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Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. This is why we coded this plugin that will pin images from your posts automatically to

Just install and forget your Pinterest account as Pinterest Automatic will do all the pinning work for you.

Key Features

Pin unlimited number of images: Pinterest Automatic can pin from one image to all images from the posts directly to your Pinterest account.

Bulk Pin: Posts can be queued for pinning in bulk. Select the desired posts, and the plugin will pin them one by one according to the set schedule. Number of images to pin per post can be set from one to all.

Automatic Images detection: Pinterest Automatic auto-detects images from your post then list them, where you can decide which images should be pinned.

Automatic boards detection: Pinterest Automatic will auto-detect boards in your Pinterest account so that you can choose which board you want to pin images to.

Queuing System: The Plugin queues images that are eligible for pinning in the queue and pin them separated by a random interval. That allows the pinning of an unlimited number of images without any problem.

Auto-link pins to your post: All pins are directly hyperlinked to your posts, so once any Pinterest user clicks on the pin, it redirects him to your post on your site. Pin link can still be a fixed set link or a link from a custom field. The image can also be uploaded without a link back like images uploaded from the computer.

Default pin text and pin board: You can set a default pin text or a default pinboard where all pins will be pinned, so you don’t need to enter text every-time

Supported Tags : 9 Tags can be used in the pin text, where each tag will be replaced with it’s equivalent value from the pinned post

  • [image_alt] : get replaced with the image alt text
  • [post_title] : get replaced the post title
  • [post_tags] : get replaced by the post tags after converting it to pinterest hash tags
  • [post_excerpt] : get replaced with the post excerpt
  • [post_link] : get replaced with the post link
  • [post_author] : get replaced with the post author
  • [post_category] : get replaced with the post category
  • [product_price] : gets replaced with WooCommerce product price
  • [customFieldName] : gets replaced with the custom field value

Custom post types support : if you have a portfolio or gallery or any post type then Pinterest automatic support them

WooCommerce support : if you have a WordPress eCommerce or WooCommerce based website then Pinterest Automatic can pin thier products to Pinterest

Bots support : Pinterest Automatic can pin bots posts like posts from Wordpress Automatic. It can pin the featured image, a specific number of images or all images from each post.

Custom field image support: if you have an image URL stored in a custom field, you can tell the plugin to pin the image from that custom field

Detect images to pin from the fron-end: if your images do not appear in the backend, Pinterest Automatic can still detect them from the front end. for example, some galleries are displayed using a shortcode in the backend.

Pin full sized WordPress images from thumbnails : Pinterest automatic checks if a full sized image is available to pin instead of thumbnail.

Specific WordPress category to Pinterest board support: You can set which board, the image will be pinned to according to its category. Set unlimited number of a category to board rules *Note that, the image will go to one board only.

Specific WordPress tag to Pinterest board support : You can set which board the image will be pinned to according to its tags.

Custom jQuery selector: If the images are not located in the editor and are visible elsewhere on the editing page, a custom jQuery selector can be set which can be used by the plugin to grab the images.

Custom Taxonomies: In the category to board section, The plugin can list categories from custom taxonomies.

Spintax enabled :Spintax Form can be used for pin text like {awesome|cool|nice},only one word will be chosen randomly for each single pin

Post featured image as a pin:The plugin can pin the featured image to Pinterest.

Scheduled posts support: Select images to be pinned and once your scheduled post gets published it will be pinned.

Cron job : The Plugin can use the internal wordpress cron job and a dedicated cron job can be used as well.

Show to administrators only option : The plugin has the option to only display for administrators.

Proxy support : Pinterest atuomatic can use proxies to connect to Pinterest.

Excluded categories : Pinterest atuomatic can exclude the post from pinning if it is in a specific category.

Automatic excerpt generation : Pinterest Atuomatic can auto generate an excerpt automatically from your content with a pre-specified charachters length.

Exclude small images : Pinterest Atuomatic can exclude images that are smaller than a specific width from being pinned.

Skip duplicates : An option exists to skip pinning the same image from the same post twice

Exclude by category : Pinterest Automatic can skip pinning from categories that you set

Exclude images containing a specific text : You can set a specific text if found in the pinned image URL, it will be excluded from pinning

Flixible tags number : Pinterest atuomatic can include the post tags as Pinterest hashtags in the pin description. It also can select a specific number of tags to include

Search and replace in image src link, pin link or pin tags : You can replace specific parts with another in the final values sent to Pinterest.

Random pin interval : You can set a random pin interval between pins starting from 3 minutes. The plugin will pin images with a random interval between them.

Plugin visibility filter : You can optionally set the plugin to be visible only for admins.

Auto-append parameters to pin links : The plugin can automatically append pre-defined parameters to the pin link for tracking purposes

Automatic updates : The plugin can be updated directly from the wordpress dashboard.

Detailed action log : Automatically updated action log detailing each action done by the plugin

Version 4.10.0 (28 October 2018)
- NEW: option to skip queuing already pinned images from the same post
- Improved: Now displays a notice if the queue processing time was configured improperly
- Improved: Now the plugin can detect images after next page tags when bulk pinning
- Fix: post_excerpt tag now removes the shortcodes
- Fix: successful pin link in log page now is correct

Version 4.9.0 (22 September 2018)
- NEW: Gutenberg support
- NEW: WooCommerce product attributes can now be added to the pin description
- Fix: Idle time is now 1 hour 

Version 4.8.0 (02 September 2018)
- NEW: Complete random a new option to post randomly from the queue
- NEW: option to skip images from bulk pinning if the image URL contains a specific word
- NEW: option to skip the featured image from pinning 
- NEW: Alternate cron command was added
- NEW: Now the     queue feature can detect images coming from shortcodes
- Fix: Auto check first image now works for all post types
- Fix: Code updated to cope with a minor change from the Pinterest side
- Improved: exclusion rules now get applied to the featured image as well

Version 4.7.0 (10 March 2018)
- Change: Now the plugin does not require a username and a password, but a cookie session.
- Fix: Parse front-end now supports the "more" tags.
- Fix: image alt text for gallery images now gets captured

Version 4.6.1 (14 November 2017)
- NEW: new tag [post_category]
- Fix: conflict with divi icon sorted.
- Fix: [post_tags] back to work

Version 4.6.0 (10 October 2017)
- NEW: Custom fields support in pin text
- Fix: Pin text now supports quotes

Version 4.5.2 (26 August 2017)
- Fix: recent Pinterest change resulted in boards not found issue now sorted
- Fix - failed to be pinned images now gets automatically removed

Version 4.5.0 (5 August 2017)
- NEW: option for the number of images to pin when added to the queue & auto pinned
- NEW: excluded categories
- NEW: Now captures the images from the text editor
- NEW: option to exclude small images from being pinned
- NEW: option to limit the number of tags added to the pin text
- NEW: option to set pin link from a custom field or a fixed link
- improvement: log and queue page now stop updating when not active
- fix: log page now auto updates

Version:4.4.0 (18 April 2017) 
- NEW: PHP 7 compatible
- NEW: All in one SEO pack plugin compatibility.[post_excerpt] tag for SEO description
- NEW: option to skip checking if a full sized image exists
- NEW: option to add additional parameters to the pin link
- Fix: Recent Pinterest changes made the previous version login not work. now sorted
- Fix: Spintax class renamed to remove any conflict with other plugins
- Fix: at some cases the plugin pinning images although the idle option is active now fixed 
- Fix: proxy now gets trimmed removing any extra white space that may cause a proxy issue. 

Version:4.3.1 (6 September 2016) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest change made the plugin no more display the username fixed.

Version:4.3.0 (3 July 2016) 
- NEW: Thrive content builder integration so use parse front-end for images
- New: option to upload images with no link back to the source by default
- Fix: Empty src images now get skipped
- Fix: Now pre_get_posts filters get removed as some plugins were excluding posts
- Fix: 401 unauthorized reply from Pinterest now makes the plugin reauthorize itself 
- Fix: Plugin now displays the username extracted after login at the log page 

 Version:4.2.2 (7 May 2016) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest change stopped pinning from non-us servers now handled.

Version:4.2.1 (10 April 2016) 
- Fix: Pin link at the plugin log page now works after a recent Pinterest change

Version:4.2.0 (15 March 2016) 
- Fix: Plugin recoded to work with major recent Pinterest changes
- Fix: Now shortcodes get skipped manually if it was not stripped using wp
- Update: now the plugin truncates description to 450 instead of 500   

Version:4.1.2 (6 Feb 2016) 
- New: product_price tag for the woo-commerce price to be posted to Pinterest
- NEW: justified image grid full image extraction from thumbnails 
- Fix: Tags to board, Category to board rewritten to work for wp 4.4.x
- Fix: the warning from the plugin updater now fixed

Version:4.1.0 (19 January 2016) 
- NEW: PressThis support added so now the plugin detect pressThis posts
- Fix: Truncate the post content if it's size is over 500 chars which is Pinterest limit
- Fix: If a draft post got published, it now doesn't get pinned twice
- Fix: trim title to chars option empty posts were getting created with the title "..." fixed 
- Fix: Full sized image check now works with CloudFlare hotlinking disabled

Version:4.0.5 (20 APRIL 2015) 
- NEW: Visual composer compatibility out of the box
- Fix: bug fix that verifies the existence of the original image was returning always true
- Improved: Fetch boards link updated to use the back-end ajax URL
- NEW: Auto delete old log records freeing the database

Version:4.0.5 (20 APRIL 2015) 
- Code update: updated to cope with recent Pinterest changes
- Fix: queue stop fixed for some users
- Fix: false items appeared in the queue now fixed

Version:4.0.4 (10 March 2015) 
- Fix: | character now can be added to pin text without problem
- Security improvements

Version:4.0.3 (1 March 2015) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest change stopped the plugin from functioning sorted.
- Fix: curl follow location with full sized image existence  check now used
- Fix: pin them button now appears only in supported post types
- NEW: Queue processing time  from to

Version:4.0.2 (11 NOV 2014) 
- Fix : some users get license deactivated automatically now fixed

Version:4.0.1 (29 October 2014) 
- New: Remove pinned image from queue instantly via ajax
- New: Search and replace texts for URL 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest change in boards fetching now updated to work for all users
- Fix: Detect image from the front end now works for all post types
- Fix: added new option to add all to the queue

Version:4.0.0 (15 October 2014) 
- NEW: Tags to board so you can now point posts with a specific tag to a specific board 
- NEW: Remove single post/pin from the queue 
- NEW: Responsive pinning queue which fits all screen sizes 
- NEW: Trigger cron via ajax by clicking run now 
- NEW: Auto clear log so you can set how many days log should be kept in DB 
- UI Improvements: Queue was rewritten to auto-update its items via ajax 
- UI Improvements: Wordpress timezone considered before the plugin was using UTC time  
- UI Improvements: log rewritten to auto updates it's items via ajax 
- UI Improvements: Now you can see what was the last pin and visit it
- UI Improvements: New plugin icon with unicolor 
- Improvements: One request pin so the plugin can pin an image with just one call
- Improvements: Now the cron cannot be triggered twice at the same time
- Fix: Image src with + char in it was not pinned URL now get posted encoded 
- Fix: Some users get login failed due to recent Pinterest change now fixed

Version:3.3.0 (3 September 2014) 
- Fix: Recent Pinterest changes were generating weird chars at log now updated
- Fix: new lines in pin text was giving an error of invalid content. now fixed
- Fix: special characters at pin text were posting HTML chars like #am p now fixed
- Fix : [post_link] tag now shows the permalink instead of guid
- Fix: HTML tags stripping with post_excerpt and content before posting 
- Fix: categories parent-child now hierarchical in settings category to page option
- NEW: Proxy support: now users with blocked IP from Pinterest can use proxies
- NEW: images that are only visible via front-end can pin like shortcode generated images
- NEW: Full image now get extracted and posted from resized image
- NEW: Automatic updates support: now you will be able to automatically update the plugin
- NEW: Pinterest password is not shown as plain text in settings
- NEW: Auto excerpt generation
- NEW: Remove single item from the queue or single post support
- NEW: Auto update pin alt

- Fix: gallery images pinned as thumbnails 150X150 px now pins the full sized image.
- Fix : [post_tags] tag was not returning tags for custom post types. now it does.
- Fix : 3 minutes interval for pins were not accepted by the plugin it accepts it like 3-4
- Fix: some pinned image was getting auto checked.
- New: next pin arrival time added
- New: old support widget updated with opt-in removal and button to hide

Version:3.1.0 (28 June 2014)
- New: now you can reset the queue any time just visit the queue and click "Clear" 
- New: Cron interval: now you can set random value for pinning the items from the queue 
- Fix: TinyMCE editor separator caused an empty image in the pin box now sorted
- Fix: Main class was named Pinterest. class name changed.
- URGENT Fix: Pinterest changes something that made the plugin stop working as expected.

Version:3.0.1 (20 MAY 2014)
- URGENT Fix: Pinterest changes something that made the plugin stop working. sorted

Version:3.0.0 (25 FEB 2014)
- New: bulk pin option to select posts and pin them
- New: Category to board section to set image board according to the category
- New: Queuing system where one image get pinned every minute from the queue
- New: Custom field support where the plugin can now post from a custom field
- New: Custom taxonomies to list categories from in the category to board section
- New: added a Cron job 
- New: select all option to select all images at once
- New: custom jquery selector for listing images from
- New: instant update pin icon 
- Added: license verification

Version:2.0.4 (23  JAN 2014)
- bug fix: a recent bug fixed that made the plugin give an error when pinning.

Version:2.0.3 (16  JAN 2014)
- Fix: recent Pinterest change made the plugin get boards names as "undefined". Sorted.

Version:2.0.2 (27  OCT 2013)
- code update: fetch boards fixed after stopping work as Pinterest changed and plugin.

Version:2.0.1 (30  September 2013)
- Fix: code updated to work with a recent Pinterest change  
- Fix: Special characters in the title no more generate an internal server error  
- Fix: already pinned featured image now marked as pinned  

Version:2.0.0 (18  September 2013)
- New: Custom post types support  
- New: Bot posts support  
- New: Wordpress e-commerce support  
- New: Custom post types support  
- New: Pinned images now marked as pinned   
- New: New pin text tags [image_alt],[post_content],[post_excerpt],[post_link],[post_author]
- Improvement: log is now more handy and informative 
- Improvement: curl exisit check added
- Improvement: plugin 'wp pinner' conflict exisit check added

Version:1.4.2 (21  July 2013)
- code update: Pinterest changed and plugin updated to work with the latest change.

Version:1.4.1(2  July 2013)
- Bug Fix: Pinterest changed its login form. plugin updated

Version:1.4.0 (6 June 2013)
- New Feature: option added for auto-checking the first image for being pinned.
- New Pinterest look support. old look no more supported 

Version:1.3.1 (4 MAY 2013)
- plugin now compatible with the Pinterest new look (old look no more supported)

Version:1.2.4 (8 JAN 2013)
- plugin now compatible with the last version of WordPress 3.5

Version:1.2.0 (25 APR 2012)
- Post featured image option addition
- Scheduled post support

Version:1.0.1 (25 APR 2012)
- Update Boards issue fix 

  • tamminhth

    2017-11-09 07:24:39
    Purchased Reply

    How to use the first image of the gallery instead of the image on the Product descriptions? I saw many of pins are using the images in the product descriptions.

  • imago-design

    2017-11-24 08:10:06
    Purchased Reply

    Pin link points to? >> Link from a custom field | how to use this option? -"name of a custom field containing the link" do we put this field somewhere in the post?

  • ValvePress

    2017-11-26 02:31:18
    Purchased Reply

    - If you have the link already stored in a custom field, just place the field name at this option Some plugins stores a link in a custom field for each created post like plugins that import the content from other sources

  • tecnologyuy

    2017-11-28 10:23:29
    Purchased Reply

    Supports theme salient wp? it assures me that pinterest does not block the account, you get more traffic with pinterest?

  • ValvePress

    2017-11-28 20:00:08
    Purchased Reply

    - The plugin works with any WP Theme. - The plugin does not make Pinterest block your account - Pinterest is one of the best sources of traffic across social media

  • tecnologyuy

    2017-11-28 22:42:00
    Purchased Reply

    ok, so I understand the plugin will do all the work, to combine all the images of posts to increase visits with pinterest?

  • leolqin

    2013-03-28 14:14:10
    Purchased Reply

    can you help me to solve my problem? I have wait for 2 days.

  • ValvePress

    2013-04-03 04:10:40
    Purchased Reply

    replied your email ., sorry for long reply delay .

  • dariovignali

    2013-04-03 18:11:55
    Purchased Reply

    ERROR SINCE I BOUGHT IT! 1 2013-03-30 18:12:21 Publish publish fired for 746 2 2013-03-30 18:12:21 ini Curl initialized ... 3 2013-03-29 13:19:18 Publish publish fired for 656 4 2013-03-29 13:19:18 ini Curl initialized ... 5 2013-03-29 12:45:24 Publish publish fired for 755 6 2013-03-29 12:45:24 ini Curl initialized ... 7 2013-03-28 12:10:44 Publish publish fired for 746 8 2013-03-28 12:10:44 ini Curl initialized ... 9 2013-03-25 16:07:58 Publish publish fired for 724 10 2013-03-25 16:07:58 ini Curl initialized ... 11 2013-03-25 09:26:46 Publish publish fired for 656 12 2013-03-25 09:26:46 ini Curl initialized ... 13 2013-03-25 09:19:24 Publish publish fired for 155

  • ValvePress

    2013-05-05 21:33:15
    Purchased Reply

    I just released a new update that is working with the new pinterest look please download and try . if you get any problem please PM me and I will figure if you have any issue . thanks for your patience and sorry for update delay :)

  • Mepooooo

    2013-07-19 00:07:41
    Purchased Reply

    Just purchased, but cant login with no one of my accounts . When i press ''fetch boards'', there is an error:Can not login, make sure you of login email and password and try again. Edit: Sorry, didnt read commets above.Autor noticed for new pinterest update. Is that reason for this error?

  • furfing

    2013-02-28 22:51:20
    Purchased Reply

    This plugin doesnt work... The developper do not reply to my email asking for support.

  • ValvePress

    2013-03-02 05:13:27
    Purchased Reply

    Plugin works fine at my part and if you have a problem PM me and I will be happy to help .

  • furfing

    2013-03-02 13:37:14
    Purchased Reply

    I send you and email but then for some reason you stop replying, im going to send you one again.

  • blogtasks

    2013-02-19 18:46:05
    Purchased Reply

    Will this work with Woocommerce "posts"? I really hope so as it would be a great addition to site. Thanks!

  • ValvePress

    2013-02-23 03:02:15
    Purchased Reply

    woocommerce posts is custom posts right ? if so then it is not currently supporting custom post types while I intend to support it on a coming update .

  • CoolBro

    2012-04-22 11:37:04
    Purchased Reply

    Nice idea. Can you make it to post only it belong to specific category?

  • ValvePress

    2012-04-23 05:56:50
    Purchased Reply

    once you check images to be pinned then you can check what post will be pinned check the vid of how it work

  • 91A7mad

    2012-09-09 10:04:42
    Purchased Reply

    It cannot fetch boards. What should I do?

  • ValvePress

    2012-09-11 20:32:59
    Purchased Reply

    First make sure your login data is correct and you already created boards under your account and try agin if you still have a problem PM me temporary access and I will check if there is any issue .

  • hjmt

    2012-11-28 19:25:11
    Purchased Reply

    When can we expect the update to fix the problem Failed to fetch "Pinterest session num 2"? You said it would be fixed in April.

  • ValvePress

    2013-01-09 23:44:09
    Purchased Reply

    sorry for long reply delay I have just pushed a new updated to the plugin version 1.2.4 download and install and if you still have any issue let me know by mail and I will figure if there is any issue .

  • zeescripts

    2012-10-27 01:15:14
    Purchased Reply

    You have update this with "Post featured image option addition". But the featured image thumbnail doesnot appear in the pinterest panel in Add/ edit post page in admin. I emailed you so many times, you never reply. I am still waiting to Rate and vote this plugin..

  • ValvePress

    2012-10-29 03:24:50
    Purchased Reply

    fixed and replied via mail .

  • zeescripts

    2012-10-29 04:57:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Atef, thanks for the response. Thank you very much for updating the plugin and fixing the issue. I will rate you 5 stars.. Excellent Job ! Regards Sabrina

  • hi2rashid

    2013-10-01 04:19:32
    Purchased Reply

    I am trying to pay through Paypal.. but the payment was not accepted by codecanyon.. kindly give your paypal email id. i will drop money there

  • hi2rashid

    2013-10-01 04:32:08
    Purchased Reply

    Is anybody here to resell that to me?? i am ready to pay

  • samuelhaick

    2013-09-13 10:50:25
    Purchased Reply

    The plugin doesn't work anymore... Please fix it ! "Failed to fetch Pinterest session num cancelling pinning this time ..."

  • ValvePress

    2013-09-15 03:29:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Pinterest changed something in it’s api and I updated the plugin . version 2 has been updated to cope with this change . you can wait day or two for the new version to be approved or you can PM me and I will send you the updated version

  • samuelhaick

    2013-09-15 10:32:45
    Purchased Reply

    Please send it to my email ! I sent you a private message.

  • samuelhaick

    2013-09-16 08:54:50
    Purchased Reply

    Why not answer ? I need the new version... Please answer my PM.

  • samuelhaick

    2013-09-17 12:04:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi and thank you for sending me the new plugin : I installed the new plugin and it works great. I have a question : When will you make a "select all images" option in the editor cause I need to pin all the images from articles and there's a lot !

  • laboratorio35

    2013-09-13 00:27:10
    Purchased Reply

    working for wordpress 3.6 ?

  • laboratorio35

    2013-09-13 02:07:06
    Purchased Reply

    bought and installed but I have problem with -> Default Pin Board ?

  • ValvePress

    2013-09-14 23:03:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Pinterest changed something in it's api and I updated the plugin . version 2 have updated to cope with this change . you can wait day or two for the new version to be approved or you can PM me and I will send you the updated version

  • hi2rashid

    2013-10-05 16:57:39
    Purchased Reply

    hi, It is showing an error like form data missing

  • ValvePress

    2013-10-05 20:11:57
    Purchased Reply

    What version are you using . make sure you have version 2.0.1 installed which is the latest version . if not re-download it from envatoand re install . if you have it installed and still have any issue open a support ticket . the plugin is working fine at my side .

  • hi2rashid

    2013-10-06 18:01:19
    Purchased Reply

    its 2.0.1 only. The Error is After Posting the Post, it is Showing "Failed to find log in form!"

  • ValvePress

    2013-10-08 19:09:06
    Purchased Reply

    Seems that this error is caused from another plugin/theme so try to deactivate one by one to find or simply open a support ticket.

  • grumpyjacksa

    2013-10-23 20:12:20
    Purchased Reply

    I run a news blog with automated content (syndicated by a legitimate source) - and this plugin allows me to send pictures of the featured images to Pinterest without lifting a finger. And even though I don't have that many followers on Pinterest, I can already see the traffic starting to trickle in. Brilliant - thanx!

  • digital2011

    2014-07-16 05:33:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi if i buy the plugin .. in how many site i can use it ?? i have 3 site

  • ValvePress

    2014-07-16 05:39:00
    Purchased Reply

    Regular license grant purchaser the permissions to use in one site/blog you can check more about licensing here

  • La7ish

    2014-08-05 08:31:11
    Purchased Reply

    The price done went up, I'd like to see a good update soon.Great plugin, gets the job done.. eventually but its not complete (from a consumer point of view). More options, better management for queue, we need these essentials!

  • ValvePress

    2014-08-06 02:37:45
    Purchased Reply

    Envato recently increased prices for all the marketplace items check here If you have a suggestion please let me know what is it exactly so I can consider on further releases.

  • La7ish

    2014-08-06 03:30:28
    Purchased Reply

    Geesh, about to invest in another license then BAM! It's ok tho. But yes ValvePress I'm very happy you request that. Here's a few things that could greatly improve the plugin in my opinion. The list goes: 1) Delete, or draft post from queue list. Maybe add a check box next to the post in the list that allows them to be managed. 2) Make time setting different from adding post to queue list and actually pinning. Maybe have all the queue list managing going separately in the background somehow so then post can be ready when its time. 3) Multiple account and proxies would be a dream come true. Mainly the first one is what I would like to see. This whole queue list thing is what I would like to see improvements on. The other 2 would just make this plugin that much better and dominant.

  • ValvePress

    2014-08-06 22:48:45
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have just noted them and will study once I get the time to update the plugin. if you have any further suggestions don't hesitate to tell me anytime.

  • devs

    2014-03-22 02:52:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there I've tried to contact you a few times. The plugin has stopped working when I publish my posts. I tend to schedule my posts and they are not pinned and I have also tested via straight posts and they are not pinned either. Could you please contact me as I would like to resolve the problem. Many thanks.

  • ValvePress

    2014-03-22 18:22:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi , Have you opened a support ticket ?

    We have a help desk setup just for support

    did you see the button below , just click it

  • devs

    2014-03-22 19:27:22
    Purchased Reply

    No I replied to the email that you sent me. I will send again. Thanks for the reply.