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GLS Denmark Parcel Shop Shipping (Flat Rate) by Zipcode 1.0

This extension integrates the GLS Parcel Shop Shipping into Opencart store and allows you to get GLS Parcel Shops in Denmark, search by zipcode. User can select any near Parcel shop around them and get their orders from that shop.

We are using GetParcelShopsInZipcode (HTTP GET) method to get all stores by Zipcode for Denmark

Opencart Versions: 1.5.x.x and 2.1.x.x

Main Features

  • Flat Rate option.
  • Free Shipping option. You can set Amount needed to enable Free shipping to GLS Parcel shops.
  • Enable Tax on Shipping.
  • Easiest shipping module installation.

(use Denmark city-state-zipcode in Shipping Address)


Version Update - Release on Sep 12, 2016
+ Added: support for opencart version 2.0 to 2.1.x.x
  • diank123

    2014-06-09 23:55:14
    Purchased Reply

    Nice plugin! :)

  • hvj83

    2014-06-10 02:59:46
    Purchased Reply


  • Stewan_io

    2016-12-29 12:17:32
    Purchased Reply

    Nice price! GLWS

  • hvj83

    2016-12-29 15:56:58
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks. Purchase it.

  • asparcilius

    2014-12-17 02:03:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hy, i wanna implement GLS SHIPPING in opencart Romania , can i buy this module and adapt it to romania?

  • hvj83

    2014-12-27 17:14:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, well its for Denmark only. So if you can customize then you have use this module. But its only up to you.

  • gurugundy

    2016-01-29 03:23:22
    Purchased Reply

    Can you convert this plugin so it will be functional with Woocommerce?

  • hvj83

    2016-03-15 23:49:22
    Purchased Reply

    No sorry

  • johnnyhansen

    2016-05-26 00:51:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, would it be very difficult to amend to zencart?

  • hvj83

    2016-07-02 21:41:26
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, bcoz its different platform.