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  • indalab

    2013-11-12 06:41:13
    Purchased Reply

    So basically, all you did was change a color on the CSS from the original theme and replaced the logo with Instagram's logo. You're not even allowed to use their trademark, it's against their terms. Same deal with your "Tumblr" theme, so I don't know why CodeCanyon approve of this... Read ---> Rights: #6

  • marcelopaimon

    2013-11-12 08:22:15
    Purchased Reply

    I personally do not use the mark, the buyer has the responsibility to change it or not

  • indalab

    2013-11-12 09:29:23
    Purchased Reply

    So you are not "personally" using the mark to sell your product on CodeCanyon? You know... profit from their trademark. You should learn more on how these marks can be used. The way you used it is against their terms.

  • turgeonm

    2016-03-27 09:30:33
    Purchased Reply

    Pre sale question ... Is this theme working with new version as of today?

  • martinsdesign01

    2013-11-13 00:42:18
    Purchased Reply

    This is such a rip off, even i could make something just like this, and i agree with Indalab, this is a total rip of there trademark and Code Canyon need to block your account and kick you off this website.

  • Stewan_io

    2016-12-29 07:40:04
    Purchased Reply

    Good Luck with sales

  • kevinsotov

    2014-01-16 13:14:48
    Purchased Reply

    Update please :) for phpDolphin 1.2.8

  • Evgeniy_

    2015-04-03 01:24:36
    Purchased Reply

    Please add more screenshots

  • talentedscripts

    2017-02-09 10:25:17
    Purchased Reply

    this theme as messed my site up wont let me change back to old dolphin :(

  • DrayDread

    2013-12-09 22:22:16
    Purchased Reply

    Live Demo Pleas. Good Luck!