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Simple Light UI Web Elements kit

This UI pack is crafted from vector shapes, textures and layer styles that ensure the high quality of the final product. You can easily create your own color scheme because provided files are fully layered and easy editable. Simple Light UI kit is powerful tool that save you a lot of time and work. We hope that you will enjoy it.

The pack contains over 50 elements:

  • text inputs
  • text areas
  • select fields
  • check boxes
  • radio buttons
  • disabled fields
  • payment steps
  • download buttons
  • rate buttons
  • pagination
  • tooltips
  • progress bars
  • simple menu with submenus
  • ...more

In the archive there are 3 artwork sizes:
- 1 for the Smart Phone (326ppi)
- 1 for the Tablet (132ppi)
- 1 for Web (72ppi).

Fonts used:
Swis721 BlkEx BT – (
Swiss911 XCm BT – (
Tahoma (standart fonts)

  • iamfaysal

    2016-03-10 21:49:24
    Purchased Reply

    Owwwoo.. Awesome Work You have Done… !!! Here I also tried to make something

  • reStyle

    2016-03-11 19:17:52
    Purchased Reply

    thanks friend, you work also is cool. glws

  • Slidr

    2012-11-09 00:16:22
    Purchased Reply

    Lovely grey-bluesky color scheme, love it.

  • reStyle

    2012-11-09 18:27:58
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you :)

  • despoth

    2013-01-06 22:56:57
    Purchased Reply

    Clean and crisp.

  • reStyle

    2013-01-06 23:24:07
    Purchased Reply

    thank you