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Five Hundred Showcase (or simply FHShowcase) is the jQuery plugin that allows easily build awesome slideshows from photos provided by photo sharing service. FHShowcase has some cool features like animated progress bar, floating profile card for 500px user and even can bypass CORS restriction for better user experience! No special skills required for quick start.


  • Create slideshows from 500px user’s photos, album or even from 500px search results
  • Based on powerful well-known slideshow engine – Owl Carousel 2, no need to learn something new to make brilliant slideshows
  • Neat additional UI features like userpic, profile card, progressbar
  • Compatible with official 500px API which allows to pass custom options like image quantity and size, sorting and filtering options, and many more other options
  • Can bypass CORS restrictions
  • Has modular code structure, making it easy for advanced users to develop their own plugins and additional features
  • Crossbrowser (compatible with modern browsers)

See FHShowcase in action:


v1.0.0 - initial release