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Calendar days tearing off.

Each day of the month has still frames so you can use any part of the sequence starting and finishing on any day you wish.

Background gradient shown for illustration only. Contains embedded alpha channel for compositing.

Click here to view in HD

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  • contentking

    2013-05-02 09:27:37
    Purchased Reply

    Is there any way to get the editable project file for this?

  • JBMotionDesign

    2013-05-07 17:24:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Contentking. It is a Cinema 4D project, I will have a look at making the project available as a template when I am a bit less busy. Thank you.

  • Official_sUP

    2013-01-18 22:02:30
    Purchased Reply

    Cool idea.. this could be useful! :)

  • GearGuru

    2015-07-18 05:53:07
    Purchased Reply

    Is there a way to get this looped cal to count down years instead of days? Looking for one ASAP. Please let me know

  • matiall2

    2015-01-22 20:11:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I have bought the above video but cant insert to Power point slide. Kindly assist me Many Thanks

  • JBMotionDesign

    2015-02-04 20:24:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, sorry for delay I have been on holiday. I have just tested this in Powerpoint by using Insert, Video from file and it works with no problems.