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Unik – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Maxigen – Hiking & Outdoor WordPress Theme

Doctor – Medical & Health WordPress Theme

Max Museum – History & Archeology WordPress Theme

Max Cleaning – Cleaning Company WordPress Theme

Monsterrat – Minimal WordPress Portfolio Theme

Vertikal | Responsive WordPress Theme

Apoa – Business WordPress Theme

Convertible | Business WordPress Theme

Bokeh | WordPress Theme for Blog & Business

Max Movers – Moving Company WordPress Theme

Max Electric – Electrician WordPress Theme

Wisey – High Performance WordPress Theme

Ventus – Business WordPress Theme

Max Coupons – Couponry & Deals WordPress Theme

Medico – Medical & Health WordPress Theme

We Care – Medical & Health WordPress Theme

Maxi Health – Responsive Medical WordPress Theme

Pet Care – Veterinary WordPress Theme

Restaurant – Responsive WordPress Theme

Sweethome – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

Estate Pro – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Museum – Responsive WordPress Theme

Max Magazine – News & Blog WordPress Theme

Lacero – Education & University WordPress Theme

Max shop – WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Flatible – Single Page WordPress Theme

Moler – Full Screen WordPress Portfolio

Nerva – Premium Minimal WordPress Theme

Mindelo – Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Sylor – Minimal Creative Agency WordPress Portfolio

Grafika – Full Screen Portfolio & Blog Theme

Kappe – Full Screen Portfolio & Blog WP Theme

Sprint – Minimal WordPress Portfolio

Max Photograpy – WordPress Theme for Photographers

Straight – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Navara – WordPress Single Page Theme

Max Seo – Seo & Marketing WordPress Theme

Geodeo – Coupons & Deals WordPress Theme

Marist – Directory & Listings WordPress Theme

Tempcore – Responsive WordPress Theme

Arkitekt – Architecture WordPress Theme

TrendyStuff – Multiconcept WordPress Theme

Multi – Business WordPress Theme

Hash – Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Ante – The Ultimate WordPress Parallax Theme

Gazeta – Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme

Handyman – Responsive WordPress Theme

Omega – Minimal WordPress Theme

Max CV – Resume/CV WordPress Theme

Express – Transports and Logistics WordPress Theme

Construction – Building and Architecture WordPress Theme

Express Movers – Moving Company WordPress Theme

Bovile – Fishing WordPress Theme

Alcatron – Multipurpose Responsive WP Theme

Raptish – Premium vCard/Resume WordPress Theme

Mechanic – Car Service & Workshop WordPress Theme

Manufactory: Multi-Industrial WordPress Theme

Hotel Booking – Wordpress Theme for Hotels

Wooland – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

eCom – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Realtor – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

Social Welfare – Charity Wordpress Theme

Alcazar – Construction, Renovation & Building Wordpress Theme

History- Museum & Exhibition WordPress Theme

Educampus – Education & University WordPress Theme

Furniture – WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Sility – vCard, CV & Resume WordPress Theme

Alinti – Minimal Creative WordPress Portfolio

Comre – Coupon Codes & Affiliates WordPress Theme

Handyman – Responsive WordPress Theme

Seo Wave – WordPress Theme for SEO

Automan – Advanced Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Construct – Construction, Building WordPress Theme

Architectura – Construction & Building WP Theme

Drive Pro – Driving School WordPress Theme

Car Dinal – Car Wash & Workshop WP Theme

Make Clean – Cleaning Company WordPress Theme

Mega Architecture – Construction/Building WP Theme

Ranzim – Responsive Magazine WordPress Theme

Dear Customers, Please use our forum for any questions or suggestions you might have regarding this product. our forum Link:

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Main Features

  • Responsive Layout
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Built in Bootstrap
  • Amazing CSS3 Effects/Animations
  • Optimized Code
  • Simple & Easy to Use/Customize
  • Grid & List Product view
  • Product Carousel
  • Partners Carousel
  • Blog Page
  • Documentation

Font Used

  • Open Sans Google Font (free)
  • Bebas Neue
    • jimmychickens

      2014-02-11 17:21:08
      Purchased Reply

      Looking at the template for an online camping store but when I open the demo on my 15" toshiba laptop the site extends beyond the screen width. Is the template responsive???

    • PremiumLayers

      2014-02-12 00:21:25
      Purchased Reply

      plz open a support ticket here

    • AirTheme

      2013-11-01 19:43:34
      Purchased Reply

      Congrats! Good luck! ;)

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-11-01 19:52:37
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks Alot mate :)

    • sahdev

      2014-01-29 20:32:27
      Purchased Reply

      I purchased this template. On making the laptop window smaller or on ANY phone the menu bar is NOT there. It has totaly disappeared. I thought the template is responsive but the menu bar has vanished completely from all phones, tablets and on maing the browser window on laptop smaller. Can you resend me the file or help me in some way. I have already got it coded from a developer but the website is unusable on all phones etc. Help needed urgently.

    • PremiumLayers

      2014-01-29 20:53:05
      Purchased Reply

      hello and thank u so much for purchasing our work :) could you please open a support ticket in our forum to get help from our developer. Kind Regards Faton

    • angelique10

      2013-12-02 01:36:43
      Purchased Reply

      Just wondering when will the wordpress version be launching, hope it is soon.

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-12-02 02:01:08
      Purchased Reply

      hi Angelique and thanks for ur interest in our work. Yes it will be released very soon. it shouldn't take more than 1 week for the wp release. it depends on the review process also but shouldn't take more than 1 week, hopefully. Thanks!

    • fayzanntariq

      2013-11-09 06:51:46
      Purchased Reply

      Awesome work!

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-11-09 07:07:49
      Purchased Reply

      Thank u very much Ander :)

    • fserbin

      2014-08-30 04:56:24
      Purchased Reply

      I used the forum for my question and the answer was: ---------------- Hi, This prestashop support .. This version Wordpress ---------------- I NEED SUPPORT. Here is the BUG, its on the PREVIEW version and on my implementation. ------------------------------------------------------ Hi, I have with my personalized implementation of this template the same error as in the demo version: When the windows width is 801px the grid is showing different quantity of products on each rows (3-1-2). The same error is on my personalized implementation. Can you solve this error on the demo version so I can deploy it on my site? MyThank you very much

    • PremiumLayers

      2014-08-30 08:04:57
      Purchased Reply

      please open your support ticket under in our support forum

    • fserbin

      2014-09-03 02:21:30
      Purchased Reply

      Are you kidding me? I already opened it and you answer "Hi, This prestashop support .. This version Wordpress" which is not helpfull at all. Read this post

    • Templines

      2014-09-03 02:32:05
      Purchased Reply

      Hi , This Demo woocommerce version not HTML:" which is not helpfull at all. You bought a html version, create a ticket for prestashop and pointed demo WooCOmmerce

    • PremiumLayers

      2014-06-19 06:34:53
      Purchased Reply

      Dear Customers, Please use our forum for any questions or suggestions you might have regarding this product. our forum Link:

    • armedman

      2015-12-29 16:50:59
      Purchased Reply

      Nice site. Question: If I purchased Online Sale - Responsive HTML5 eCommerce Template Will be able to change the color?

    • PremiumLayers

      2015-12-30 02:38:34
      Purchased Reply

      hi and thanks for showing interest in our work. Yes of course, you can change the color easily with "Find and Replace" with any code editor. let's say you want to change it from 'green' to 'blue', all you need to do is :find the current color hex code and replace with your desired hex code. if you are not familiar with css, please let us do it for you. for free of course. Thanks

    • good_chemistry

      2014-11-26 03:10:19
      Purchased Reply

      hello! The address is not working... I would like to make a couple of queries before purchase. Can you please fix the adress? thanks!

    • PremiumLayers

      2014-11-26 03:19:21
      Purchased Reply

      hey, please use the new support forum

    • abouna

      2013-12-07 05:30:18
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, Your theme looks really nice and seems to have what we want to use with our existing website. We are curious about a few things and wonder if you could let us know what you think, please. First, can we add other options for an item, such as size or color, and allowing the customer to select different quantities of each size of an item? Second, when using the shipping and tax quote, I expect we would code in the values for each country/region, and the value will be shown when the customer clicks 'get a quote'. Will that value be automatically added to the total? Third, when you click 'proceed to checkout', where what page or location would that link go to? We look forward to your answers. Thank you! Andrew

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-12-07 17:11:20
      Purchased Reply

      hi Andrew and thanks for your interest in our work.

      firstly, the template you are refering to is not a theme, it's just a simple html template which is totally unfunctional.

      You can check our Magento version :

      then please see what's missing from your interest and let us know so we can give you a more detailed informations about our theme.

    • good_chemistry

      2014-11-26 03:15:29
      Purchased Reply

      Anyway, since forum address is not working I make my question here! ;) The photo gallery in Home seems not to be responsive. I've noticed that, by testing it in my browser and cell phone, home page photo slider looks bigger than it should be, like if images were at 200%... is that right? I would appreciate if you can answer me this query so to make the purchase. Regards

    • PremiumLayers

      2014-11-26 03:19:23
      Purchased Reply

      hey, please use the new support forum

    • nicdark

      2013-10-31 21:23:10
      Purchased Reply

      Very nice!!! Congratulation for your work!!!

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-10-31 22:16:49
      Purchased Reply

      Thank u so much mate :)

    • dimens

      2014-06-12 01:30:49
      Purchased Reply

      At HOME PAGE, the new slider dont work from mobile device!! can you correct this?

    • PremiumLayers

      2014-06-12 03:04:32
      Purchased Reply

      Hello and thanks for purchasing our work :) plz open a support ticket here: Thanks!

    • Roziek

      2013-10-31 22:36:07
      Purchased Reply

      Very Nice Work GLWS :)

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-10-31 22:37:50
      Purchased Reply

      thank u very much Roziek :)

    • yourOwnTemplate

      2013-10-31 22:26:26
      Purchased Reply

      Great Template. GLWS

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-10-31 22:30:55
      Purchased Reply


    • Ninetheme

      2013-10-31 22:09:47
      Purchased Reply

      Cong! :)

    • PremiumLayers

      2013-10-31 22:16:38
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks Omer :)