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10 Colors
| Blue | Orange | Green | Light Green | Blue 2 | Pink | Red | Purple | Red 2 | White

This premium collection offers 10 different styles that were designed to catch your eye with bold colors and the perfect amount of spacing. This design would be best suited for a business, company, portfolio site, blog, as well as many more common websites. The code is heavily commented for easy navigation.

NDA Grid Delight – The Premium Collection Features

  • The Complete Collection: 10 different different themes, with a plethora of accessories!
  • All pages are built on the BLUEPRINT Framework and jQuery.
  • 10 Styles (1 white / 9 dark) w/ 7+ PAGES with Contact Form!
  • Homepage makes use of jquery custom slider, with lightbox usage and much more!
  • The Portfolio entries use jQuery Custom Fade that is very customizable and easy to manipulate.
  • Use of the jQuery Lightbox Plugin, as seen on every page in the template. Very easy to use.
  • jQuery Image Replacement Gallery in the portfolio page
  • Heavily commented code for easy code navigation and flow.
  • Differently Designed / Styled Index Layout page.
  • Custom Slider easy to modify!
  • Layered PNG and PSD Files Included
    • Don’t hate on Fireworks, these files open in Photoshop layered, also.
  • Compatible in (IE 7 , IE 8 , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • 10 Different Color Schemes
  • stashdragon

    2012-01-27 19:18:04
    Purchased Reply

    It's not uploading. Is their a reason why this would be this way?

  • UpQode_LLC

    2017-03-10 20:09:39
    Purchased Reply

    Really awesome works,Good Luck With Sales !

  • D3Designs

    2011-05-26 02:55:02
    Purchased Reply

    Very easy template to use. I love the whole look and feel. Nicely done!

  • GrafAS

    2014-08-29 23:16:33
    Purchased Reply

    Great Item ,good Job !!;

  • codedwhitespace

    2014-09-18 06:24:35
    Purchased Reply

    thanks :)

  • dianacom

    2011-09-15 16:30:56
    Purchased Reply

    Beautiful layout. I just downloaded but can't find a psd file that contains the whole web site. I just find the sliced images. Where can I find the whole site in one image.