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Completely customize the look & feel of any form on your WordPress website (inluding Contact Form 7, Gravity Form and Ninja Form)

Form Styler Ultimate lets you add easily style forms on your WordPress site. It has tons of features that gives absolute control on the appearance of your forms.

Tested and compatible with some of the famous themeforest themes, like Avada, Betheme, X Theme, Enfold, The7, Bridge as well as WordPress default themes, like Twenty Fifteen.

Full Feature List

Compatible with Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and Contact Form 7
Our plugin is out-of-the-box compatible with these famous WordPress form plugins. Just pick the form where you want your style to be applied. No coding skills needed!
Compatible with any form
Style any form on your site. Login forms, WooCommerce forms, newsletter forms, even search boxes! Just add your form’s class and you are set.
Ready-to-use themes
Choose between 7 ready-to-use themes and make cool forms on the fly!
Multiple themes on same page
You can use multiple themes on the same page.
Customizable themes
You can customize each theme separately.
Unlimited styling options
Style the form the way you want! Choose background color, borders, margin, padding options and many, many more.
Google fonts
Select from a large library of Google fonts and set the desired typography for all your inputs, labels, placeholders, submit buttons, etc.
Gravity Forms complex fields
Fully compatible with address, name and password fiels of Gravity Forms.
Dropdown arrows
Remove the boring arrows from your dropdowns and select your own by the famous Font Awesome vector library. Further customize the arrows by changing color, size, etc.
Radio and checkboxes
No more boring checkboxes or radio buttons. Just select your own Font Awesome icons. Further customize the icons by changing color, size, etc.
Date pickers
You can even customize the appearance of the date picker on the date field.
Submit button
Fully customize your submit button. Set the width, position (left, center, right), font, colors, border radius, padding, etc.
Validation errors
Customize general or input specific validation errors or even invalid input validation borders!
Confirmation message
And of course, you can customize the final confirmation message the user sees after submiting the form.
Hide labels
You have the ability to hide labels for fields. Useful when you want to use placeholders only.
Responsive Design
Forms will look great on both desktop and mobile sites.
Easily export the form styles you create.

Demo live preview

Visit our demo live preview to see examples of Form Styler Ultimate in action!


Take a look at our extensive online documentation.

  • PreScriptZ

    2018-11-10 13:03:21
    Purchased Reply

    Great Work! Good Luck With Selling :)

  • codemine

    2018-11-10 21:19:38
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you!

  • smartcms

    2018-11-11 00:50:24
    Purchased Reply


  • codemine

    2018-11-11 05:45:12
    Purchased Reply


  • danielburns

    2018-11-10 05:02:10
    Purchased Reply

    Very interested. I have tried other stylers for my Gravity Forms, but they were incompatible with Thrive Architect site builder. I don't suppose you've tested with that?

  • codemine

    2018-11-10 21:19:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi and thanks for asking. We have actually tested our plugin with Thrive Architect forms (we guess you mean the forms you create through the interface of the thrive builder, right?) and it works. In order for our plugin to work, you must create a style and use this class in the Extra Forms Selectors input:

    You can check some info for the Extra Forms Selectors at our relevant documentation section here. Let us know if have any further questions ok?

  • danielburns

    2018-11-11 01:10:38
    Purchased Reply

    No, I mean being able to style a Gravity Form that gets embedded in a Thrive Architect page. I used another Gravity Form styler from here and something broke the styler. But I know nothing about CSS.

  • codemine

    2018-11-11 05:44:49
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, you will be able to style gravity forms embedded in a Thrive Architect page with no problem at all. In this case, since we are dealing with gravity forms, you will not need to add the css class of the form. Just select the desired Gravity Form in the dropdown field of our plugin, and you are set!