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Social Share&Locker Pro is far away the best Social sharing plugin for WordPress. Was built to cover all the necessities and to gets more Shares into your website.

With a Social Locker module integrated, brings over the Social Network a bigger exposure and viral visitors.

There’s no other sharing plugin that has the depth of options that you get from this one. Multiple Sharing Buttons, Different Display showcases, Followers buttons, Social Content Locker. If you do need help with something, the Support Team is ready to answer on all your questions

Social Networks for Sharing

Social Share&Locker is the only plugin on the market where the share buttons actually works very well. There are 60 share options: FaceBook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vkontakte, DiggDigg, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Reddit, Delicious, Weibo, Xing, Print Friendly, Email Sharing, Odnoklassniki, Whatsapp, Bufferapp,, Meneame, Evernote, GetPocket, Flattr, ManageWP, MySpace, Yahoo Mail, GMail, HackerNews, Blogger, Amazon, Newsvine, Viadeo, DOUBAN, Baidu,, Yammer, SMS, Viber, Telegram, Comments, Love This, AOL, Flipboard, Send Email

You can control how your Sharing Buttons will show up, using a specific Template, horizontal/vertical position, with or without Network name or Social Counts.

Social Locker integration


The best way to spread your content and increase the the amount of traffic to your Website from most used Social Networks: FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn .

Packed with special feature the Social Locker can become a dynamic tool for your social strategy. There you can set a Delay Time or to AutoUnlock some content after a while. The Visitors may needs to Share again your Page if you set the Locker to Reset after a certain time.

Do you want to Convert your Visitors into your Leads?

Just set in place the Smart Targeting Locker options

  • Registered Users – Based on Users status (logged or not logged) can Show/Hide the Social Locker
  • User Has Commented – If the current user is Logged, based on his Comments (if he done or not) the Locker can show up or can be hidden.
  • Users Roles – Show/Hide the Locker based on User WP Roles
  • Visits Only From Specific Ref – Such as Google, Yahoo, Big or even Custom Refs
  • Mobile Devices – The Social Locker can be hidden when your page is visited from a smartphone or tablet.

Social Share & Locker

Social Share & Locker Pro Wordpress Plugin is the ultimate social plugin built to help all the customers being more visible into the Social Networks. Is not just a simple social plugin, is that plugin that cover all the necessities and desires. With just few clicks you can set your social icons exactly into the right place or you can lock your content requesting a share on one of the social networks available.

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress Plugin is very very easy to use and counts provided are the real share counts. The social plugin check with the Social Networks included into the plugin to get exactly the number of shares for your page, nothing less, nothing more.

Social Network Included

We’ve focused on the most important Social Networks used into the wide world. 38 Social Networks are available:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Vkontakte
  • DiggDigg
  • Stumbleupon
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Delicious
  • Weibo
  • Xing
  • Print Friendly
  • Email Sharing
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Whatsapp
  • Bufferapp
  • Meneame
  • Evernote
  • GetPocket
  • Flattr
  • ManageWP
  • MySpace
  • Yahoo Mail
  • GMail
  • HackerNews
  • Blogger
  • Amazon
  • Newsvine
  • Viadeo
  • Baidu
  • Yammer
  • SMS
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Comments
  • Love This
  • AOL
  • Flipboard
  • Send Email

Social Share Themes

You have 10 predefined Themes included and that should cover the most common desires. All the Social Themes are Retina Ready and built with CSS3 and the best Fonts in the world.

Multiple Social Share Themes example can be found here:See All the Included Social Themes

Social Share Full Name

With the Social Share & Locker plugin you can display the entire name of the Social Networks or only the Social Icon. Depends of your design, available space or desires with just one click you can Enable/Disable the Social Share Full Name

Social Share Counters

You decide if the counters will be displayed or not. The social plugin updates the counters on demand when someone try to share the page and it updates the share counts on every refresh of the page to be sure if the page was shared or not. Even if the user shared the page and after that delete the sharing post, the plugin will not count anymore. All the share counters are realistic.

Social Locker

This dedicated section is the “the cherry on top” of the plugin. Besides the Sharing Showcase, with Social Share & Locker plugin you can also increase your Social visibility by blocking the important content. Users needs to share your page to get that new content. The Locked content can be a download button, a paragraph of the text, a video or a image gallery.

You can see an example here:

Social Locker Example

Email Sharing

For your visitors that don’t wanna share on a social network or can not do that, now, they are still able to share your page to friends using the Email Share feature. The Social Share & Locker includes a predefined Sharing popup where the visitors can send an emails with a custom content to their friends. All the predefined content from that popup can be easily changed from the Plugin Dashboard.

Social Share Compatibility

We’ve built this great plugin to be compatible with multiple platforms inside to WordPress. The most common were tested and Social Share & Locker is ready to be used.

  • WooCommerce
  • JigoShop
  • BuddyPress

Social Share Visual Composer Integration

The Visual Composer Plugin is the most powerful and used page builder for WordPress. We’ve built dedicated modulse for Social Share & Locker to be directly integrated into the Visual Composer

You add your custom Social Icons into your Page content using the page builder in few seconds. With few clicks, your Social Icons are integrated.

Social Locker has a special module that can makes any row to be come a locked content. So, any content set into the Visual Composer row (text, video, images, tabs, prices, buttons) now can be very very easy locked and you can request a share action to be displayed. All the Social Locker features can be found into the “Row” settings from Visual Composer also.

Multiple Social Share Display types

You can display the Social Networks box on multiple places and in multiple ways:

  • Website Display – The Social Icons can displayed and placed related to the entire website window. Can be set without restriction on the top or bottom, left or right based on certain pixels or percentage. The Social Box can float with the entire content window.
  • Content Display – Social Icons Box can be related to the content area. Can be set in many ways and aligned Vertical or Horizontal. Top Content Bottom Content Custom Position Top/Bottom or Left/Right absolute position
  • ShortCode Display – You can build your own ShortCode with few clicks and set wherever you want it inside the website. Full features and options are available also.

Other Features

  • Fast Social Buttons Loading
  • Responsive Social Themes
  • CSS3 Hover Effects
  • Custom Box Position
  • Display based on page’s type
  • 2 Social Buttons Align type (horizontal/vertical)
  • Social Share ShortCode generator
  • Social Locker ShortCode generator
  • Realistic Share Counts
  • Visual Composer integration
  • Passion and Soul
  • Great Support


Ho to install the Social Share & Locker Pro Plugin?
Ho to set Social Share as a Website Display?
Ho to set Social Share as a Content Display?
Ho to use Social Share via ShortCode?
Ho to use Social Locker?
Ho to get a FaceBook App ID?

New Items Release

Ultimate Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

In the Future…

Social Share & Locker plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice new templates.


If you want to use Social Share & Locker plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.0+, and install the plugin.

Updates Log

How to Update the Plugin?

Version 7.5
- ADD <strong>16 NEW</strong> Social Networks
- ADD <strong>SUBSCRIBE</strong> special button and workflow
- Fix Pinterest Share workflow
- Fix Twitter Image sharing process
- Update Google+ Followers integration
- Update for ssl workflow
- Update FaceBook Followers integration
- Fix Google+ Share Locker
- Fix Google+ Counts
- Improve JS workflow
- Improve counts workflow
Version 7.4
- Update the Product Verification process
- Improve compatibility with Ultimate Affiliate Pro v.4.x
Version 7.3
- Update Social Locker based on FaceBook changes
Version 7.2
- Improve the Init workflow
- Improve the Counts and Locker workflow
Version 7.1
- Improve the Custom Content Share workflow
- Improve the Social Locker workflow
- Additional workflow optimization 
Version 7.0
- Compability with Visual Composer v.5.x
- Improve Plugin Performance
Version 6.9
- Integrated with Ultimate Affiliate Pro for custom Link share
- Improve Offline Counts
Version 6.8
- Update FaceBook share counts on the latest FaceBook API changes
- Improve LoveThis button workflow
Version 6.7
- Ready for Ultimate Affiliate Pro system
Version 6.6
- Fix LinkedIn Locker
- Fix Older Locker workflow
- Improve Plugin Dashboard 
Version 6.5
- New Social Share buttons: FlipBoard, Telegram, AOL, LoveThis, Comments, Send Email
- New Social Locker buttons: VKontakte, Pinterest, Odnoklassniki
Version 6.4
- Plugin Dashboard Improvements
Version 6.3
- Add new Sharing Buttons: SMS,Viber
- Improve Twitter Total counts
Version 6.2
- Improve Share URL workflow
Version 6.1
- Fix Minimum Counts feature
- Fix Statistics Icons
- Improve Twitter Counts - Offline Counts
- Improve Mobile Templates Showcase
Version 6.0
- ADD 8 Share Buttons:Blogger, Amazon, Newsvine, Viadeo, DOUBAN, Baidu,, Yammer
- ADD 100+ Follows Networks
- Add Locker Complete Hidden Content
- Add Locker Show/Hide Registered Users Condition
- Add Locker Show/Hide Commented Users Condition
- Add Locker Show/Hide Based on User Roles Condition
- Add Locker Show/Hide Based on Specific Refferer Condition
- Fix Locker Reset Time
- Improve Locker worflow
- Improve Share on special URLs
- Improve Social Share Dashboard
- Improve FaceBook Share on different Destinations.
- Improve Visual Composer Compatibility
- ADD "Content Display" - Show/Hide into Post List    
Version 5.2
- Improve Locker worflow
- Add Locker "BLUR" OverlLock option
- Add Locker Delay activation time
- Improve Pinterest workflow
- Improve Counts Loading
- Improve Locker "Opacity" workflow
Version 5.1
- Improve Locker worflow for VC start with 4.5
- Improve Share Counts loading&updating
- Improve Offline Counts
- Improve DashBoard Style
Version 5.0
- ADD ShortLink
- ADD Custom CSS
- Improve Locker for VC
- ADD Locker Option for VC
- Improve FaceBook Share
- Fix Disable Box from Posts
Version 4.9
- Fix Offline Counts
- Fix Total Counts
- Improve Locker OverLay workflow
Version 4.8
- Improve Mobile Display Templates
- Ready for Social Share Mega Theme Pack AddOn
- Ready for Social Share Point AddOn
Version 4.7
- Fix Locker with Mobile Disable
- Improve Pinterest PopUp Images
- Improve Standard Themes Design
- Improve Statistics
- Add WatsApp Social Network
- Add BufferApp Social Network
- Add Social Network
- Add Meneame Social Network
- Add Evernote Social Network
- Add GetPocket Social Network
- Add Flattr Social Network
- Add ManageWP Social Network
- Add MySpace Social Network
- Add Hackernews Social Network
- Add Yahoo Mail Option
- Add GMail Option
- Ready for Share Point AddOn
- Fix Authenticated Facekbook Share
- Add Offline Counts feature
- Improve "Where to Display" option
Version 4.6
- Improve Default Settings
- Fix Locker with Visual Composer
- Improve Twitter/LinkedIn Counts verification
Version 4.5
- Improve Default Settings
- Fix Locker with Visual Composer
- Improve Simple Icons ShowUp
- Compress Files
Version 4.4
- Fix Pinterest Button
- Fix Follow Buttons with standard Templates
- Improve Special CSS Classes
Version 4.3
- Fix Where to Display section for CPT
Version 4.2
- ADD "After Share" options
- ADD Share Icons Order
- ADD Follow Icons Order
- Ready for "Page Views" AddOn
- Improve DashBoard Workflow
- Improve Total Shares
- Fix Special Custom Post Types Categories
- Fix Where to Display Section
- Fix FaceBook Share on Mobile
- Fix Shortcode PHP
- Add custom CSS classes for each Display type
Version 4.1
- ADD Locker Mobile features
- Improve Dashboard Teamplates workflow
- Improve VC Elements features
- Improve Share Bar AddOn integration
Version 4.0
- ADD Social Follow Display
- Ready for Share Bar AddOn
- Improve Dashboard workflow
Version 3.9
- Add Total Share Feature
- Add Column Icons display feature
- Add Aligment Icon feature
- Add Popup Display Title
- Add Slide In Display Title
- Improve Dashboard workflow
- Improve Custom Content Share feature
Version 3.8
- ADD Show Up Animation
- Add Custom Post Types compatibility
- Improve Dashboard workflow
Version 3.7
- Add SLIDE IN Display
- Add POPUP Display
- Add Custom Content to Share
- Add Custom Social Labels
- Improve Dashboard workflow
- Improve Counts Loading Speed
- Improve LinkedIn Counts
- Improve Twitter Counts
- WordPress SEO Compatibility
Version 3.6
- Add Statistics
- Improve Locker CSS
Version 3.5
- Improve Mobile Display
- Add Special Mobile Templates
- Improvements Code
Version 3.4
- Add Mobile Display Features
- Add Mobile restrictions
- Add Twitter Image option
- Improvement Code
- Improvement Dashboard
- Fix Twitter Share special content
Version 3.3
- Fix Permalink URL for Sharing
Version 3.2
- Fix Social Locker Auto-reset
Version 3.1
- Improve Share Counts WorkFlow
- Improve Share Counts Calls
Version 3.0
- Add Locker Features
- Add Locker Themes
- Add Locker Delay Feature
- Add Locker Disabled for Register Users
- Add Locker Overlay Types
- Improve Dashoard Design
Version 2.1
- Fix SSL stage
- Add Minimum Shares Condition
Version 2.0
- Fix Functions Conflict
- Fix Infinite Counts
- Fix Files Calls
- Fix Delicious name
Version 1.9
- Add Initial Counts
Version 1.8
- Fix Visual Composer Conflict
- Fix Share Special Characters on Tw
- Add Pinterest PopUp
- Improve CSS code
- Improve Customize Fonts
Version 1.7
- Add Google +1 Share Locker
- Add LinkedIn Share Locker
- Visual Composer Improvements
- Counting Improvements
Version 1.6
- Add New Social Share Networks
- Improve Twitter Mention Update
Version 1.5
- New Templates Ready
- Fix Css Classess for FA
Version 1.4
- Add Visual Composer Features
Version 1.3
- Add Send Email
- Add Permalink feature
- LinkedIn Window Fixed
- Add WooCommerce Compatibility
- Add BuddyPress Compatibility
- Add JigoShop Compatibility
Version 1.2
- Add Default Image
- Improve Content Share
Version 1.1
- Fix Social URL issue
- Optional Facebook App for Share
- Option FaceBook App for Locker
- Improvements Loading Counts


  • FontAwesome
  • jQuery UI Draggable
  • jQuery UI Effects
  • JStorage JS
  • Json2 JS
  • Animate CSS
  • jQuery UI DatePicker JS
  • jQuery Flot JS
  • ColorPicker JS
    • wychin020767417

      2017-07-24 16:25:17
      Purchased Reply

      Hi I've purchased the plugin but it somehow conflicts with Ultimate Affiliate Pro: Also I want the affiliates to share their banners but the social share buttons are not showing:

    • shiraziscool

      2017-08-12 15:48:21
      Purchased Reply

      I have a quick pre-sales question. How many networks do you support for your social lock feature? Example: FB like, FB share, G+1, G Share, Linked In, Twitter, maybe email and other networks maybe? It's a critical question for my purchasing decision. The more options the better. Thanks, Shiraz

    • preciouscoder

      2014-07-02 18:21:10
      Purchased Reply

      Good job :)

    • azzaroco

      2014-07-02 19:16:13
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks, thanks a lot! :)

    • christiandk

      2014-07-04 08:13:37
      Purchased Reply

      Can it be used outside Wordpress?

    • azzaroco

      2014-07-04 08:24:19
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Unfortunately, no. It can not be used outside the WordPress platform. Thanks, Indeed

    • lifeundone

      2015-01-20 05:51:31
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, I have purchased the plugin and installed it. I have the shares on the side of all pages and posts. BUT, I can not get the shares to show up below Posts. What am I missing?? f8photography . com

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-20 06:25:46
      Purchased Reply

      Hi lifeundone, Be sure that into the "Content Display" tab you have selected the "After Content" option to show the Social Share Icons into the content side below of it. Thanks, Indeed

    • lifeundone

      2015-01-20 06:44:41
      Purchased Reply

      I have. I even selected 'both' just in case.

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-20 19:21:02
      Purchased Reply

      Hi lifeundone, In this case, be sure that are selected the desired Social Networks (on the top of the setting page) and to not be disabled on particular pages. Still, if you face a problem, share via the support system some temporary credentials and we will take a look. Thanks, Indeed

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-29 19:11:14
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mahniggah, I guess your ticket is #143005 opened with email: [email protected] and you have 5 responses on all your questions for a while, even if they weren't found like bugs. Are you sure that you've checked your ticket status and is not just a bad intention?!

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-23 22:57:19
      Purchased Reply

      hi, i seem to be having some issues.. when i save my configuration expecially for the mobile version, after some minutes to resets and goes back to a different layout and shows icons i didnt choose.. dont know what is happening .. please reply soon thank you

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-24 00:53:02
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mahniggah, Be sure that you didn't activated the Special Mobile Templates. Those will show first. Still, get in contact with the support team and provide necessary details to take a look, it will be more understandable. Thanks, Indeed

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-24 01:09:47
      Purchased Reply

      How will iknow if I activated it or not? Where do i find it in the theme ?

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-24 01:35:43
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Into the "Mobile Display" tab, you can find the Special Mobile Templates.If one of them is selected, it will show up on Mobiles using that predefined template. Thanks, Indeed

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-24 02:33:09
      Purchased Reply

      Yes ur after saving it it changes back to the desktop view overwriting what I saved and it's happening all the time

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-24 02:56:05
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mahniggah, Sorry, but is not clear your thoughts. Please, open a ticket into the support system with some temporary credentials were the support team will take a look. Thanks, Indeed

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-24 12:31:20
      Purchased Reply

      i meant after saving it, it changes back to how it wants. now on mobile version, it is on the left whiles i am using template 1 for the mobile version. it literally does what it want

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-24 22:58:54
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mahniggah, That's sound great! Anyway, if you need any help, don't be shy to get in touch with the support team, is the easiest way to accomplish any technical request. Thanks, Indeed

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-25 00:12:58
      Purchased Reply

      How does it sound great? Lol literat the Putin is not functioning well

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-26 04:49:01
      Purchased Reply

      hello... now when i share a post, it takes a random title and featured picture! what happening... would want a reply asap :(

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-26 05:26:10
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mahniggah, What is your ticket ID? Thanks, Indeed

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-26 05:34:54
      Purchased Reply

      how do i generate a ticket? and i posted my issue sometime and still hasn't been fixed :(

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-26 05:44:08
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mahniggah, Check the support tab built for that. Without clearly details and a place where to identify the potential issue can not find something to fix. Thanks, Indeed

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-26 06:09:57
      Purchased Reply

      supprt has been made.... hope i get a reply soon

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-26 08:05:39
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mahniggah, A support team member has already answer on your ticket. Meanwhile, I've checked personally your website on my personal mobile and seems is showing right, just one type of Icons, the "Mobile Template 1" template. So, is no issue on this side. So, please that you don't have any cache browser and that you check the mobile showcase on a physical device and not just a simulator. Thanks, Indeed

    • mahniggah

      2015-01-26 10:13:07
      Purchased Reply

      No I don't think it is ! And obviously I'm using a mobile phone like everyone else so I will try it on my phone. If u open my home page on the phone, it the sharing bar star vertically on the right when I have specifically told it to be down. When u open a post sometimes it's vertical sometimes horizontal . And when u share a post , the featured picture doesn't show and it shows a different title too!

    • azzaroco

      2015-01-26 10:34:32
      Purchased Reply

      In this case, for sure the browser cache creates confusions for you. Be sure that you check on your mobile phone with your cache clean, to see the changes. I've tested again on 2 mobiles and Chrome Emulator and is showing the same, mobile template 1. If is better for you a screenshot can be attached. Thanks, Indeed

    • elainegrabarek

      2014-12-14 01:11:58
      Purchased Reply

      Hi I bought this plugin and just now I bought the expansion for Social Image Share.. WHere is the option for me to have the social icons appear when i HOVER? I dont see it anywhere!!!!

    • azzaroco

      2014-12-14 05:51:57
      Purchased Reply

      Hi elainegrabarek, Have you check the documentation? There are all the steps and "how to" necessary to play with all the features and options included into the AddOn. Thanks, Indeed

    • Israel

      2014-11-21 22:31:00
      Purchased Reply

      Can I insert the plugin in each product page in woocommerce to share the products of the website? Thank you.

    • Israel

      2014-11-22 01:56:00
      Purchased Reply

      If you can confirm that, I will buy your plugin immediately.

    • azzaroco

      2014-11-22 09:08:54
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Israel, Thanks for your interest. I don't have right now a woocommerce stage to shot a test but has no reason to not work. In any way, a shortcode with share icons can be set in any place, even via php files. Some other buyers played like that very well. Thanks, Indeed

    • sunnyboy83

      2014-11-28 09:16:31
      Purchased Reply

      Hi is that responsive for mobile phones or can i deactivate it for mobile phones? I would only need the socail sharing option. Grets

    • azzaroco

      2014-11-29 01:12:50
      Purchased Reply

      Hi sunnyboy83, The social Share showcase are basically based on buttons with icons, so, no special elements that should be made responsive. Right now, we don't have a restriction based on devices type but this feature is on our "to do" list. Thanks, Indeed

    • WillSann

      2015-02-19 09:32:23
      Purchased Reply

      Hey, almost everything is working great. Thanks for the plugin. The issue i am having is on the mobile version. If you try to share something via Facebook, it will just open a blank page. Every other one work fine. As well as Facebook o desktop work fine too. Just on mobile is not working!

    • azzaroco

      2015-02-19 09:38:52
      Purchased Reply

      Hi WillSann Be sure that you have the last version installed (4.2). The Facebook practices were changed but you should be safe with the last plugin versions. Thanks, Indeed

    • WillSann

      2015-02-19 10:08:06
      Purchased Reply

      Thank you. But actually, after applying the new update, faceook dont work at all. Not even on desktop.

    • azzaroco

      2015-02-19 10:22:15
      Purchased Reply

      Hi WillSann, Is mostly impossible, is the same version as it is on the demo website. Please, share more details via the support system and the team will take a look over your side to see exactly what is happening. Thanks, Indeed

    • mrmad

      2015-03-27 07:41:48
      Purchased Reply

      Small question: why is the total share number always showing 0 shares if the post has been shared on different social networks? Even on your demo pages it shows zero total shares.

    • azzaroco

      2015-03-27 07:56:02
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mrmad, We're working there for the new release AddOn :) : And we've overloaded the server with some tests. That may cause that, otherwise should work fine. Thanks, Indeed

    • mrmad

      2015-03-27 14:59:54
      Purchased Reply

      I your plugin on my server as well and it doesn't count the total neither so unfortunately I am unable to really use it...

    • azzaroco

      2015-03-27 18:48:26
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mrmad, Provide us a way to check and see what is happening on your side. As you can see on our main demo, even if are a lot of counts, are working, only if the AJAX process is not interrupted from another process. Thanks, Indeed

    • mrmad

      2015-03-28 00:50:18
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, I have currently enabled the plugin again. See: (homepage) random article: Two major issues: 1. Not all shares are being counted 2. Total share number is always zero. I have tested with cache plugin disabled and/or with excluding all .js theme files from minification without any change. Any help is greatly appreciated because I believe this could turn into my favorite sharing plugin without these issues.

    • azzaroco

      2015-03-28 04:22:24
      Purchased Reply

      Hi mrmad, Seems sometimes is showing sometimes not. Is something that it blocks the JS calls to finish. Please, share with us some temporary admin credentials via support system to try identify what is happening. Thanks, Indeed

    • dglspl

      2015-04-04 09:50:09
      Purchased Reply

      Feature request: Fake counts should be a random number within a certain number range. That would make that feature far more useful imo.

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-04 19:16:16
      Purchased Reply

      Hi dglspl, Thanks for your interest and support. A random counts it may be very easy to do it but it will not be a useful future 'cause it will become entrusted for visitors to see a number of share and a less one after refresh. That will disclose the Fake Counts trick. Thanks, Indeed

    • dglspl

      2015-04-04 23:23:59
      Purchased Reply

      Agreed. After giving it some thought, doing it that was wouldn't work however Mashare ( does it by using the number of characters in your post's title times 10 and then divided by whatever number you input into the share count field in the dashboard. That creates a number that doesn't change on refresh. Also another way to do it would be a create a "Initial Count" field on the past creation page (the page where the writer is actually writing the post) and allow a per post initial count number to be entered. That should only be allowed by Admins and Editors however. Clearly it should be an option that can be turned off. Just ideas on how to make this feature more useful. I'm going to look into getting a developer to add this to your plugin but if you think you can add these feature pretty soon, let me (and the rest of us) know. Thanks.

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-06 17:41:32
      Purchased Reply

      Hi dglspl, The second idea, is basically, the same like you add the Page link into "Initial Counts" box, adding for each or for all pages. Still, we don't wanna overload the Add/Edit Page dashboard not being recommended. There already are added boxes by multiple plugins and adding more will make that page to load slowly. I don't know if we will add another way to add Initial Counts, I will discuss with the entire team and we will decide when next updates will be developed. Thanks, Indeed

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-23 20:12:56
      Purchased Reply

      Hi easydumpsterrental, The Locker is set to work only with Fb,Tw,G and Linkedin because for now only those social networks provides a way to verify the Share action with a callback. Thanks, Indeed

    • wantadmag

      2015-04-12 11:15:17
      Purchased Reply

      I forgot to ask my other question so here it is: If i purchase the extended license does this allow me to install it on unlimited domains that i own??

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-20 20:32:37
      Purchased Reply

      Hi wantadmag, No, you will need one license for each domain. The regular or extended license depends of the purpose of the project, if is for you or you sell your work to another (one) person. Follow the next link for more details: Thanks, Indeed

    • PironSoft

      2015-04-14 23:34:10
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, is it possible to display this in the template files say single.php for a particular specefic placement ? Thanks

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-15 00:37:35
      Purchased Reply

      Hi PironSoft, Thanks for your interest. What exactly do you wanna display into a PHP version? Usually, all the shortcodes from this plugin working into PHP version, also. That includes the Social Icons shortcode, Follow Icons Shortcode and Locker Shortcode. Thanks, Indeed

    • PironSoft

      2015-04-15 01:21:30
      Purchased Reply

      Basically the sharing buttons, want to diplay them in specefic part in the template ... so shortcodes can be generated for these ? I can add shortcodes in the template using a php line ..

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-15 17:39:31
      Purchased Reply

      Hi PironSoft, Yes, all you need to do is to generate the ShortCode Display from Plugin Dashboard and using the PHP version include it into your template file. Thanks, Indeed

    • PironSoft

      2015-04-15 18:16:16
      Purchased Reply

      Yeah already did that yesterday :)

    • ryanlegal32

      2015-04-15 05:10:57
      Purchased Reply

      PROBLEM: My posts are loaded via AJAX. Therefore sharing counts and buttons don't work unless you go to the exact link by refreshing the page.... Please let me know if there is a setting or code workaround for this!

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-15 21:39:54
      Purchased Reply

      Hi ryanlegal32, Depends how is built your theme showcase. If all the necessary files are included into the header and footer, should show up properly. Please, get in touch with the support team via our support system and provide a way for testing purpose. Thanks, Indeed

    • pcblocktech

      2015-04-15 15:17:08
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Can the content locker be used for only unregistered users? Generally, I want registered members to be able to access contents without being restricted by the locker.

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-15 21:43:21
      Purchased Reply

      Hi pcblocktech, Thanks for your interest. Yes, the Locker actually can be disabled for "registered users". So will show up only for unregistered users if you wanna it. Thanks, Indeed

    • Micheal0424

      2015-07-01 15:52:25
      Purchased Reply

      I would prefer to have the icons link to the social media account by opening in a new window, is that a feature? Thank you, looks great!!

    • azzaroco

      2015-07-01 17:54:27
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Micheal0424, Thanks for your words. Are you asking about the Share Action or about the Follow buttons? The Share action is opened into a popup window, the Follow buttons opens by default into a new window/tab. Thanks, Indeed

    • Micheal0424

      2015-07-02 00:56:37
      Purchased Reply

      Maybe I am using the wrong words, sorry. I would like it so when they click on the icon it opens up a new tab that takes them to the social media page. So if they click on the facebook icon it takes them to my facebook page. Thank you.

    • azzaroco

      2015-07-02 17:42:50
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Micheal0424, That's accomplished by the Follow Showcase feature. Follow the next demo link and click on the icons from the right sidebar. Thanks, Indeed

    • Micheal0424

      2015-07-03 01:41:00
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks for sending the link, I don't have time to go through all of the icons on the right sidebar to figure out which one will do what I need it do. Your plugin is great for people that have a lot of free time to invest in learning what it can do. Unfortunately I don't a lot of free time to learn the ins and outs of the plugin. I am going to have to find another plugin that is quick and easy to use for now and maybe come back to this one later when I have a lot of free time. Thanks.

    • azzaroco

      2015-07-03 01:44:22
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Micheal0424, You don't need to go though all those icons. That was just an example of how the Follow feature works, providing the link to the Social Page via a new tab, has you requested. Thanks, Indeed

    • Micheal0424

      2015-07-03 02:17:19
      Purchased Reply

      In the back end of your plugin there are about 25 choices on the top that lead to different areas to make adjustments, each of those areas is a full page of options and things to adjust and change. Which one do I start with and from there what do I look for? Example: Pop Up Display >> Display Options The plugin is great, just looks like it takes some time to figure out the ins and out of it. Thanks.

    • Micheal0424

      2015-07-03 02:25:01
      Purchased Reply

      I rated this plugin 5 stars because it is a very good plugin with a lot of capabilities.

    • azzaroco

      2015-07-03 05:44:52
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Micheal0424, Thanks for your words! Ya, the Plugin has many features to accomplish all the desires or most of them. Still, we've focused a lot by keeping a friendly touch either the amount of features. Depends of your desire, you can start set one or multiple "Display" type. "Website Display" is the most common option used. Most of the features are already set based on common settings. Into "Website Display" for example, all you need to do is to select some Social Networks and decide where should display into "Where to display section". Btw, keep an eye on the Documentation and Info texts, may be useful for a fist use. Many Thanks, Indeed

    • Micheal0424

      2015-07-03 06:38:54
      Purchased Reply

      Okay, I have looked through the plugin and I don't think it has what I am wanting. Instead of the person being able to click on the icon and share I want the icon to take them to the social media account in a new tab. So when they click on the facebook icon it takes them to my facebook page, is that possible? Thanks.

    • azzaroco

      2015-07-03 07:18:06
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Micheal0424, Ya, being a Social Share plugin, is mostly focus on Share action but you can use the "Shortcode Follow" tab for you. There you can get a shortcode to display only Social Icons with counts and link to the Social Page. For additional Social Follow option, see the General Option tab. Thanks, Indeed

    • Micheal0424

      2015-07-03 08:37:38
      Purchased Reply

      I see it, that is cool. I was looking for the side bar icons to proved the link to the social media page. This plugin is geared towards sharing, which is does a great job of that. Thank your for your help.

    • nilanthaus

      2015-09-25 13:46:11
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, I have 4 WordPress blogs and I like to Social Share Locker for all of them. If I buy regular license for $15, can I use it for all of my blogs?

    • azzaroco

      2015-09-25 17:05:59
      Purchased Reply

      Hi nilanthaus,

      Thanks for your interest and question.

      Based on Envato Licence rules, one Licence is available for one product/website. So, you need one Licence for each WordPress blog.

      Indeed Team