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User Login : U : test / P: test123 Here

Directory Listing With New Experience


Woocommerce Payment Gateway Integrated

You can use any woocommerce payment gateway including woocommerce subscription



Full synchronize with stripe subscription plan.



Paypal express checkout with all option.


Fully Responsive

What ever you are using the device the plugin will run as it should be.


SEO Friendly

Directory Pro works on custom post type, So you can use any SEO plugin e.g all in SEO,Yoast .


mailChimp Integrated

New user’s email will store on mailChipm list for future use.


Integrated with visual Composer


Unlimited Subscription

You can create any type of package e.g daily/weekly/monthly/yearly subscription, free trial, paid trial, one time payment. User can upgrade or downgrade or cancel his/her subscription.


Earn Money By The Plugin

You could charge for any of the following:

  • Add a listing
  • Claim a listing
  • Earn From Bidding money
  • View a listing
  • Make a reservation
  • Sell VIP badge
  • Book an appointment
  • Access to the site


WPML Compatible

The plugin is WPML Compatible



13 language files can be found in language directory inside the plugin. Files: Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, Persian, Arabic, Swedish ( Files are not translated)


Interactive My Favorites Section

User can add note and contact with listing owner.


Interactive Who is interested

User can know who is interested about his/her listing and can contact with them.


Responsive Touch Slider

The listing detail page is included responsive touch slider for mobile devices.


New Listing Badge

New listing will disply with new badge icon. Admin can set number of days for new badge.

User’s Reviews


  • Payment Gateway
    • a) Paypal [Express Checkout]
    • b) Stripe [ Full synchronize with Stripe Plan ]
    • c) Woocommerce Payment
  • Mailchimp to store Email for new registrants
  • WPML
  • 13 languages files inside of the plugin
  • Integrated with visual Composer
  • Directory/Listing
    • 1) Add/Edit Listing from frontend “My Account”
    • 2) My Favorites
    • 3) My Bidding
    • 4) Deposit Money for bidding [Stripe/Paypal]
    • 5) Set Bidding radius for bid a listing
    • 6) Set Start Bid Amount
    • 7) My Payment History
    • 8 ) Who is interested about my listing
    • 9) Claim Listing
    • 10) Contact List Owner
    • 11) Responsive Touch slider
    • 12) Event of listing
    • 13) Booking shortcode
    • 14) Sell Coupon/ Deal By listing owner paypal
    • 15) Listing Read / Write access by user role
    • 16) Admin can add new fields
    • 17) Category Map Marker image setting
    • 18) User Listing Publish Ability or Pending for approval
  • Membership Type
    • a) Free Account
    • b) One time Payment
    • c) Recurring Payment
    • d) Free Trial
    • e) Paid Trial
    • e) Variable Payment Package
  • 7 Pricing Tables
  • 2 Signup styles
  • My account
    • User Setting
    • User Social Profile
    • User privacy setting
    • User Change Password
    • User All Post
    • User Post: Custom Fields
    • User Insert Post
    • User Edit Post
    • Subscription upgrade
    • Subscription downgrade
    • Subscription Cancel
  • Coupon for Signup
    • Coupon By Package
    • Set Coupon limit
    • Set Coupon expire date
  • User Role creation by Package
  • Overriding templates
  • Page Redirect
    • User Public Profile Page Redirect
    • User My Account Page Redirect
    • User Registration Page Redirect
  • Page Setting
  • 11 Email Templates
    • User Welcome Email template
    • User Forget Password Email template
    • User Order Email template
    • Admin Order Email template
    • Listing contact Email template
    • Listing contact Email template for CC Admin [Admin Setting]
    • Claim Email template
    • Coupon/ Deal Email template : Listing Owner + Buyer
    • Subscription Reminder Email Template
  • 2 User Public Profile
  • Payment History
  • Report
    • 3D Pic charts
    • Line Chart
  • User Public Profile Page Redirect:
    • Hide Admin Bar
  • 2 type of User Directories
  • And Lots of other settings..

Change log

1.5.4– 16 Nov – 2018

-Change listing style

-Add metabox for add/edit listing from admin dashboard
-Delete Bidding

1.5.2– 7 July – 2018

-Bug fixed

1.5.1– 21 April – 2018
-Updated  archive listing shortcode for home page 
1.5.0– 01 April – 2018
-Updated add listing google API field
1.4.9– 17 MArch – 2018
-Bug fix on add post file section

1.4.8– 12 February – 2018

-Bug fix on tag section

1.4.7– 06 February – 2018
-woocommerce payment gateway integration, Doc :
-Add: Woocommerce Subscription
-Update: Woocommerce Subscription "My Account" 
-Add: signup without package
-Add: top slider height option 
-Add: New custom post type tags

1.4.6– 11 November – 2017

-Bug fix on coupon/deal section

1.4.5– 23-October -2017
Update listing blank lat, lng issue for map
1.4.4– 20-October -2017
Update user access role
1.4.3– 29-September -2017
Add filter shortocde : [listing_filter category=”arts” zipcode=”10001″ city=”new york” ]
Update slider search form 
Bug fix on award blank div
1.4.2– 9-July -2017
Update SSl login issue
1.4.1– 28-June -2017
Bug fix for WordPress 4.8

1.4.0– 30-Mar -2017

Update languages file 

1.3.9– 09-Mar -2017
Bug fix on https issue
1.3.8– 24-Feb -2017
Bug fix on search form z-index 
1.3.7– 22-Feb -2017
Add Search options
1.3.6– 2-Dec -2016
Update Map API issue

1.3.5– 17-Nov -2016

Update listing template 1

1.3.4– 17-Aug -2016

bug fix : image same size

1.3.3– 18-July -2016

Bug fix : Map API issue

1.3.2– 16-May -2016
Bug fix : Map cluster image missing issue
1.3.1– 11-May -2016
Bug fix : WPML post add issue
1.2.9– 06-May -2016
Bug fix : Custom Post Type Category map marker and image issue
1.2.8– 04-May -2016
Bug fix : WordPress 4.5
1.2.7– 19-April -2016
Bug fix : User Directory
1.2.6– 18-April -2016
Add : Admin can change Custom Post Type name/URL
Add : Payment info hide without package on user registration
Add : Admin can add balance
Bug fix : Award Delete option 
Bug fix : Social Share 
1.2.5– 4-March -2016
Add : Show/ Hide Contact us, Social Profile, tags 
1.2.4– 8-February -2016
Add : Show/ Hide Map, search bar and claim 
1.2.3– 26-january -2016
Add : New Shortcode for category listing display
1.2.2– 17-january -2016
Bug Fix : User Payment history save data
1.2.1– 5 -January-2016
Bug Fix : WPML Post issue : wpml_update_translatable_content
1.1.9– 28 -December-2015
Bug Fix : Search on Archive page
1.1.8– 22 -December-2015
Bug Fix : Category Filter on Archive page
1.1.7– 18 -December-2015
Add : Category Filter on Archive page
1.1.6– 30 -November-2015
Added: Instagram 
1.1.5– 28 -November-2015
Bug Fix: Award Section 
1.1.4– 24 -November-2015
Bug Fix: Create listing section
1.1.3– 22 -November-2015
Added : Similar Listing
Added : Multi Categories
1.1.2– 22 -November-2015
Bug Fix : Added style 3 missing file 
Added : Award section
1.1.1– 19-October-2015
Added : Revolution Sliders Search shortCode
Added : Search Widget

1.1.0– 21-September-2015

Added : New Listing layout and Ajax layout

1.0.9– 05-September-2015
Bug Fixed : Search Location 
1.0.8– 03-September-2015
Add : Search Radius Mile/ Km 
Bug Fixed : Opening day issue
1.0.7– 29-August-2015
Add : New Archive Layout Style 2
Add : New Archive Layout Style 3
Add : Category Listing 
Add : Featured Listin
1.0.6– 22-August-2015
Add : Show/hide "My account" menu
Add: get lat,lng from address
1.0.5– 20-August-2015
Add : New Layout for all listing
1.0.4– 18-August-2015
Claim Approve meta-box Access control
1.0.3– 17-August-2015
Fixed Responsive issue
1.0.2– 16-August-2015
Bug Fixed : Click favorite using login
  • donkeyboy24

    2017-10-13 01:55:22
    Purchased Reply

    I have a couple of pre-sale questions: 1) Does this plugin allow for sub categories? 2) Can there be different permissions set for ads based on what level is purchased?

  • e-plugins

    2017-10-13 04:42:18
    Purchased Reply

    1. Yes. But sub category will appear as like main category. 2. Yes. It will support. Thanks

  • donkeyboy24

    2017-12-14 13:59:19
    Purchased Reply

    Can you clarify what you mean in #1, that sub-category will appear as main category? I'm looking for people to be able to choose a main category, then depending on which main category they choose, they will be able to select a sub-category. So each main category will have it's own unique sub-categories.

  • e-plugins

    2017-12-15 14:53:55
    Purchased Reply

    You can add sub-categories. But sub-categories will not show under the main category. Thanks

  • SargentGiger

    2017-10-15 08:42:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Just bought your plugin and have some questions. 1) Is it possible to turn off some fields based on plan? for example plan A allows images to be uploaded, plan B allows 3 images...etc..? 2) Can new listing be auto categorized based on plan purchase? User purchases plan A and gets categorized to plan A category? or user purchases plan C and gets categorized to plan C?

  • e-plugins

    2017-10-15 15:08:16
    Purchased Reply

    1. You can turn off some section. Please create package and check the package user's access. It will not support image upload limit. 2. It will not support. Thanks

  • melvins0225

    2017-10-28 14:15:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I just purchased your plugin and I LOVE the layout for the listings, but I am wondering if I can create a listing as an admin, and disable the front end of that, basically take full control over the listings and NOT let the user do it? I have not found anything int he documentation that looks conclusive. Thank you!

  • e-plugins

    2017-10-28 14:34:55
    Purchased Reply

    Use can not create any listing without package. Admin can add unlimited listing. Please create a normal user and check. Thanks

  • melvins0225

    2017-10-28 14:46:38
    Purchased Reply

    I understand that the user has to purchase a package first, but can you disable packages and admin takes full control of all the listing? I have created a user but don't see where I can add listings without going through the package process.

  • e-plugins

    2017-10-29 04:37:28
    Purchased Reply

    You can delete or inactive all packages. Thanks

  • melvins0225

    2017-10-30 05:12:50
    Purchased Reply

    I understand that I can delete them, but can I CREATE them as an admin? Can I take control from the users and let the admin handle all listings? If not, what are your refund policies? I'm not sure that the plugin can do what I need it to do.

  • e-plugins

    2017-10-30 13:36:39
    Purchased Reply

    Yes.If you delete all packages then admin can add/edit listing only. Thanks

  • datavamp

    2017-12-05 21:19:48
    Purchased Reply

    Ok, I imported the xml file and switched to layout 3 with the map, but when I go to view the page in listing layout, there is no map only listing thumbnails. I also switched to the two other layouts with the map but it still doesn't show.. Is there something I need to do to get the map to show up on the directory page layout? Do I need to add locations first?

  • datavamp

    2017-12-06 00:36:51
    Purchased Reply

    NVM. Map was turned off! Works beautifully..

  • e-plugins

    2017-12-06 00:56:22
    Purchased Reply

    Great !

  • davidfhenry

    2017-08-11 00:00:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I'm thinking of using this plugin but do you think it's possible to fix the responsive issues? also, is there a demo for the admin?

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-11 03:22:32
    Purchased Reply

    This is responsive plugin and we do not any demo admin user. Thanks

  • OffixConsulting

    2017-08-17 05:26:51
    Purchased Reply

    Radius / Zip Code search is not working Also no way to clear and go back to displaying all entries

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-17 14:00:21
    Purchased Reply


  • e-plugins

    2017-08-17 14:00:22
    Purchased Reply

    1. Radius works base on location field only, not any other fields. 2. If you select style 4 then you can go back to displaying all entries. Thanks

  • OffixConsulting

    2017-08-17 14:09:32
    Purchased Reply

    I have a location set, but it is still not working

  • OffixConsulting

    2017-08-17 14:10:07
    Purchased Reply

    And what I mean is, when no search results are found, there is no way to clear out the form, even when page refreshes

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-17 14:15:21
    Purchased Reply

    Q: I have a location set, but it is still not working Ans : you have only city & zipcode fields. It will not work with Radius. Location field is google map API auto complete field. Please check our demo for location field: Thanks

  • OffixConsulting

    2017-08-17 14:25:22
    Purchased Reply

    Not working with full address. See here: Only pulls listings from exact zip code

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-17 14:35:34
    Purchased Reply

    Please add/edit listing from front -end "My Account" page , FAQ: -> Submit your listing Thanks

  • OffixConsulting

    2017-08-17 14:37:09
    Purchased Reply

    I did that - still not working!

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-17 14:38:52
    Purchased Reply

    What is not working ? is it address field ? Please send admin access here : [email protected] Please let me check. Thanks

  • santolla

    2017-08-24 00:35:56
    Purchased Reply

    I've upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress, Now [listing_layout_style_4] No longer works. and I get this error in the backend Failed to load content css: Is there anything I can do? Thank you!

  • santolla

    2017-08-24 00:36:24
    Purchased Reply

    Also, iv-bootstrap.css links without problem. So don't know why it's not loading or why it's trying to load in the admin when making a page

  • santolla

    2017-08-24 00:40:46
    Purchased Reply

    Nevermind... there was a plugin conflict. Either the cache module or wordfence. Sorry!

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-24 01:24:23
    Purchased Reply

    Ok, Please let me know if you get any issue. Thanks

  • santolla

    2017-08-24 01:25:41
    Purchased Reply

    For anyone else with this same issue... it was wordfence eating all the php memory. I think it was about the php memory. I've change from wordfence to iThemes Security and directory pro runs without issues.

  • ElsaSeb

    2017-08-25 21:31:40
    Purchased Reply

    I have installed last version of "directory pro" on a kleo template but it is not compatible : post grids don't show when user is logged in and when activate, directory pro slows down the whole site. I still want to use directory pro on a dedicated wordpress template but I have to export the items I have inserted on the first install. Could you help me to export the items and import them back on the new wordpress install ?

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-26 03:38:27
    Purchased Reply

    Can I check the issue ? Please send your site admin access & FTP access here : [email protected] Thanks

  • R_M_Agency

    2017-08-30 07:41:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi are you planning on adding a vote up or down feature for this plugin? If so, when? Thanks.

  • R_M_Agency

    2017-08-30 07:46:28
    Purchased Reply

    I need to list the marketing tools on the following site in a much more user friendlier way:

  • R_M_Agency

    2017-08-30 07:47:00
    Purchased Reply

    For Mobile! Desktop is okay.

  • e-plugins

    2017-08-30 15:19:26
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for sharing. If users want the feature then we will add in the future. Thanks again

  • bernad149

    2017-09-08 03:25:31
    Purchased Reply

    Good evening, I would like to buy the plugin but I would like to know if there is the possibility of displaying extracts for each ad. In the same way, I would like to know if it is possible to modify the search form and choose the fields you want.

  • Pod9

    2017-09-24 03:24:49
    Purchased Reply

    Do we have to setup separate wordpress accounts for each listing owner, can we not manage them all as admin? We would still need emails to go to listing owner. Is there a way we can track how many emails the listing owner has received from the contact form on their listing? Or CC me on the emails? Can we edit the meta title for archive pages? What is the variable for category name, not slug? EG

  • e-plugins

    2017-09-26 22:03:37
    Purchased Reply

    1. Do we have to setup separate wordpress accounts for each listing owner, can we not manage them all as admin? We would still need emails to go to listing owner. Is there a way we can track how many emails the listing owner has received from the contact form on their listing? Or CC me on the emails? Ans : Yes, it needs separate WordPress accounts for each listing owner. Listing owner will and Admin will get contact email. Please check wp-admin -> Directory Pro -> Settings -> Email | Yes, Admin will get all message. Can we edit the meta title for archive pages? What is the variable for category name, not slug? EG Ans : Yes. Please use any SEO plugin. Thanks

  • cyrildarmouni

    2017-09-27 12:05:57
    Purchased Reply

    Dear I would be grateful if you can take into consideration some comments and put more options in the plugin SHortcode for slider only search by keyword I want a search by location with the button search align and currently it is not Can you also offer more option to choose the filed that we want in the search bar? thanks if you can take into consideration

  • e-plugins

    2017-09-27 13:29:29
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for sharing. We will add the option in the next plugin update. Thanks again

  • townsfolk

    2017-09-29 00:49:13
    Purchased Reply

    Is there a way to disable everything but the Directory map, taxonomies, and search? So I just want to be able to have a link for each of the listing that I can redirect to anywhere on the site, but Id like to keep the category listing pages working as they are. I'm using the Divi builder if that helps.

  • e-plugins

    2017-09-29 13:23:19
    Purchased Reply

    Q: Is there a way to disable everything but the Directory map, taxonomies, and search? Ans : You can get show/hide setting from wp-admin -> Directory Pro -> Settings page Q: So I just want to be able to have a link for each of the listing that I can redirect to anywhere on the site, but Id like to keep the category listing pages working as they are Ans : Listing page link will not change. It will go on listing detail page. This is WordPress default setting as like blog post. Thanks

  • abanksob1

    2017-05-01 04:47:48
    Purchased Reply

    hi i am very interested in using this plugin on a site , i have few question 1.can i use this with revolution slider , meaning e able to show slider listing new listing any giving listing there a short code to show single page listing as if was a single page woocommerce product. 3 can i customise contact form 4.can i hide the search map and search and just show listing 5.can i disable payment registration packages 6 can i add additional listing field ?

  • abanksob1

    2017-05-06 07:50:04
    Purchased Reply

    can i get a reply ?

  • e-plugins

    2017-05-06 13:02:31
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your interest. You need to customize the plugin for the feature. Regards

  • superd124

    2016-11-26 09:14:54
    Purchased Reply

    How do I change the template to full screen for the directories page. - this was created by default. Can I make my own page and place a short code into it?

  • e-plugins

    2016-11-26 19:46:39
    Purchased Reply

    Please login with buyer account. Thanks

  • Abouthotelier

    2016-01-11 22:32:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, we bought the plugin and installed it in our site but we have some problems: 1) When i am editing a listing the featured image i upload automatically cropped to 150x150px and thus is displyed as a square image an the listing's list 2) I click several tags but when save all tags are gone, cant save, it displays the tags i clicked the first time 3) In Opening time section i can add time periods but it wont let me delete anything, the [x] button doesn't work 4) And the "Contact Us" on the right is displayed somehow wrong (see screenshot )

  • e-plugins

    2016-01-11 22:51:24
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for purchase. Can I see your site ? Please send your site info here : [email protected] Thanks again

  • Abouthotelier

    2016-01-16 03:22:44
    Purchased Reply

    It's been 4 days i've sent you an email as you said, in fact i've sent 2 emails to u, still no response

  • e-plugins

    2016-01-16 03:29:13
    Purchased Reply

    Still waiting for your email. BTW, What is your email ID ? Thanks

  • Abouthotelier

    2016-01-18 23:19:48
    Purchased Reply

    i've sent 2 emails to you in [email protected] , my email is [email protected] , anyway it was urgent so i changed to another plugin so dont bother

  • e-plugins

    2016-01-18 23:36:24
    Purchased Reply

    I have checked all my email and spam folder and unfortunately I never received any email from [email protected] Thanks

  • marc_pelland

    2016-03-27 02:00:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I bought this and tries to have sombody customise the look of the pages but we would like to be able to do this or see if you can do it as this isnt going the way we want. Can you help?

  • e-plugins

    2016-03-27 02:08:03
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for the purchase. Would you share what would be the customization ? Thanks again

  • marc_pelland

    2016-03-27 02:17:35
    Purchased Reply

    It is changing the wording (titles). If you see this page: I would like to: - Awards, should be changed to Events - Would like a place where users can comment (not sure what claim the listing is) - Use our add server (addbutler) in the page. This is already done but we want it in a few places. I am also not sure how to have our retaillers be able to edit their listing as the menu in the demo isn’t there anymore (not to sure why) There there are things that ideall, when somebody goes to look for a dealer, the map is geolocated around them so they do not see a map of the world if they are in montreal. Thanks for the quick reply. MArc

  • e-plugins

    2016-03-27 02:30:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Marc, 1.Q: Awards, should be changed to Events Ans : The plugin has event section. If you want change the word "Awards" then please edit the file : directory-pro/template/directories/single-directory.php 2.Q: Our retaillers be able to edit their listing as the menu in the demo isn’t there anymore (not to sure why) Ans : user can add/edit/delete listing from front-end "My Account" section. BTW, You can change listing display style from wp-admin-> directory pro-> Listing Layout Thanks

  • marc_pelland

    2016-03-27 06:30:15
    Purchased Reply

    I set it up myself but it seems that i didnt get the theme right. It does look the way it should and the map doesnt display. I am not certain i get this part of the instruction? I am to use and FTP client and upload into the current theme but nothing changes. My there has and index.php file it, am i to do anything with yours?

  • e-plugins

    2016-03-27 15:15:31
    Purchased Reply

    Please send your admin access here: [email protected] . Let me check. Thanks

  • nickcarswell

    2016-04-25 18:59:37
    Purchased Reply

    On the archive directories style 1 I would like listings to show in alphabetical order but they appear to be showing in the order they were added. How can I change this?

  • e-plugins

    2016-04-26 01:31:40
    Purchased Reply

    Please add the code: $args['orderby']='title'; $args['order']='ASC'; File : directory-pro/template/directories/archive-directories-style-1.php Line : 162 Thanks

  • archipicture

    2017-01-09 21:41:02
    Purchased Reply

    This plugin it's what I'm looking for. Can I use it for Wordpress Multisite?

  • e-plugins

    2017-01-10 01:30:24
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, You can. Thanks for your interest.

  • eblow

    2017-01-14 21:00:30
    Purchased Reply

    how to get the photo gallery working? now it seems I only could add the feature image only. when I try to set the photo gallery, it doesn't work after selecting the pictures from photo library.

  • e-plugins

    2017-01-14 21:08:39
    Purchased Reply

    Please add/edit listing from front-end "My Account" page. Please see : -> Submit your listing. Thanks

  • eblow

    2017-01-14 22:11:29
    Purchased Reply

    I tried to, but after selecting the photos and press Gallery Images to go back to the My Account page, nothing happen. same for the feature image I am using Divi theme, any concern?

  • e-plugins

    2017-01-14 22:21:44
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, Please send your wp admin access here : [email protected] It needs to add some code for divi theme. Thanks