply

    I have received message that there is an upgrapde to the theme. There is no mention of changelog on here, nor the artelligence website. Please advise.

  • Artillegence

    2016-02-08 18:38:14
    Purchased Reply

    hey latest version has last Woo Commerce compatibility , we shifting servers then we will add the change log :) . Thanks

  • allergaledesign

    2014-06-21 08:40:24
    Purchased Reply

    theme admin -> visual styler , custom css is not working. Can you please help?

  • Artillegence

    2014-06-22 06:55:53
    Purchased Reply

    hey we are loading an update today with the fix and other things, if you want fix in advance contact through profile , I will send it to you

  • allergaledesign

    2014-06-23 04:37:50
    Purchased Reply

    yes, I need the fix. I don't see an update available.

  • Artillegence

    2014-06-23 10:37:03
    Purchased Reply

    its been loaded , should be out today or you can contact through our profile I will send you the update zip.

  • Alakide

    2014-08-13 08:53:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I was wondering if its possible to take off the numbers in main menu. Thanks =)

  • Artillegence

    2014-08-13 13:23:18
    Purchased Reply

    contact through profile , I will send you a file it will do the trick :)

  • Alakide

    2014-08-13 23:02:38
    Purchased Reply

    Got it, thanks a lot =)

  • avweb

    2015-01-02 18:13:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi - great theme. Can you help me to: i) use the theme buttons in the revolution slider ii) change the font in the revolution slider to the Font Face font. thanks!

  • laranz

    2015-01-02 20:12:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1. You mean you want to use these buttons inside revolution slider? 2. Follow this official guide.

  • avweb

    2015-01-03 09:57:46
    Purchased Reply

    Yesd I want to use those buttons in the revolution slider.

  • avweb

    2015-01-04 11:13:53
    Purchased Reply

    hi can you advise on the buttons?

  • Artillegence

    2015-01-07 23:32:02
    Purchased Reply

    replied on support

  • sattelite12

    2014-11-28 20:36:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I want change the "More" Button into "weiterlesen.." were can I do this? Also I want change the "category" into "Kategorie" were can I do this? Thanks, Markus

  • Artillegence

    2014-12-01 16:06:18
    Purchased Reply

    hey there, can you please tell where you want to change more button. Also you can change category name by going to category page, edit the category and you can change its name.

  • sattelite12

    2015-01-09 23:53:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I want to change the button and the category on this site: Category should change in Kategorie and more in weiterlesen. Thanks

  • Artillegence

    2015-01-13 02:26:44
    Purchased Reply

    please open category.php file in axension theme,at line 27 just below getIOABlogParameters(); add this

    $ioa_meta_data['blog_props']['_more_label'] = 'Button Label';
    Change button label to what you want.

  • rincewind666

    2015-02-18 22:15:37
    Purchased Reply

    I got this error when trying to install plugin: Fatal error: Class 'TGM_Bulk_Installer' not found in /home/bestmobi/public_html/wp-content/themes/axension/backend/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1579

  • Artillegence

    2015-02-19 07:01:23
    Purchased Reply

    hey can you please contact through mail with wp admin details, we will check it up whats causing that issue

  • rincewind666

    2015-02-19 23:33:15
    Purchased Reply

    I've now installed Revolution Slider and Contact 7 one at a time. However, I received the following error when trying to intall "Layer Slider WP": Downloading install package from /home/bestmobi/public_html/wp-content/themes/axension/backend/plugins/… Download failed. A valid URL was not provided. I therefore uploaded this plugin supplied in your zip package and installed manually. Everything works now.


    2015-05-04 02:16:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hello :) Is it possible to make language switcher look in standard WPML way? My client is a big fan of flags %)

  • Artillegence

    2015-05-04 14:18:10
    Purchased Reply

    hey its possible, we have not enabled it but contact us after purcahse we will give you the file to enable it :)


    2015-05-04 18:23:09
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks a lot! "I'll be back" very soon ;)


    2015-05-13 08:06:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi :) I am here, your happy purchaser ;)
    I would like to 1) switch off numbers in main menu (and tabs if it is the same function); 2) get language switcher standard design.
    What should I do? :)

  • Artillegence

    2015-05-13 13:23:44
    Purchased Reply

    hey mate contact us from profile with the link to this comment , we will give the necessary things ;)


    2015-05-13 19:38:53
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you guys :)


    2015-05-13 20:50:33
    Purchased Reply

    I sent message. Please check it. Thank you :)

  • anjlatif

    2015-09-07 21:38:08
    Purchased Reply

    Icons are not showing when using Amazon Cloudfront CDN (using W3 Total Cache) Everything else works apart from the icons.

  • Artillegence

    2015-09-08 14:09:50
    Purchased Reply

    in w3 cache make sure to css is not compressed else font icons will not work

  • anjlatif

    2015-09-08 15:59:05
    Purchased Reply

    I turned off compression, but now no icons are showing. I do have minify on.

  • Artillegence

    2015-09-09 13:51:36
    Purchased Reply

    can you disable minify and check , also please show me the page link

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