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URBAN LIFESTYLE INSPIRED PRESENTATION TEMPLATE + HANDOUT SET, containing 8 unique pages. Make your next presentation relevant and memorable with this set. Duplicate pages to match your presentation content.

CURRENT SIZE: A4 – but can be scaled down and re-saved as smaller / larger.

The PRIMARY FILE FORMAT: Adobe InDesign CS2, however InDesign Exchange, as well as an InDesign Template file has also been supplied for maximum compatibility. Type boxes, colours, graphics and layouts are fully editable and customizable within Adobe InDesign to suit your specific design needs.

IMAGES USED: with licenced permission for use and/ re-distribution as provided by the relevant photographer[s].

Standard FONTS USED: “Arial” Regular / Bold is usually included in most commercial Operating Systems, such as Windows or Mac etc. – but should you not have these fonts, they may be obtained here: at a fee.

NON-Standard FONTS USED: “Capture it” is obtainable for FREE here:

ALL The best and let me know via the ENVATO Graphic River website if you require any further assistance!

  • manuelayar

    2009-05-19 12:07:48
    Purchased Reply

    nice one. what about font?

  • stehan

    2009-05-19 23:48:32
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you "manu_el_ayar"! The font used is "Capture it" and is freely downloadable. Instructions are included in the help file ;-) S+