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Hi !

Here’s a low poly fantasy tower defense starter kit. It contains :

- 1 Tower with 1024×1024 texture featuring a naked tower, armor props, balcony and windows removable parts. The texture can be sized down to fit your needs

- 9 “Weapon” variants to place on top of the tower. Mortar, Cannon, Balista and Crystal, and all comes with a single and double version. Plus a “Shelter” model. 5 512×512 textures are used for those props, one for each different model.

- A tent using a 256×512 texture.

- Additionnal props : Tree, Rock, Fence and a Wooden Post (panel.obj), all sharing a 256×256 atlas texture.

- Additionnal traps : Dynamite, Mine, Bomb and Oil all sharing a 256×256 atlas texture.

Tower, Weapons and Tent all fits in 2×2 square to be used in grid based maps.

Exported in .OBJ with lossless PNG textures. Hope you like it !