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Super Store Finder for WordPress

Super Store Finder for WordPress is a fully-featured store locator WordPress plugin integrated with Google Maps API v3 that allows customers to locate your stores easily. Tailor-made with intuitive responsive design for smartphones, tablets and touch screen devices. It has powerful administrator that allows you to manage stores, tags/categories and customize styles, colors, labels, notifications, regions and map settings.

Setup is really easy and quick (Refer installation guide documentation here and our world-class support is always reliable and fantastic.

This plugin is compatible with Visual Composer and Cornerstone.

Main Features

A lot of new features have been added in this WordPress plugin:

  • Easy to install and use Store Locator WordPress Plugin
  • Responsive Design and tailor-made for mobile devices (watch it running on a mobile device here.)
  • Flat theme store locator
  • Multiple store locator layouts to choose from
  • Supports Full Width Google Maps display
  • Supports multi-language (compatible with WPML or translation plugin)
  • Manage unlimited store locations
  • Full screen Street View feature
  • Extensive Map settings to show all stores, specific location or geo location
  • Well-designed Store Filter with Collapsible Panel
  • Intuitive user-interface and notifications
  • Total stores counter
  • Manage Store Tags and Categories
  • Labelled map markers
  • Customizable Region
  • Customizable styles and colors via administrator
  • Customized labels and text captions
  • Import/Export address list using CSV file format
  • Upload beautiful images with zoom feature
  • Support custom markers
  • Drag and Drop markers or enter latitude or longitude manually during add/edit store
  • Built-in contact form for each store
  • SEO Friendly Store Locator
  • Can be used as Distributor / Dealer Locator
  • Extensible Features by using available add-ons (Learn more about add-ons here)

Features Highlight

Fully responsive and tailor made for mobile devices

Super Store Finder for WordPress has intuitive responsive design with the highest aesthetic and is tailor-made for mobile and touch-screen devices. Multiple store locator design layouts are available which can be changed from admin settings page.

Powerful WordPress Store Locator Admin

Manage your stores, tags, styling, map settings, labels, captions, regions, etc via powerful store locator admin.

Built-in Exact Geo Location

Super Store Finder is built-in with exact Geo Location which allows your customers to route and get to your store outlets the easiest way.

Extensive Map Settings

Decide to show all stores, specific location or use geo location when customers start browsing your store locator

Google Street View

Enjoy viewing street view in huge scale screen size. Zoom, pan and navigate through the panoramic view of your favorite outlets world-wide

Slick Collapse-able Panel

Slick Collapse-able panel to showcase available categories/tags and available regions which can be fully customized via admin.

Upload Beautiful Images

You can upload beautiful images that will be displayed on your ever engaging store locator.

Showcase a Video on your Store Locator

You can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to your store locator. Get customers to watch what you have to offer or let them watch a sneak peek trailer.

Set Custom Markers

Have your own custom markers? Now you can simply upload custom markers via administrator.

Search stores by Region

You can now search stores by region world-wide. As an administrator, you can customize point of interest which you can set for your customers to quickly know on your whereabouts.

Import and GeoCode Bulk Address List

You can import and geocode bulk address list from csv file without any hassle via the administrator.

Drag and Drop Map Markers

For precise latitude and longitude position, you can drag and drop the markers to pin point the most exact location of your stores.

Set your own labels for your store locator

For instance, if you would like to showcase clinics, you can customize the labels and captions to suit your store locator via admin settings.

Customizable Colors and Styles

Customize Colors and Styles for your store locator to suit your company and website branding / corporate branding. You can change the map color, panel colors, text colors and many more from the administrator’s panel.

Custom Map Styling Code

Need a map style that suits your website user interface? You can use custom Google Maps code, or easily get great available style codes from and copy/paste it via admin settings page.

Extended Features with Add-Ons

Extend your WordPress store locator features using available add-ons as below.

Fast and Reliable Support

We provide fast and reliable support to our customers, whether its an inquiry, troubleshooting, customization and special requests. If you need help with installation, just send us a message via our profile page here.

For knowledge base and forums you can visit the following links:

You can visit and also follow us on envato for new releases and products here

What are buyers saying about Super Store Finder

“First, I would like to say?Great Job! One of the better store locator systems I have come across.”

“I just bought this and started using it on my site within minutes. I am not a programmer and this was still very easy!”

“Just purchased the Super Store Finder and it’s fantastic, exactly what my client needed and just the right level of customisation, so thank you for your efforts! Great value script.”
-Anna Trundle

“Fantastic product & best support. thank you?”

“This is the best store finder script on codecanyon! Keep up with a great job!”

You can find more reviews from real buyers in testimonials page.

Real world usage


More real world examples available here.

Please note that all store finder designs are copyrighted by their authors.

If you wish (or don?t wish) your site to be listed here, please send us a message.

Follow our latest updates and videos on

Changelog / Updates

4.4 (Last updated: 10 Oct 2018)

  • Updated infobox.packed.js Google Maps Utility Library to fix marker zoom / centralize issue due to Google Maps API updates. (Patch Details)

4.3 (Last updated: 16 Jul 2018)

  • Added location attribute to shortcode (Patch Details)
  • Fixed compatibility with WooCommerce 3.33

4.2 (Last updated: 8 Oct 2017)

  • Added font selector at admin settings page

4.2.1 (Last updated: 30 Dec 2017) – Patch Details

  • Added auto to scrolling options at admin when clicking on results or markers
  • Added setting to hide radius filter at admin settings page

4.1 (Last updated: 1 Sep 2017) – Patch Details

  • Fixed compatibility issue with the latest version of WPML (3.7/3.8)

4.0 (Last updated: 30 Aug 2017) – Patch Details

  • Added new layouts for Super Store Finder
  • Added mobile gesture setting
  • Added compatibility with custom category marker add-on
  • Added option to show / hide geo locator icon

3.6 (Last updated: 26 Aug 2016)

  • Added multiple roles settings at admin
  • Added Google Region settings at admin
  • Added Google Language settings at admin
  • Added scroll enable/disable feature settings at admin
  • Added State and Zip Label settings at admin
  • Added Tel/Fax link settings at admin

3.6.1 (Last updated: 28 Oct 2016)

  • Centralized the alignment of pop up image
  • Added advanced zoom settings at admin
  • Added restore default settings button at admin settings page

3.6.2 (Last updated: 11 Dec 2016)

  • Added setting option at admin to move the search bar above the Map (More Info)
  • Fixed minor CSS compatibility issue

3.6.3 (Last updated: 9 Mar 2017)

  • Added setting for marker letter color
  • Fixed Notification bar hide/show settings

3.6.4 (Last updated: 1 May 2017)

  • Added more settings font/background colors for store locator content
  • Fixed category select button consistency with search button

3.5 (Last updated: 22 June 2016)

  • Added Compatibility with WPML
  • Added Google API key field at settings page
  • Added Scroll To at settings page
  • Fixed show all link if zoom settings is not auto

3.5.1 (Last updated: 16 Aug 2016)

  • Minor CSS fix and added compatibility to some WP Themes and Plugins

3.4 (Last updated: 17 June 2016)

  • Added compatibility with Reviews & Ratings Add-on
  • You can now add categories beginning with numbers

3.3 (Last updated: 30 May 2016)

  • Added compatibility with Distance Radius Add-on
  • Added compatibility of Opening Hours collapsible icon with minor WP themes.

3.2 (Last updated: 4 Dec 2015)

Notice: All add-ons files are required to be updated

  • Added result header settings at admin (More info available here)

3.2.1 (Last updated: 7 Feb 2016)

  • Added pagination feature that can be enabled via admin (more info)

3.2.2 (Last updated: 31 Mar 2016)

  • Fixed minor compatibility issue with the latest version of Visual Composer

3.2.3 (Last updated: 18 Apr 2016)

  • Fixed sort with alphabetical order for show all link
  • Fixed pop up compatibility issue with Avada Theme
  • Fixed default location loading if visitor does not allow location access

3.2.4 (Last updated: 1 May 2016)

  • Fixed filter box CSS conflict with minor WordPress themes

3.2.5 (Last updated: 9 May 2016)

  • Fixed images link if server is using HTTPS (SSL)

3.1 (Last updated: 4 Dec 2015)

Notice: All add-ons files are required to be updated

  • Added zoom level settings
  • Added mouse scroll on map settings
3.0 * MAJOR UPDATE *(Last Update 21 Nov 2015)

Notice: Upgrade instructions available here.
  • Added store locator page loader
  • Added contact form for each store
  • Added labels for contact form at settings page
  • Added manage region page at admin
  • Added Filter panel show/hide options
  • Added collapsible icon for Opening Hours
  • Added HTML editor for Opening Hours
  • Added HTML editor for Description
  • Moved Add Store link within Stores page
  • Moved Add Region link within Regions page
  • Added shortcode options to show default category upon load

2.6 (Last updated: 31 Oct 2015)

  • Added Add-on page at admin to allow extensibility of Super Store Finder features (Learn more about add-ons here)

2.6.1 (Last updated: 2 Nov 2015)

  • Distance radius can now be configured in settings page
  • Added settings to show or hide result list

2.5 (Last updated: 25 Oct 2015)

  • Fixed search button icon and customizable View More button at settings page

2.4 (Last updated: 17 Oct 2015)

  • Cleaned-up WordPress admin codes and misc debug error codes

2.3 (Last updated: 22 Aug 2015)

  • Cleaned up General and Misc CSS

2.2 (Last updated: 8 Aug 2015)

  • Added the search widget feature (Refer Quickstart page)

2.2.1 (Last updated: 11 Aug 2015)

  • Fixed inverted latitude/longitude after address field blur action
  • Fixed table prefix at import/export page

2.1 (Last updated: 31 July 2015)

  • Removed misc CSS codes that may affect major WordPress Themes

2.1.1 (Last updated: 4 Aug 2015)

  • Fixed geo ip function for drag and drop add / edit store at admin for certain servers
  • Fixed header output errors on certain servers

2.0 (Last updated: 30 July 2015)

  • Fixed bulk importing issue in patch 1.9
  • Added drag and drop marker that will auto detect latitude and longitude in add/edit store.

1.9 (Last updated: 23 July 2015) – Please follow upgrade instructions here

  • Added external url field
  • Added custom markers functionality for each store
  • Fixed opening hours field not showing at frontend

1.8 (Last updated: 4 July 2015)

  • Added the functionality to add space and capital letters for tags/categories

1.7 (Last updated: 22 June 2015)

  • You can now embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc to your store locator (upgrade instructions here)

1.7.1 (Last updated: 25 June 2015)

  • Updated Pretty Photo libraries to 3.1.6 due to security vulnerabilities

1.6 (Last updated: 16 June 2015)

  • You can now paste custom google maps style code (i.e via admin settings page

1.5 (Last updated: 10 June 2015)

  • Added show/hide region in settings page

1.4 (Last updated: 2 June 2015)

  • Fixed tagging issue at frontend not reflecting admin
  • Fixed website link issue with http
1.3 (Last updated: 27 May 2015)
  • You can now set custom markers at admin settings page
  • You’re able to upload images and display it at your store locator with zoom feature
  • You can show/hide labelled markers (A, B, C, etc)

1.2 (Last updated: 21 May 2015)

  • Fixed timeout issue during import
  • Fixed website link issue with http

1.1 (Last updated: 20 May 2015)

  • Added import/export feature using CSV file format
  • dirmcorp

    2017-12-03 04:49:13
    Purchased Reply

    I submitted a ticket through your ticketing system. I received and e-mail and responded to it with the appropriate credentials. Please let me know if there is anything else that needs to be done on my end. Thank you.

  • highwarden

    2017-12-03 17:11:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, That's great, kindly liaise via email and you should receive feedback soon.

  • alphasigns

    2017-08-04 01:53:13
    Purchased Reply

    3 Questions for you pre-sale: 1.) When will the ability to make the drawing the clickable item? This way I can set territories. 2.) For the drawings, are we able to import KML files for the drawing & placement? 3.) I need a way for each location to have a user that will manage that page. Can we use CPT for the listings? What do you recommend? So far, you have the best plugin, just need the last filled in. Thanks.

  • highwarden

    2017-08-04 01:57:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry and great feedback, let me answer your queries as below: 1 and 2) For now the store results are based on radius, more info available in this knowledge base article here 3) This is a good idea to have different users to manage different location, for now you can set user role to access the store locator manager, however they're shared locations. You can provide suggestions at our wishlist forums here and our devs team can analyze and include it in our future development roadmaps.

  • lombardo08

    2015-05-12 05:26:35
    Purchased Reply

    When we researched this product we found the import tool only to find out after we bought it that that wasn't part of this plugin. You need to separate the documentation more between two very similar products so customers aren't confused. We need a refund because we have over 1000 stores to import from a CSV file. When do you plan to add the import functionality?

  • highwarden

    2015-05-12 06:53:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, It's in the midst of integrating the code with Wordpress, it should be out very soon. Cheers, Joe Iz

  • highwarden

    2015-05-20 21:23:48
    Purchased Reply

    Import/Export feature has been added and downloadable right now, you can refer to the user guide here for more info

  • thiagoguazina

    2015-05-27 22:39:59
    Purchased Reply

    hello I want to get the theme for instead of entering shops, enter properties. It's possible? The map works for Brazil? I can "link" points to another page?

  • highwarden

    2015-05-27 23:16:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Yes, you can request for customization provided the full requirements via my profile page. You can add link to another page and also specifically use for Brazil. Cheers, Joe Iz

  • rabaisquebecinc

    2015-07-04 04:04:29
    Purchased Reply

    hi, is this WPML ready?

  • highwarden

    2015-07-04 12:43:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, we are still compiling the languages set and WPML is not available yet. As an alternative, you can use custom labels. Reference available here Cheers, Joe Iz

  • highwarden

    2016-06-22 19:19:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Super Store Finder is now compatible with WPML - in patch 3.5, you can refer to the patch notes available here

  • ericfantich

    2015-09-15 05:52:26
    Purchased Reply

    I just downloaded this and tried using the short code: [SUPER-STORE-FINDER] in a blank wordpress page, and am having no luck. The page just shows [SUPER-STORE-FINDER] in the text, nothing else. I am using this theme: Is it because the theme is using a Page Builder instead of the normal Wordpress page editor? The theme has an editor in it (that you can add with Page Builder) but still it is not showing up. Not sure how to fix. Can you please help?

  • highwarden

    2015-09-15 12:54:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, It may be conflicting with other plugins, have you tried to disable all plugins / theme and re-enable them one by one to detect which plugin is conflicting? Cheers, Joe Iz

  • ericfantich

    2015-09-16 01:53:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hi....Yes, I have done that. I even used plugin organizer and moved your plugin to the top to have the highest priority and still it wasn't working. Not sure what the problem could be? I copied and pasted this code: to the main index template index.php file, and the store locator was appearing on the homepage, but i didn't know how to get it to appear on my "Store Locator" page. I also copied that code into the page.php "Page Template" but it didn't work either. Not sure how I can fix this?

  • ericfantich

    2015-09-16 02:47:25
    Purchased Reply

    I have a feeling it is something with the plugin, because I'm using shortcodes (The Contact Form 7) in the theme and it works fine.

  • ericfantich

    2015-09-16 03:44:13
    Purchased Reply

    Ok I added some code to the functions.php file to show the Page Editor, I pasted the shortcode and it worked. However I'm now having an issue with the search box. It keeps show the word "sea" and then when I type a city/state out it won't show up. Also... I had asked this in a presale question... What if someone requests to find a store around them but there are no stores in their surrounding area? Is there a way to chose a radius on this like 50 miles, 100 miles, “closest to me” etc….? It sucks when you type a city and get this as your result: "No nearby were found. Why not try a different location?" I'd like to find a near store, even if it's really far awa.

  • highwarden

    2015-09-16 13:32:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, All right, great, I can see you store locator is displaying right now. As for the searchbox, i've checked the css used for input width is 60px and I'm not sure if this is hardcoded or is specified in the main theme. If that's the case you may need to override it to show bigger width. As for the radius, you can only edit it via code level which you can refer to this knowledge base article Cheers, Joe Iz

  • macseba

    2015-08-19 05:39:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i have a problem with the geo code. If i use the import&Geo function to import my addresses in the system, the Latitude and Longitude do not appear, the same result when i take the sample.csv. Can you please help?

  • highwarden

    2015-08-19 12:18:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, It might be due to some server settings or blocking, I've tested at several servers using the sample-data.csv and it's working fine. Here's a screenshot You may need to turn on WP_DEBUG to true and trace for any errors. Best to consult your hosting provider on the issue as well to ensure that cURL for bulk import is running and geo coding is not blocked. Cheers, Joe Iz

  • Styleweb

    2015-08-20 18:51:09
    Purchased Reply

    There is big common issue with css, why on plugin all css settings is set on global, like label, body, this break a whole theme. You need set a parent class, for example .superstore label. It is a nightmare to fix all your ness.

  • highwarden

    2015-08-20 19:25:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, We're in the process of cleaning up the css and should be released soon the in the upcoming patch.

  • highwarden

    2015-08-22 17:14:06
    Purchased Reply

    We have cleaned up the css issue as per patch notes available here

  • LottaDigital

    2016-10-16 16:52:09
    Purchased Reply

    Dear Sir, Thank you for your great support. I have one question, how I translate individual store addresses with help of WPML. Actually I have to translate "Store Names" and "Store Links" to French Version: Thank you

  • highwarden

    2016-10-16 21:02:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, for translation support, you can seek support from WPML as this feature is built by WPML devs. There's a way to scan strings and translate via the WPML admin.

  • LottaDigital

    2016-10-17 17:39:03
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you very much, Sir

  • highwarden

    2016-10-17 22:40:05
    Purchased Reply

    You are welcome.

  • LottaDigital

    2016-09-30 21:49:36
    Purchased Reply

    Dear Sir, I want to show phone, fax, emails and other details on "Location" boxes: Please have a look if this is possible. Thank you

  • highwarden

    2016-09-30 23:32:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, It looks like this will require customization, you can request it via the contact page here and we can get our devs team to customize for you upon request.

  • brandpuntmedia

    2016-12-06 02:16:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I want to replace the A-Z letters in the infobox with numbers 1 to ... . I've seen a different post where you state that this is easily customisable in the javascript file. Now since it is fairly easy and I am not an expert in javascript; could you please point me in the right direction or provide me with the appropriate code? Thanks in advance!

  • highwarden

    2016-12-06 15:13:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, you can refer to this knowledge base article for reference

  • brandpuntmedia

    2016-12-07 00:13:02
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, that sure pointed me in the right direction, although the solution in the knowledgebase does not work. If you delete that specific piece of code, the infoboxes just won't load. I've made it work by changing "case 0: return 'A'; break;" to "case0: return '1'; break;", etcetera. Fixed for now. I do have another question: is it possible to add the name of the category / tag to the infoboxes below the map? Let's say, just below the store name?

  • highwarden

    2016-12-07 00:28:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, That's great that you're able to fix the issue for now, I'll forward the page to our technical team so they can have another look, thanks for the highlight. As for displaying the category/tag below the map, this is doable, although best to leave it to the expert, which you can request via the contact form here as customization request.

  • brandpuntmedia

    2016-12-07 01:07:43
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, I've fixed it allready by using the Description-field and disabling the 'display:none;' tag. Thanks for your quick reply!

  • genietutors

    2016-12-13 08:30:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I have this plugin installed however the localized search is not working and I cannot scroll the map. Also the information box does not appear. Is it possible to have the listing boxes or map pins go to the "external link" when clicked. thanks in advance

  • highwarden

    2016-12-13 13:45:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, if you can provide the url of your store locator page via the contact form here our technical team might be able to have a closer look. As for the map pins linking to external link, this is only possible with the external url feature, more info available here If you would like the map pins when clicked to link to other pages, this may require customization which can requested via the same contact form mentioned above.

  • genietutors

    2016-12-15 07:18:58
    Purchased Reply

    Hi my developer sent you an email (with item purchase code), did you take a look at it. please respond to him when you get a chance, thank you.

  • highwarden

    2016-12-15 12:48:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, It will most probably be in queue, our technical team will reply to you accordingly.

  • genietutors

    2016-12-20 06:36:48
    Purchased Reply

    How long is your queue for my query to go unanswered for 7 days? I have this on a site and it is not working, are you able to help or should i request a refund and purchase something else? Please respond to the email from my developer or let me know if I should ask for a refund. Thank you

  • highwarden

    2016-12-20 17:48:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Let me double check with our technical team and get back to you on this.

  • highwarden

    2016-02-19 01:12:50
    Purchased Reply

    Feb 18, 2016: We are happy to receive great reviews from phenomenal customers!

  • Souvraya

    2016-07-01 18:04:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hey highwarden, Do you have any plans on the Development roadmap to add a 'list only' option. Where the google map isn't a part of the template and all details are added into the stockist list box?

  • highwarden

    2016-07-01 18:33:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, for feature wishlist, kindly post it in this forums section including detailed information possibly with screenshot so that our wishlist team can compile and include them time in the future development roadmap which will be published in the forums in the near future.

  • atarem

    2016-06-15 10:03:58
    Purchased Reply

    Pre-sale question: Would it be possible to auto search/re-search nearest stores based on movement of map by mouse or mobile touch (looking at center of map)? [either on the WP or stand-alone version]

  • highwarden

    2016-06-15 14:17:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, this feature is not available in the standard version of the store locator, however for customized version, you can request for customization via the contact form at profile page here

  • razztech

    2016-06-15 11:38:43
    Purchased Reply

    hi do u think i can make something close to this

  • highwarden

    2016-06-15 14:16:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, we've reviewed the link provided, it looks like a vector map. For vector maps, you can try to check out Super Interactive Maps here Otherwise, you can request for customization for custom work via the contact form at profile page here

  • beaver23

    2016-03-29 02:57:47
    Purchased Reply

    hi is this compatible with beaver builder?

  • highwarden

    2016-03-29 14:17:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, yes it is compatible with Beaver Builder, you can use the store locator shortcode as per knowledge base article

  • RenatoBellucci

    2016-08-30 23:55:00
    Purchased Reply

    Hello highwarden, For some reason, the map is not working properly on my site: Geolocation isn't working, the search bar won't allow me to search anything, and filter/map pins do not respons. Any idea?

  • highwarden

    2016-08-31 09:49:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your inquiry, upon inspection, if you press f12 key to open the browser console, you'll see there’s an error below:

    You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page. This may cause unexpected errors.
    Google has been strict lately on multiple API calls and will cause the map to not functioning correctly, you can refer to the resolution here

  • highwarden

    2016-09-07 17:35:22
    Purchased Reply

    Sep 7, 2016: Magnificent Reviews! Thank you, we appreciate it!

  • activecontent

    2017-01-17 10:11:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, It's a shame that you don't use the built-in category/tag (taxonomy) of Wordpres itself for assigning cats/tags to outlets. This would make it much more flexible

  • highwarden

    2017-01-17 14:03:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, Thank you for your comment, the built in WP category is for Wordpress Posts or Pages. If you have feedback and suggestion you can post it in our features wishlist section in the forums so our devs can have a look and might implement it in the future.