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Force newsletter subscription is a feature highly needed in Magento stores.
This extension allows you to easily collect customer email during registration and checkout process for newsletter subscription.
It also allows you to seamlessly check subscription checkbox by default or check while totally hidden from customer.

-Supports Magento CE 1.3 and later
-Supports Magento multiple website, stores and store views
-Control forcing subscription behaviour per subscription form
-Choose from disabling force subscription, check by default or force subscription
-Completely hide newsletter checkbox from frontend
-Force subscription on new customer registration
-Add newsletter subscription to one page checkout
-Checks if customer is already subscribed to newsletter before showing subscription on checkout
-If force subscription is set on checkout and customer email was previously unsubscribed, it will not be resubscribed. This behaviour does not apply if the checkbox is visible to customer checked by default.

  • mattiaswestman

    2017-08-30 18:01:07
    Purchased Reply

    An absolut great extension which solved all our issues with getting the customers to sign up our newsletter which is a vital part in our business. Also received prompt and first class support for the extension as it turned out that another extension was interfearing with this extension. But with great support it was sorted out straight away. Very greatful for both the extension and the great support. Highly recommended!

  • GameCandi

    2014-12-24 12:42:13
    Purchased Reply

    I wish this was for!!

  • cherifherrawi

    2014-12-24 22:07:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Billie, although I did not test on 1.9+ myself, many others have properly installed and moved to production successfully on Magento 1.9