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Mint Invoice – Most beautiful way to Create, Send, Pay Invoice at one place. Built with Laravel 5.6, the most popular PHP Framework with latest plugins. It provides solution for invoicing, quotation and accounting with easy user interface.

The script is designed with Most Popular PHP framework Laravel 5.6 & simplest Javascript framework Vue.js as Single Page Application. The script comes with one click installer that can be deployed in local or live server. It includes unencrypted, unminified vesion of all development files that you can customize as per your use within the license terms.

To get the SaaS Version of Mint Invoice, Click Here.

The script supports REST Api & uses JSON based authentication token. The script is well documented which is available at

This script will be updated regularily with latest version of framework & plugins. Please share your feedback, feature request which will be surely implemented in upcoming versions.

The code is well commented and written with love by Here is the example:

What are the pre-requisites to install this script?

Here are list of pre-requisites which is required to install this script:

  • PHP >= 7.1.3
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • MySQL Native Driver Support
  • GD Image Library
  • Mcrypt Extension
  • Zip Archive Extension
  • Curl Support + allow_url_fopen enabled

The script supports REST api with example documentation, Here is screenshot of API documentation:

What does it include?

Here are list which is included in this script:

  • Built with Laravel 5.6.21
  • Vue.js 2.5.16
  • Responsive Bootstrap 4.1.0
  • REST Api
  • Speed-up development with Laravel Mix-Webpack
  • Browser Sync
  • Support Sass
  • JSON based authentication, Uses tymon/jwt-auth
  • Single Page Application (SPA), Uses Vue Router
  • Vuex for data flow
  • Pagination
  • Datepicker

What modules are available with Laravue Starter Kit?

Here are list of pre defined components which is available in this script:

  • Autosize Textarea
  • Date Range Picker
  • File Upload Input
  • File Upload Progress
  • HTML Editor
  • Upload Image

Here are list of modules which is available in this script:

  • Create, Edit, Delete Invoice
  • Send Invoice to Customer, Manual Payment Entry
  • Payment of Invoice via Paypal & Credit Card by Customer
  • Print, Generate PDF of Invoice
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Create, Edit, Delete Quotation
  • Send Quotation to Customer
  • Accept & Reject action by Customer
  • Quotation Discussion
  • Coupon
  • Announcement
  • Item & Item Category
  • User Authentication
  • Social oAuth
  • Reset Password
  • User Registration
  • User Activation
  • Account Approval
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Screen Lock
  • Login Throttle
  • Reset Password Token Lifetime
  • Login Lifetime
  • Password Strength Meter
  • User List
  • User Profile
  • Change Password
  • User Avatar
  • Sample Todo Module
  • Private Message
  • Database Backup
  • IP Filter
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Multilingual
  • RTL Support
  • Date/Time Format & Timezone
  • Activity Log
  • Email Log
  • Custom Email Templates
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Multiple Mail Drivers
  • Nexmo SMS Api


Does this script include all source code with unminified version?

Yes, this includes everything, including composer.json, package.json, webpack.mix.js, different plugins and all in it.

Where can I access documentation?

All the documentation is available at which you can access online. In case you face any issue, please email us at [email protected]. Estimated response time is 48 working hours.

Does author provides installation support?

No, author doesn’t provide installation support in any environment (live or local). You can read the support documentation which is available online.

Will I get support for further development if I have any queries?

Yes, you will get answer of all your queries and issues (if any). Please note that author is not going to teach you coding skill but author will only be available to answer your questions as mentioned in support tab. It is recommened to have basic knowledge of any PHP framework along with Javascript. Also note, that support is only available to the customers, who have purchased the script from You need to provide your Envato Username & Purchase code in order to get author support.

Does author provides customization?

Yes, author is available for customization but with extra charge of $15 per hour.

Can I use this script for multiple instance?

No, if you have purchased regular license then you can only use this script only for 1 instance. If anytime, it is found that you have used multiple instance of this script, your support will be blocked immediately.

Don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

  • SolPal

    2018-02-21 15:47:34
    Purchased Reply

    Looks great, anyway to allow as a payment gateway? Or a a way for us to create our own payment gateway?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-02-22 01:38:59
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, I will definitely check it for next release.


    2018-02-15 23:13:03
    Purchased Reply

    Good Work here... To be complete, missing payment modules like Paypal, Stripe, etc... and of course a client side... then this script will get 5stars.

  • ScriptMint

    2018-02-16 14:41:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, There is already option to pay invoice via Paypal & Stripe where client can login and pay. I think, you have missed that in demo. Recheck again at

  • kelleychambers

    2018-05-29 06:52:50
    Purchased Reply

    Login demo deets??????

  • ScriptMint

    2018-05-29 11:06:47
    Purchased Reply

    Please visit

  • sonam_123

    2018-09-09 18:23:30
    Purchased Reply

    hey i am trying to run in my local pc and its asking for access code, do you know where i can find it? cheers

  • ScriptMint

    2018-09-09 21:00:25
    Purchased Reply

    Please visit our support portal at

  • contactsoana

    2018-04-12 19:09:39
    Purchased Reply

    Good job. really nice script. We want to know if recurring payment system is implemented or not yet. Also we couldn't find a way to create recurring invoice in the demo. where is this option exactly. many thanks.

  • ScriptMint

    2018-04-14 16:22:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I am on leave. I will get back to you after 18th April.

  • bzphua

    2018-06-08 01:38:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi do you provide customisation? We need a sales target tracking and reporting feature.

  • ScriptMint

    2018-06-08 01:39:52
    Purchased Reply

    Please submit your requirement at

  • duyleduc

    2018-03-24 00:01:54
    Purchased Reply

    can i make a custom fied ?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-26 17:29:27
    Purchased Reply

    No, this feature is currently not available.

  • Nefkon

    2018-03-10 01:13:52
    Purchased Reply

    After installation I can succesfull register, but after registration I can't login. When I enter the wrong credentials it gives back an error, but with the right credentials it stays on the login page. When I go the a dashboard page it says I am not Authorized. I can't find in the docs where to fix it.

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-10 01:58:54
    Purchased Reply

    Please make sure your users have the permission to login. Go to configuration->permission and check for permission "Enable Login"

  • Nefkon

    2018-03-10 02:25:09
    Purchased Reply

    What I meant was, in your docs you say the user can have a clean installation, but it can't, because you check permissions that aren't there when u have an empty database. I am logged in now, but I still can't do anything, because the user does not have the right permissions. So now I am manually setting the the user permissions inside the database based on your code. This way it will take hours before I have set up the application. Do you have an .sql file for basic database user and permissions, so i can import it?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-10 02:55:45
    Purchased Reply

    Looks like you are missing something. Its already 9:30pm here. I can help you tomorrow. Please add ScriptMint in your Skype contact.

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-10 14:30:05
    Purchased Reply

    I am available now on Skype. I see that you haven't added me on Skype. Please add ScriptMint in your Skype contact.

  • ankushthor

    2018-10-16 21:46:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I have a presales question. I have tried the demo and it looks quite sorted. I can do the edits myself like remove "Supplier" from the menu as I don't need it, but I need either GST compatible billing for India or the option to add 2 tax types to one bill. GST for example is 18%, if same state billing then it needs to be 9% + 9% and both amounts need to be mentioned separately. I dont see how we can do this right now. Please advice if this is possible?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-10-16 22:03:24
    Purchased Reply

    Not right now. We are working with another project.

  • ppalacinp

    2018-10-22 05:03:01
    Purchased Reply

    Request URL: https://invoice.test/api/install Request Method: POST Status Code: 422 Unprocessable Entity Remote Address: Referrer Policy: no-referrer Access Code not Acepted

  • ScriptMint

    2018-10-23 14:32:24
    Purchased Reply

    Please raise a ticket at with full details.

  • jakobsenconsulting

    2018-04-19 17:01:03
    Purchased Reply

    After installing the script it and navigateing to my application url, it does not automatically redirect to the install directory. I get an error saying it cant connect to mysql.. if I enter the mysql info in my .env file I get to the login screen.. but cannot login or register new user.. get a TypeError: e.errors is undefined in console.

  • ScriptMint

    2018-04-19 17:04:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, You have certainly missed some steps in installation. Please send me email at [email protected] along with your purchase code.

  • jakobsenconsulting

    2018-04-19 17:35:52
    Purchased Reply

    Thx for your fast reply.. I certainly did.. got it working :)

  • ScriptMint

    2018-04-19 17:36:53
    Purchased Reply

    Happy that you found it working!

  • mensareun

    2018-03-06 12:39:52
    Purchased Reply

    This project can customization?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-11 13:13:19
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, If you have knowledge of Laravel & Vue.js, you can customize at your own or else hire a developer.

  • mensareun

    2018-03-16 17:27:25
    Purchased Reply

    Thank ScriptMint for your reply

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-16 17:35:52
    Purchased Reply

    Your Welcome!

  • TmdStudio

    2018-02-13 17:08:23
    Purchased Reply

    Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

  • ScriptMint

    2018-02-13 17:09:18
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks a lot!

  • baokhiemsolution

    2018-09-19 18:11:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hi ScriptMint! I wan't use Times New Roman font to export PDF file. But it show "?" characters. Please help me! Thanks!

  • ScriptMint

    2018-09-19 18:37:34
    Purchased Reply

    I just put "Times New Roman" font in resources/views/invoice/print.blade.php in place of "Helvetica" and got it working.

  • baokhiemsolution

    2018-09-27 12:48:50
    Purchased Reply

    Maybe you use Windows OS, I use CentOS 7. It's not working "Times New Roman".

  • ScriptMint

    2018-09-27 12:57:18
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, any font which is available by default can be used. Also it should be supported by the package used in it.

  • imgdev

    2018-02-14 05:50:07
    Purchased Reply

    if i set a Recurring Invoice it is automatically payed every times or only regenerated and client has to pay it?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-02-14 14:32:56
    Purchased Reply

    Currently, the only recurring invoice can be set. Will check out the automatic payment feature for next release!

  • emaste

    2018-03-15 02:42:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i have some questions : 1) I can add a new language ? 2) The item selection on mobile phone is not good. Why ? Thanks

  • emaste

    2018-03-15 03:10:52
    Purchased Reply

    3) why user can see the list of all customers ?

  • emaste

    2018-03-15 03:11:43
    Purchased Reply

    Marry Jen is a user and can create a quote for other customer

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-15 03:18:19
    Purchased Reply

    Marry Jen is a staff member who has given permission to list all the customer. You can enable/disable permission from page.

  • emaste

    2018-03-15 03:25:32
    Purchased Reply

    on login page there is a button "login as user" and is assignet to Marry Jen but no problem. About the 1 and 2 point ?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-03-15 03:53:46
    Purchased Reply

    I have already emailed you the answer of Pt 1 & 2.

  • emaste

    2018-03-15 05:26:51
    Purchased Reply

    ok i reply you by email. thanks

  • Snapchat

    2018-04-11 05:55:35
    Purchased Reply

    Does this support linked products? For example, if I have a 12 pack of Soda and I want to add CRV (Bottle Deposit) as a linked product which is a fixed amount of .05 cents per can. Also, can you categorize products sold so you can pull a report on certain categories for yearly tax reports?

  • ScriptMint

    2018-04-14 16:22:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I am on leave. I will get back to you after 18th April.