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Tiam is a multipurpose elegant WordPress theme that fits all your needs.
Built with HTML5 & CSS3 Tiam is compatible with retina displays, and make easy to
build a unique website without touching a line of code.

Tiam template is cross browser compatible with the major browsers like:
- Internet Explorer
- Firefox
- Edge
- Google Chrome
- Opera
- and all Major mobile browsers

With Tiam WordPress Theme you have unlimited header configurations, and you can
build your own with the WYSIWYG header configurator plugin included.
Are you looking for unlimited color configurations that fits your need for your
website? With Tiam you have the chance to configure the color of every component
of the website with the theme customizer.
Also you can load your custom fonts, or use some from Google Fonts directory.
Unlimited possibility in one theme.
With the included plugin you’ll be able to setup your unique website in few steps, and
if you search for an inspiration you can use the one click demo import.

Included in the theme you’ll find:
- Visual Composer
- Slider Revolution
- ACF Pro
- Mega Menu
- 2 different icon pack (fontawesome and themify)
- 12 different blog layout
- full header customization with included WYSIWYG header configurator
- one click demo import
- 20+ animations effect for posts loading
- 12 loading effects animations
- Social network integration

With Tiam you can build awesome multilanguage websites, it’s fully compatible with WPML, polylang and qTranslate.
Tiam is also compatible with RTL texts, for websites in languages like Arabic, Farsi and Ebraic.

If you’re looking for an excellent template SEO optimized Tiam is the WordPress theme for you.
All the elements are optimized to provide you the best SEO settings, and also the
theme is compatible with the main WordPress SEO plugin, like Yoast.
The blog template has 12 different configuration: 4 different styles, and 2 to 4
columns. You can also choose between 20+ animations effects for blog posts.
We have also integrated an author description that can be put on the sidebar, and if
you want customize the author description, you have up to 6 different layout to customize.
You have a large menu with a lot of elements? Mega menu is the answer.
With MegaMenu we will provide you the best menu experience in a WordPress
theme. All the styles in Mega Menu are perfectly integrated in Tiam WordPress
theme, and they will perfectly fit your preference in fonts, and colors.
If you’re searching for an e-commerce solution Tiam is the theme for you!
Tiam is fully integrated with woocommerce, and all the elements came with full
design integration in your websites. Shop page can be configured in 8 different
layouts (1 to 4 columns of products disposed in list or grid).
Also you have two different types of pagination for the shop page: the classic
pagination button and the load more button.
If you need a contact form in your WordPress website Tiam provides full integration with ContactForm7.
Tiam also provides a portfolio shortcode, to show your works. Portfolio can be
configured with 3+2 different layout and from 2 to 4 columns. You can also configure
a unique image over effect choosing between our 8 different options.

In recap with Tiam WordPress theme you will get:
- Cross Browser Compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and much more)
- Retina display and ultra resolution compatibility
- 3 differents website width style: standard, boxed and fullwidth
- SEO ready website
- Multi Language support with WPML, qTranslate, Polylang
- RTL text compatibility
- Unlimited Fonts (you can upload your fonts or use Google Fonts)
- 2 different icon pack (Fontawesome and Themify)
- Unlimited color combinations
- 12 loading effects animations
- Unlimited header layout with WYSIWYG editor exclusive for this theme
- 12 different blog layout configurations
- 20+ blog post loading effects
- Woocommerce integrations
- Portfolio shortcode (integrated in Visual Composer) with 3+2 different layout and 8 image over effects
- A lot of free plugin like: contactForm7, yoastSeo, polylang, woocommerce…
- A lot of premium plugin like: Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, ACF Pro, Mega menu
- One click demo import

You can get all this with a full support.

Tiam: “the twinkle in your eye when you first meet someone”

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    Hi V1nc89, for the logo we used Barlow font!

  • mohammadazzazi

    2018-05-03 17:15:57
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    I would like to know are this theme support rtl ? what is the memory_limit for themes ?? this theme support plugin massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder ? this theme suppor demo importer ??

  • emotionalthemes

    2018-05-03 18:12:15
    Purchased Reply

    In order: 1) Yes, Tiam support RTL with plugin: WPML, Polylang, qTranslate 2) memory_limit find here in our article in documentation, with all server requirements: 3) Yes, in our theme is included: WPBakery Page Builder, and if you have Addons you can install on it. 4) Yes, Tiam have Demo Importer included If you have other questions tell us

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