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WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin allows you to automate product pricing by defining rules and conditions to provide bulk discounts and special offers. You can setup quantity-based discount and special offers to a set of products or categories. Create rules to allow discounts on the cart as well. Discounts can either be fixed or percentage of the product price or cart amount. Select customers or customer roles to allow them to avail discounts. You can also set and schedule a sale price to each product.

  • Enable discounts on Cart and Catalog
  • Offer dynamic pricing on Categories, Products and Product Variants
  • Define rules with conditions to enable discounts on Cart and Catalog
  • Create Quantity based discounts and Special offers
  • Fixed and Percentage discounts
  • Offer rebates to Specific Customer Roles
  • Provide Cart discounts by subtotal, item quantity, cart quantity, weight, payment method, shipping method etc.

Limitless Practical Implications of WooCommerce Bulk Discount Plugin

We are sharing some of the discount ideas among the limitless practical implications of WooCommerce discount plugin. Review them to have an inspiration for setting discounts on your online store.

  • 10% Discount on first 10 units, 12% Discount on above 10 units
  • A pack of 3 T-shirts at $7.99 only
  • Get Free Case with Purchase of Mobile
  • 5% off on the purchase of 10+ units of a Product
  • Avail 30% Off on Speakers with every addition of a desktop computer to cart
  • Add 5 Jewelry items to cart and get a flat 7% discount
  • Spend $500 or above to grab a huge 10% discount
  • Get 1 month free Webhosting with every domain purchase
  • Reserve hotel room for 2 nights and get a free dinner
  • Subscribers gets heavy 30% discount on computer accessories
  • 15% discount to first time buyer
  • 7% discount on total cart amount if buying women jeans
  • Additional shipping charges of $18 applies to orders across the border
  • 25% Off on all products to repeat customers
  • Each Clothing item at $11 till midnight
  • All software applications are 12% off this month

Offer Discounts on Selected Products, Categories and Variations

Configure discount conditions to reduce pricing of specific products or categories. You can also discount products of a specific variant. For example, reduce the price of black t-shirts only, while the rest of the product variant remains at the same price. This empowers you to offer subsidized pricing on selected store items.

Allow Quantity Based Discounts and Special Offers

WooCommerce dynamic pricing & discounts plugin allows you to automate discounts on the basis of product quantity a buyer adds to cart. You can also let them avail special offers within the catalog like buy one and get other free. It encourages them to buy more store items to avail better discounts prospects.

Quantity Based Discounts

Special Offers

Enable Cart Discounts to Aid Customers on the Checkout

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin allows you to setup cart discount that surprises the customers while they continue adding products to the cart. Create cart rules so that customers can quickly avail discounts on the total amount when a condition is met. It can be a quantity-based discount calculated either as a percentage or fixed amount. You can configure starting and ending date for cart discounts.

Add Conditions to Cart Rules

Configure conditions to the cart rules to ensure offering discounts on a predefined item quantity, amount, product, category, and customers. It allows you to set conditional limitations on allowing discounts to your valued customers.

Create Fixed or Percentage Discounts

Select discount type as fixed and add the amount you want the plugin to subtract from product price. You can also configure a percentage discount that is deducted either from a product price or cart value. Let the customers enjoy discounted pricing while shop at your store.

Permit Certain Customers to Qualify for Discounts

WooCommerce bulk discount plugin empowers you to permit certain customers to avail the discounts. You can either select customers one by one or allow customer roles to grab the offers. For example, you can set a condition for subscribers to get a special offer that is not valid for the regular customers.

Apply Dynamic Pricing to your Store

With WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin, you can automate discounts and subsidized pricing by setting rules for products and shopping cart. Define a conditional discount for a set of products, categories, or the entire web shop.

Allow Bulk Discounts

Set a discount on the basis of product quantity a customer adds to cart

Special Offer

Allow special offers that are fixed or percentage of the product price

Offer discount on Combined Products

Let the user avail discount when they add a combination of products to cart

Initiate BOGO Offers

Set up Buy One Get One (BOGO) and other similar offers to attract customers

The only limit to creating rules for discounts and special offers is your imagination.

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Maximize Your Store Revenue

With WooCommerce discount plugin, you can increase the sales of your online store by encouraging customers to avail discounts. Let them grab bulk discounts and attractive deals on special occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. Offer a flash summer sale to clear all the stock in a defined time period.

Acquire Repeat Customers

WooCommerce dynamic pricing & discounts plugin make your customers return back in pursuit of offers and discounts. They tend to visit you whenever they need something relevant to your store. You acquire repeat customers just because they hope to avail discounts on cart price or bulk purchases.

Increase Profits with Price Escalation

With price escalation, you can sell the same products at higher prices in addition to the people buying at discounted price. It allows you to capture both high paying and low paying customers. For example, a whole seller will get a lower price because of bulk discount, while a retailer will pay standard price (with high profit margin) for purchasing a unit of the same product.

Change Log

Version 1.0.3 Updated:
Bug Fixed)
1) Issue fixed with special offers.
Version 1.0.2:
Bug Fixed)
1) Fix issue double discount in cart page.
Version 1.0.1:
New Feature Added:
1 ) Show text on cart when rule is enabled for cart discount.
2 ) Ability to select all customers.
3 ) Automatically add free product to cart.
4 ) Discount by cart weight
5 ) Cart discount based on payment method.
6 ) Cart discount based on shipping method.
7 ) Discount by shipping address(Country, State, Post Code, Zone)
8 ) Product Variation Discount
9 ) Min and max amount concept in cart discount.
Version 1.0.0
Initial release of pluign
  • ioannis69

    2018-07-29 20:59:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I have WordPress and WooCommerce store up and running. I have some customer user accounts on WordPress, they are users that come to my website, login and see the product prices. I would like to enter a % number on a customer account, and this customer should see the % price of all the products. For example, customer A should see the 95% of all the prices on all products, customer B should see 90% of all the prices on all products, etc. I would just enter the number % on the customer account. So,I basically need a plugin to show product prices according to a customer account % number, and this number should be unique to each account. Can this plugin do this? Thank you.

  • extendons

    2018-07-30 16:05:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, In this our plugin you can give discount on the basis of customer, but you can not set a price for the customer, you can specify how much discount customer will get.

  • tuxen007

    2018-02-22 03:11:35
    Purchased Reply

    I would like to have the lowest price displayed on the product category page (eg. From kr 99,00 or kr 125,00 – kr 99,00). Otherwise the customers are not able to see lowest price unless they enter the product page… is that possible..?

  • extendons

    2018-02-22 15:28:40
    Purchased Reply

    In our module you can give discount, the thing you are asking is customize work, this can not be done in our module but we can give you customize solution for that, send is your requirement on our email "[email protected]".

  • tuxen007

    2018-02-23 23:17:58
    Purchased Reply

    Okay, so as standard you don’t show lowest bulk price...

  • extendons

    2018-02-23 23:23:38
    Purchased Reply

    No, we giving discount so we show how much discount customer will get.

  • eriksteinmeyer

    2018-01-11 23:06:45
    Purchased Reply

    great idea. but would it be possible to change the price according to the items in stock? or sales volume? the idea is to put the product in pre-sale for a full stock value (100 units) and the value will fall proportionally according to the volume of sales: 1 - 10 = 5% discount, 11 to 50 = 10% more of 51 = 20% discount. In this way it would make a campaign where the user would have an interest in sharing the offer in order to pay less at the opening of the pre-sale. it's possible?

  • extendons

    2018-01-11 23:20:55
    Purchased Reply

    Not possible in current scenario of plugin. But this can be possible through custom work or as a separate plugin. can you please send us any working example on our email "[email protected]" so we can check.

  • eriksteinmeyer

    2018-01-13 06:29:11
    Purchased Reply

    tks . i will send soon.

  • qpthailand

    2018-05-25 02:23:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Pre-purchase question. I am using "WooEvents - Calendar and Event Booking" plugin to sell tickets via WooCommerce. I need to specify price for different user roles, for particular products category Product Category X : User Group A - 100% (Full Price) User Group B - 50% Discount User Group C - FREE ticket Is it possible with your plugin? Thank you

  • extendons

    2018-05-25 04:49:55
    Purchased Reply

    You mean that you want to give discount on the basis of user roles?

  • qpthailand

    2018-05-25 17:37:22
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, to specify discount % for particular roles. Additional question, is it possible to control product quantity in "Stock" for different roles?

  • extendons

    2018-05-25 22:50:27
    Purchased Reply

    for your first point yes you can give discount on the basis of users roles. about second point can please send us any example? Please share example on our email address "[email protected]"

  • Leap13

    2018-07-06 05:24:20
    Purchased Reply

    Can I use this plugin to send email in the following cases?
    1- Send email to registered customer how didnt visit the website the last 2 months.
    2- Send email to a customer on his/her birthday
    3- customers who left their cart without checkout for 3 days.
    Thanks in advance

  • extendons

    2018-07-06 20:01:52
    Purchased Reply

    This plugin send email in case 3 only. However we can customize the plugin for you to meet case 1 & case 2.

  • robertnbg

    2018-04-02 07:02:21
    Purchased Reply

    car rental 1 day 30€ 2 day 25 per day 3-6 day 20€ per day can you make this discount

  • extendons

    2018-04-02 14:23:46
    Purchased Reply

    Not understand your question, can you please send us any example and some more details what you actually want? you can share more details with example on our email "[email protected]"

  • robertnbg

    2018-04-02 19:44:38
    Purchased Reply

    no understand how can say no undewsrstand this is ismple ca rrentaL 1 day 30€ 2-4 day 25€ 5-8 day 20€ can you make this discount

  • extendons

    2018-04-02 19:48:21
    Purchased Reply

    this thing is not possible in current plugin, current plugin allows discount on the basis of quantity or items in cart, your scenario is different. for this separate plugin can be developed.

  • rtwlabs

    2018-07-31 23:22:13
    Purchased Reply

    I'm looking for a specific use case and wanted to know if your plugin would allow it. We want to have our cart setup so a customers buys one product at full price but any other products added to the cart are discounted at 50%. So they pay full price for one item but any more added to the cart are 50% off. Note this isn't for buying the same product x times we want to offer the rest of our products at 50% off.

  • extendons

    2018-08-01 00:23:36
    Purchased Reply

    Yes you can do with our plugin, you can set purchase of specific product and other products can have discount in cart.

  • rtwlabs

    2018-08-01 00:29:28
    Purchased Reply

    do we need to specific the first product via a rule and then all others are discounted or can we have a global rule so no matter the first product added its at full price and then any others are 50% off?

  • extendons

    2018-08-01 01:41:08
    Purchased Reply

    You have to specify both.

  • videojme

    2018-03-10 04:51:25
    Purchased Reply

    Nothing happens on install of this plugin. Just a bunch of dead buttons. Refund please.

  • extendons

    2018-03-10 05:19:53
    Purchased Reply

    Can you please share the details VIA email at [email protected] Our support team will have a look and fix them asap.

  • cruninio

    2018-08-15 22:41:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! I have two pre-buy questions: 1. Is it possible to create a global product-discount based on product-date? The costumers gets 10% Discount if they buy wiithin 3 Days, after the product is online. 2. Discount on "variable" product. If he want to buy 4 Produkts with the variable for example "green T-Shirt", he get a Setprice that is fixed. And /but he customer have to select up to 20 Products. And this information must be shown as a popup like: "You have selected 3 products. If you buy 4, you can get the setprice of 20$. Please make a choice up to 20 Products". Ist this possible with your PlugIn?

  • extendons

    2018-08-15 23:00:14
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry These options are not available in current plugin.

  • cruninio

    2018-08-15 23:44:19
    Purchased Reply

    O.k. Thanks for your fast reply! Perhaps the next time... :-)

  • slotkristian

    2018-03-20 23:09:16
    Purchased Reply

    If i set discount for a category. Will this discount be set as sale price on the product? I am asking because i would like the discount to show in my google product feed.

  • extendons

    2018-03-20 23:24:24
    Purchased Reply

    No this is not shown as sale price, this will be deduct from the price of product.

  • pixeldesignco

    2018-09-19 17:35:04
    Purchased Reply

    -- deleted--