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SagePay Form integration is the easiest way to start processing online payments. It can take as little as 20 minutes to set up and is by far the quickest way to integrate Sage Pay.

Form integration is designed to pass transaction details from your website to Sage Pay to carry out authorisation. Outsourcing your payment processing in this way means that no sensitive data is collected, stored or transferred from your site.

This Plugin allows you to accept SagePay Payments removing the need for you to maintain highly secure encrypted databases, obtain digital certificates and invest in high-level PCI DSS compliance.

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PatSaTECH customers signing up to Sage Pay can now get 1 month off the Sage Pay monthly subscription! Offer valid until 01/01/2016 .

Offer includes:

- 350 transactions per month

- No set up fee

- Free fraud screening tools

- eInvoice payments included as standard

- 24/7 Free telephone, email & Twitter support

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  • dompl

    2014-08-27 17:05:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Guys, This works fine apart from one thing. in line 120 you have $orderid = get_option( 'sagepay_form_vendorname' ) . "-" $time_stamp . "-" . $purchase['id'] . "-" . $sessionid;
    This was returning an error "VendorTxCode too long" Sage accepts only 40 characters in VendorTxCode. Line 120 generates to long code. Thanks for the plugin!

  • BoneyBoy

    2017-06-17 22:57:54
    Purchased Reply

    Is this still a valid plugin.? Is is supported.??

  • dompl

    2014-08-27 19:09:12
    Purchased Reply

    ...alos in line 123
    $sagepay_arg['Amount'] = $pfAmount;
    Is returning a value 100.128 // Should be $sagepay_arg['Amount'] = number_format( $pfAmount , 2, '.', ',' );


    2017-04-05 17:43:35
    Purchased Reply

    Great Work! Good Luck!!!

  • mathewvine

    2015-08-19 12:00:53
    Purchased Reply

    This does not work with VPS version 3.00 which is the only protocol that SagePay now accepts with form integrations. Any updates on this please?

  • patsatech

    2015-09-08 07:00:58
    Purchased Reply

    Resolved via email.