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Icon Set: home, help, calculator, lock, print, push pin, clipboard, scissors, key, flag, shield, pencil, tag, trash, news, info, network, credit card, money, forum, database, music, camera, video, rss, download, heart, favorite, chart, paperclip, laptop, gear, clock, star, and more.

Ready to go.
A transparent PNG, sized at 48×48 pixels, is provided for every icon, so there’s no prep work required.

Make them your own.
All the icons are created using vector shape layers in Photoshop. The original PSD is included, making the icons fully editable. You can change the colors, mix and match elements, and customize them however you like.

Looking for more Smooth Icons?
Please check out: Smooth Icons: Extras. This set adds 60 more Smooth Icons to the collection.