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The easiest way to build an online WordPress directory website is to install Web 2.0 Directory plugin. As well it is really easy to convert any existing site into a fully featured directory business website with the directory plugin. Wordpress directory plugin for any purposes, and examples would be classifieds, events directory, cars, bikes, boats and other vehicles dealers site, restaurants, pets, real estate portal, wedding site, yellow pages, local directories, map store locator.

There are multiple options to to set up revenue generating streams and control them on your personal WordPress dashboard. You can use the plugin for both free and paid listings. The plugin allows visitors to submit new listings or even packages of listings, claim and manage existing listings using the website frontend. Moreover, it also features location based directory. Maps & map markers functionality gives users fast and easy ability to find nearby places by powerful search system.

The plugin offers tons of features. Print listing, save in bookmarks, download in PDF, SEO friendly pages, images, YouTube and Vimeo videos attachments, custom fields, custom icons, customize colors and much more customization options.

Possible revenue

  • listings activation* – after successful payment the listing status becomes “active” and displays at the frontend
  • listings renewal* – this feature processes directory listing renewal
  • listings raise up – raise up listings to the top of all lists, those ordered by date
  • listings upgrade/downgrade – charge users if they wish to make their listings featured or sticky and auto-downgrade after expiration
  • listings claim* – after successful approval of claim new owner need to pay to renew the listing

* PayPal subscriptions available

WooCommerce directory plugin

With WooCommerce payments system you can:
  • manage orders and products in WooCommerce dashboard
  • set up additional payment gateways available as WooCommerce Extensions
  • compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
  • make scheduled sales
  • give users discount coupons
  • manage fees and taxes for listings products
  • build reports of sales
  • give refunds to users
  • realize lots of ideas for your business model with WooCommerce Extensions

How to use WooCommerce with directory plugin

Features of wordpress directory plugin

  • Restrict ads by listings levels
  • Sell packages of listings
  • PayPal payment gateway including PayPal subscriptions
  • Stripe payments service
  • Frontend dashboard for regular users
  • Invoices management
  • WooCommerce payments system compatible
  • Sticky and featured listings options
  • Raise up directory listings – this option may be payment
  • Renew expired listings – this option may be payment
  • Upgrade/downgrade listings levels – this option may be payment
  • 5-star ratings for listings
  • Customizable content fields of different types
  • Font Awesome icons for custom content fields
  • Category-based content fields
  • Order directory listings by rating, distance, content fields
  • Powerful search by content fields
  • Adapted for the Relevanssi search plugin
  • Icons for categories
  • Search by categories and locations
  • SEO friendly – fully compatible with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin
  • Locations search in radius – results displaying on map
  • Multiple locations for one listing
  • Google Maps and MapBox (OpenStreetMap) integrated
  • Search form on a map
  • Custom map markers
  • Draw search area on a map
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos attachments for listings
  • Images AJAX uploading
  • Contact listing owner form + integration with Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Bookmarks functionality
  • ‘Print listing’ option
  • ‘Get listing in PDF’ option
  • Adapted for reCaptcha
  • Fully customizable and easy in configuration
  • The plugin uses custom post types and taxonomies
  • Responsive design based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Fully compatible with Visual composer and SIteOrigin page builder
  • 14 directory shortcodes, including: listings, maps, categories, locations, search box, slider
  • 11 widgets: search widget, categories widget, locations widget, listings widget, buttons, map, slider, sidebars widgets
  • Custom Google Map styles
  • Supports RTL (Right To Left) – layout, functionality, UI widgets
  • CSV import/export/bulk update with ability to import images files

Our new plugin Web 2.0 Google Maps plugin for WordPress:

WordPress directory plugin conception

Levels of listings control the functionality amount of listings and their directory/classifieds conception. Each listing may belong to different levels, some may have eternal active period, have sticky status and enabled Google Maps or OpenStreet Maps (MapBox), other may have greater number of allowed attached images or videos. It is perfect base for business model of your directory site.

Each content field belongs to the type that defines its behaviour and display. You may hide field name, select custom field icon, set field as required, manage visibility on pages. Also listings may be ordered by some fields. Note that you may assign fields for specific categories. This is important feature allows to build category-specific content fields.
For instance: there may be special ‘price’ field especially in ‘Classifieds/For sale’ category and all its subcategories, so this field will appear only in listings, those were assigned with this category.


Version 2.2.4 - November 12, 2018
- new option: Number of listings columns for mobile devices
- bug fix: AJAX paginator issues

Version 2.2.3 - November 10, 2018
- new feature: MapBox Custom Map Style
- improvement: warning messages on license verification
- deprecated: Initial AJAX loading option

Version 2.2.2 - November 1, 2018
- new feature: demo data import
- bug fix: transparent categories and locations search dropdowns background

Version 2.2.1 - October 23, 2018
- new feature: ability to import CSV files with WPML translations
- new feature: ability date-time content field to set up a range of dates
- improvement: added INR and RUB currencies in the payments currencies list
- bug fix: hide decimals option of price content field

Version 2.2.0 - October 8, 2018
- new feature: MapBox (OpenStreetMap) support
- new feature: search input reset button
- improvement: added .w2dc-body CSS class
- bug fix: disable autosuggestion on search inputs
- bug fix: auto-updater new version notification

Version 2.1.8 - September 20, 2018
- improvement: "Enter a location" Google Places placeholder was removed
- bug fix: Google Maps fit bounds issue

Version 2.1.7 - September 16, 2018
- improvement: WhatsApp, Telegram and Viber sharing buttons were added
- bug fix: hidden on-row search button when address search disabled
- bug fix: map zoom level at the frontend issue
- bug fix: page header shortcode image size issue

Version 2.1.6 - September 11, 2018
- bug fix: WooCommerce Subscriptions discount coupon could not be applied
- bug fix: default maps zoom level did not work with automatic user Geolocation
- bug fix: undefined constant W2DC_DEMO warning

Version 2.1.5 - September 6, 2018
- new shortcode [webdirectory-page-header]
- improvement: map draw panel design updated
- bug fix: listing title on the single listing gallery main image
- bug fix: empty "Select marker icon" dialog with map markers PNG images
- bug fix: issue with map marker PNG image path at the categories management page
- bug fix: unnecessary creation of WooCommerce orders on listings renewal
- bug fix: strip tags in textarea content field output

Version 2.1.4 - July 20, 2018
- improvement: alt attribute was added for listings images
- bug fix: submission page issue when one only one level selected

Version 2.1.3 - June 29, 2018
- bug fix: missing google maps issue

Version 2.1.2 - June 28, 2018
- bug fix: price search range slider with step 1
- bug fix: missing google maps issue

Version 2.1.1 - June 26, 2018
- bug fix: initial installation issue

Version 2.1.0 - June 26, 2018
- improvement: auto-updater functionality
- improvement: 'Show only on directory pages' option for all directory widgets
- bug fix: listing logo hover effect in Safari
- bug fix: returned enctype=multipart/form-data on frontend submission forms
- bug fix: search by text and textarea content fields in keywords listings duplicates when random sorting

Version 2.0.16 - May 17, 2018
- improvement: categories/locations search dropboxes readonly input - touch screen devices will not call keyboard on click
- bug fix: SQL errors on selectboxes/checkboxes search field

Version 2.0.15 - May 16, 2018
- new feature: listings autosuggestions by search keywords
- new feature: search keywords examples

Version 2.0.14 - May 5, 2018
- bug fix: error on CSV update with images

Version 2.0.13 - May 2, 2018
- bug fix: listings packages application

Version 2.0.12 - April 28, 2018
- new feature: 3 grid views for categories and locations
- new feature: price search range slider graduated scale
- improvement: better compatibility with woocommerce subscriptions plugin
- bug fix: errors on woocommerce cart page

Version 2.0.11 - April 6, 2018
- new feature: select list, checkboxes and radio buttons search fields items counter. On the search form shows the number of listings per item (in brackets).
- new feature: search by text and textarea content fields in keywords search field instead of own search field
- improvement: search by locations taxonomy entered manually in address search field
- bug fix: search button inactive on a separate page with search form
- bug fix: Internet Explorer images uploader bug

Version 2.0.10 - March 24, 2018
- bug fix: listing title is missing on excerpt pages
- bug fix: checkboxes content field responsive issue

Version 2.0.9 - March 17, 2018
- improvement: search by keywords, categories and tags functionality
- improvement: some themes and plugins can load our shortcodes at the admin part, breaking some important functionality, workaround was added
- improvement: CSS styles and layout markup

Version 2.0.8 - March 15, 2018
- new setting: choose how to display listing title - on logo or outside listing logo
- improvement: display items of checkboxes content fields in 3 columns
- improvement: display all items of checkboxes content fields with checked/unchecked marks
- improvement: currency symbol position setting and ability to hide decimals in price content fields
- improvement: WooCommerce subscriptions copy subscription meta from initial order
- bug fix: RTL jQuery UI slider
- bug fix: permanent page refresh in Safari
- bug fix: sticky scroll search form comboboxes drop-down menus

Version 2.0.7 - February 27, 2018
- improvement: suspend expired listings function calls only by scheduled events
- bug fix: categories table RTL layout
- bug fix: map marker info window on touchscreens did not open 

Version 2.0.6 - February 24, 2018
- bug fix: Visual Composer broken output in some components settings 

Version 2.0.5 - February 21, 2018
- bug fix: address search autocomplete menu combobox
- bug fix: keywords search issue
- bug fix: post categories blank page

Version 2.0.4 - February 20, 2018
- bug fix: map moved randomly on 'On map' button click

Version 2.0.3 - February 19, 2018
- bug fix: server Google API key setting was returned

Version 2.0.2 - February 16, 2018
- CSS styles fixes

Version 2.0.1 - February 15, 2018
- improvement: settings framework styles files path was refactored
- bug fix: inactive comments and contact form tabs on listings

Version 2.0.0 - February 15, 2018
- full redesign & SASS files included
- new feature: sell packages of listings (WooCommerce is not required now)
- new feature: auto-change level after expiration
- new feature: 7 new widgets: buttons, categories table, locations table, listings, map, slider, listings levels
- new feature: categories and locations dropdowns menus on a search form
- new feature: search and listings panel on maps
- new feature: search by keywords in categories
- new feature: new frontend images uploader
- new feature: add featured images for categories and locations items
- new feature: compatible with Page Builder by SiteOrigin
- improvement: compatible with Contact Form 7 plugin version 5.0
- new setting: hide choose level page
- new setting: primary color
- new setting: secondary color
- deprecated: categories and locations table colors customization settings
- bug fix: map zoom and drag & drop problem
- bug fix: listing activation before payment
- bug fix: expiration date unavailable to be modified

Version 1.14.15 - October 15, 2017
- bug fix: problem with 3 characters of unexpected output during activation
- bug fix: problem with & special characters in categories CSV import
- bug fix: set up default directory ID for all old listings

Version 1.14.14 - October 4, 2017
- improvement: latest version of Stripe library
- bug fix: select icon option for locations terms
- bug fix: undefined offset: 1 in w2dc.php on line 616 error

Version 1.14.13 - September 29, 2017
- bug fix: call to a member function getDefaultDirectory() on a non-object error

Version 1.14.12 - September 26, 2017
- bug fix: undefined method w2dc_item_listing::getItemEditURL() in invoice.php

Version 1.14.11 - September 25, 2017
- new feature: directory=DIRECTORY_ID parameter for [webdirectory-listing-page] shortcode to build custom single listing pages for each directory
- new feature: directory=DIRECTORY_ID parameter for [webdirectory-submit] shortcode to build custom submission pages for each directory
- new setting: 2 modes for images listings logos on excerpt pages - cut image to fit width and height listing logo or full image listing logo
- new setting: customize opacity of search form background, in %
- new setting: switch on/off overlay on search form
- improvement: [link] placeholder in pre-expiration email notification to show a link to renew listing
- improvement: remove all wpautop filters from page formatting
- deprecated: submission steps circles

Version 1.14.10 - August 18, 2017
- new setting: notification about new invoice (built-in payments system)
- improvement: auto-login when user creates an account during listing submission
- improvement: adapted for new version of Google Maps API 3.29
- deprecated: social icons widget

Version 1.14.9 - August 8, 2017
- new feature: compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
- improvement: active period property of listings levels was changed, now only one type of period can be selected (days, weeks, months, years). It was changed for compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
- improvement: added post status filter at the backend dashboard in Directory Listings table
- improvement: improvements in microdata markup
- new setting: show/hide listings views counter at the frontend
- bug fix: issue in the display of [webdirectory-breadcrumbs] and [webdirectory-term-description] shortcodes

Version 1.14.8 - July 17, 2017
- improvement: upgrade expired listing and activate it in the same time, users pay only for upgrade
- bug fix: double active period of listings when pay through WooCommerce payments system
- bug fix: problems with -custom.tpl.php templates
- bug fix: order listings by distance by default during search by radius

Version 1.14.7 - July 11, 2017
- improvement: now administrators and editors users roles can change any listings levels, even if upgrade was disabled in the settings
- new setting: prevent users to see media items of another users
- new setting: hide empty categories in search dropdown and categories menus
- new setting: hide empty locations in search dropdown and locations menus
- bug fix: automatically renew listings when user has available listings from WooCommerce package

Version 1.14.6 - June 1, 2017
- new feature: notification about new version of the plugin
- improvement: directory parameter for [webdirectory-levels-table] shortcode
- improvement: hide unnecessary sorting buttons in [webdirectory-listings] shortcode
- bug fix: errors on WooCommerce My Account page
- bug fix: errors on vc_before_init hook with Visual Composer

Version 1.14.5 - May 19, 2017
- new setting: overwrite WordPress page title by directory page title
- improvement: better support of multi-directory
- improvement: now http:// is not required to fill in for website content fields
- improvement: users can change their ratings given to listings anytime
- bug fix: listings packages WooCommerce product creation bug
- bug fix: taxes calculation in built-in payments system

Version 1.14.4 - May 9, 2017
- bug fix: pre expiration notification emails were sending every hour
- bug fix: empty email notifications settings fields after installation

Version 1.14.3 - May 6, 2017
- improvement: better support of multi-directory
- improvement: sidebar widgets follow selected listings directory or use auto definition
- improvement: ability to define specific locations for listings levels
- improvement: hide unnecessary sorting buttons at the frontend
- bug fix: WooCommerce listings products now virtual and downloadable, so shipping fields will not show on checkout and orders will be auto-completed
- bug fix: wrong number of listings in random sorting

Version 1.14.2 - April 20, 2017
- bug fix: directories table installation bug
- bug fix: level mismatch on submission page

Version 1.14.1 - April 17, 2017
- improvement: using WooCommerce on admin dashboard create new order directly without cart and checkout
- improvement: listings CSV export functionality uses fputcsv() function

Version 1.14.0 - April 14, 2017
- new feature: multi-directory support
- new feature: listings bulk update via CSV
- new feature: listings CSV export with listings images download option
- new feature: notification to admin about listing modification
- improvement: adapted for WooCommerce 3.0
- improvement: PHP7 compatibility
- improvement: listing info was added in WooCommerce order details at the backend
- new setting: Include directory JS and CSS files on all pages
- bug fix: unnecessary tags in HTML part of emails were removed

Version 1.13.5 - March 6, 2017
- improvement: do not duplicate listings in pagination requests when random sorting
- improvement: current location was added in directions route
- bug fix: fatal error: call to undefined function is_user_logged_in()
- bug fix: follow default sorting by search request when [webdirectory-search] and [webdirectory-listings] shortcodes were connected

Version 1.13.4 - February 15, 2017
- improvement in content fields, listings levels, locations levels for WPML String Translations
- improvement: adapted for noindex functionality of Yoast SEO plugin
- improvement: load listings by ajax call on search request on the index page when "Show listings on index page" is off
- improvement: new option for text string content fields - for mobile devices adds special phone tag when this field is used as phone number
- bug fix: available listings for users were not set after purcahse of WooCommerce packages
- bug fix: contact form "from" and "reply to" fields contain email of listing owner instead of sender
- bug fix: some email address formats are not supported for email fields
- bug fix: address field description was missed at the frontend dashboard

Version 1.13.3 - January 9, 2017
- improvement: ability to limit geocoding results by the default country
- improvement: an attempt to geocode by Google Places API when standard geocoding has failed
- improvement: [webdirectory-search] shortcode - ability to set exact categories and location for select lists
- bug fix: "File upload" field does not work from the backend
- bug fix: show_where_search in [webdirectory-search] parameter does not work

Version 1.13.2 - December 20, 2016
- new feature: added new content field type "File upload" 
- improvement: WooCommerce listings and packages products become taxable
- bug fix: renamed deprecated Visual Composer function add_shortcode_param()

Version 1.13.1 - November 30, 2016
- improvement: payment for WooCommerce single listings products now will be processed in checkout
- new feature: attach Vimeo videos to listing as well as YouTube videos
- new feature: "Set as Active" button at admin dashboard to activate listings manually
- bug fix: "Any services are Free for administrators" setting was remained in WooCommerce mode
- bug fix: problem with expiration date in CSV import

Version 1.13.0 - November 7, 2016
- new feature: the plugin is compatible with WooCommerce
- new shortcodes: [webdirectory-breadcrumbs] and [webdirectory-term-description] to place on custom home pages
- bug fix: issue with listings price when thousands separator was set to dot
  • estepona1974

    2017-10-04 22:58:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I just bought your pluggin and I would like to know how to translate to spanish the fields titles (categories) and in the view list mode the words "categories list" and "summary". In addition, I would like to know how to change the font's sizes in css, where is this folder? Thank you so much in advance.

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-05 23:13:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, content fields title are on Directory Admin -> Content fields page settings. “categories list” and “summary” you can translate in w2dc.po file. Instructions you can find by this link

  • gabrielbaciu

    2017-10-05 20:53:08
    Purchased Reply

    After latest update (1.14.14) i have problems with media library: when i want to insert images in posts, media library select windows remain in search mode and can't find any image.

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-05 23:22:42
    Purchased Reply

    Does this problem still exist when you deactivate the plugin?

  • gabrielbaciu

    2017-10-06 04:32:23
    Purchased Reply

    No. For moment i restored a previous version (1.14.12) and i waiting for a new update.

  • gabrielbaciu

    2017-10-07 05:00:15
    Purchased Reply

    Any news about error?

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-08 15:40:06
    Purchased Reply

    Unfortunately I can not reproduce this issue on v1.14.14

  • gabrielbaciu

    2017-10-08 18:34:01
    Purchased Reply

    I forget to say: error is happend after update from 1.14.12 to 1.14.14. Maybe this is a info to help. I don't have 1.14.13 to test if after version by version update error persist or not.

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-08 21:17:39
    Purchased Reply

    Try to download the plugin again and replace w2dc.php file from the package.

  • vadnet

    2017-10-13 02:34:41
    Purchased Reply

    The plugin is just awesome. Thank you for your work. And you accidentally do not say that you are crazy what made such a great plug-in

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-14 19:22:30
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • adpsoftware

    2017-10-14 09:44:26
    Purchased Reply

    with this plugin, user can at the same time submit a list but also register their account to wordpress? thanks

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-14 19:30:26
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, user can.

  • altitudes89

    2017-10-17 01:32:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hello On my site, after submitting a new listing, users are redirected to the directory home page without any confirmation message. If the user hits the "Back" button of his browser, then on the submission form the following message is displayed "Listing was saved successfully! Now it's awaiting moderators approval." On my site, submitting a listing is free and Dashboard is disabled ("Allow users to manage own profile at the frontend dashboard" set to no).

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-18 00:06:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, unfortunately I can not reproduce this issue, confirmation message always appear on the next page.

  • altitudes89

    2017-10-20 21:09:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hello I reproduced my issue taking some precautions (such as disabling all cache systems). So that I can investigate a bit more, can you tell me: 1- To which page a user is supposed to be redirected after listing submission (when submission is free and Dashboard disabled)? 2- How is the message "Listing was saved successfully! Now it's awaiting moderators approval" handled by your plugin? My problem is that this message does not display on the page just after submission, but on the page after (wherever the user navigates to). Thanks

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-21 18:57:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, 1. to directory home page 2. all messages are stored in user session, after redirect it is released from session array.

  • oduska

    2017-10-17 11:16:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, listings /usa/california/business-name How can I set it up so if a visitor deletes "/business-name" it will display the listings for California instead of showing 404? I don't want to use different permalinks. (/listings/ & /listing/) That structure is just bad. I will not be using any categories or tags, etc. It will always stay this format: /listings/country/state/business-name Can you provide modified code to help with that please? Thank you.

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-18 00:13:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, when user deletes a page its old URL always will show 404 error, because this page does exist anymore. 'listings' slug of the directory is required in the URL as well.

  • oduska

    2017-10-18 02:42:28
    Purchased Reply

    No, I meant when a visitor deletes "/business-name" from the URL in their browser it shows a 404 instead of listings for /california/.

  • oduska

    2017-10-18 05:39:16
    Purchased Reply

    In this example: If I remove "/avenue-florist/", how can I get this to display listings for "/chino" instead of a 404?

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-18 20:52:00
    Purchased Reply

    All listings of certain location can be displayed by another type of link, like

  • nbeffort

    2017-10-19 05:31:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! I'm trying to test by buying a single listing plan on my website, and when I hit "Activate listing", I get this PHP error : Warning: Missing argument 2 for wc_maybe_store_user_agent() in /home/hy3041/ on line 1622 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/hy3041/ in /home/hy3041/ on line 1210 I use Woocommerce. I followed the instructions in the Documentation (read it twice). I linked the correct listing level in the settings of my product. Thanks for your help!

  • nbeffort

    2017-10-19 05:34:40
    Purchased Reply

    I use Woocommerce 3.2.1 with Web 2.0 Directory version 1.14.10

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-19 21:07:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, update the plugin, please.

  • nbeffort

    2017-10-20 00:47:47
    Purchased Reply

    Updated to version 10.14.15 and now it works fine. Tkx

  • yenaledltd

    2017-10-25 01:29:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have priced my listings as £5 and £20. However, the price table, submit listing page, and checkout reads £500 and £2000 respectively? The decimal point is missing?!

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-25 19:10:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, please, check General payments settings on Payments settings tab on Directory Admin page.

  • damaceno

    2017-10-26 02:19:51
    Purchased Reply

    how do I get rid of the search bar when I click on the ad?

  • damaceno

    2017-10-26 03:58:57
    Purchased Reply

    I'm talking about this one. how do I get rid of the search bar when I click on the ad?

  • Feedback_adv

    2017-10-27 19:54:45
    Purchased Reply

    I'm having problems with the geocoding when importing csv. I have 500 listings in one file but when trying to import it the operation fails, so I made 10 csv of 50 listings each, when I import the first one it works just fine, but from the second one it imports only the information about the listing without automatically geocoding it (although the "Geocode imported listings by address parts" checkbox is flagged). What could be the problem?

  • Shamalli

    2017-10-28 00:38:13
    Purchased Reply

    The problem could be only with Google API keys and its APIs in Google Console. Aren't there another sites or plugins those use the same API project, because it uses 2500 requests per day quota for all enabled services.

  • Feedback_adv

    2017-10-28 03:00:44
    Purchased Reply

    Yeah, it was an API problem indeed, thank you!

  • Ben_13

    2017-10-31 19:46:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hye, Thx for ur plugin, Web 2.0 Directory plugin Version 1.14.15 - Default InstantWP Installation running InstantWP 4.5 with WordPress 4.8.2 / Apache/2.2.15 (Win32) / PHP/5.3.2 / MySQL 5.6.25 My problem is to add new levels, new field, new fields groups, nex directory, Any using of thoses don't work at all. I have no errors messages, plugin showed correctly. Just new locations & new categories work fine. By the way, What the purpose of categories, levels & listing, very hard to understand for non-english people.. THX

  • Ben_13

    2017-10-31 23:59:21
    Purchased Reply

    I made already a reset, problems still exists.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-01 01:06:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, did you reset directory settings at Looks like it does not allow to create additional tables in the database. Please, look at php errors log file, probably there are related error messages.

  • Ben_13

    2017-11-01 01:54:01
    Purchased Reply

    yep I made already a reset, problems still exists. php error log "WordPress database error Table 'wordpress.wp_w2dc_levels_relationships' doesn't exist for query" Can u drive me to solve all error creation listings please.thx.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-01 02:10:10
    Purchased Reply

    You have to look at your database through phpmyadmin and find out why it does not allow to create w2dc tables. Also you can contact your hoster with this question.

  • Ben_13

    2017-11-01 02:24:48
    Purchased Reply

    hey like u don't how to solve it for a customer, sad. like u don't read post, i said before : "Default InstantWP Installation running InstantWP 4.5 with WordPress 4.8.2", that's mean i'm localhost, no hoster in this way.., sad again And finaly, u don't respond to the another question : "What the purpose of categories, levels & listing, very hard to understand..." too bad, really.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-01 02:31:11
    Purchased Reply

    “What the purpose of categories, levels & listing, very hard to understand…” - you will easily know when the plugin will be correctly installed. “Default InstantWP Installation running InstantWP 4.5 with WordPress 4.8.2” - sorry, didn't know it meant localhost. As soon as you are on localhost - you can check your mysql database user privileges. Does it allow to create tables?

  • Ben_13

    2017-11-01 02:40:53
    Purchased Reply

    ok. I think yes root 127.0.0 ALL PRIVILEGES root ::1 ALL PRIVILEGES root localhost ALL PRIVILEGES

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-01 22:41:34
    Purchased Reply

    By the way, is it the only error message in log file? I meant errors just after reset procedure.

  • Ben_13

    2017-11-03 01:03:26
    Purchased Reply

    ok, i send u this message after a reset, hope u find a way. Erreur de la base de données WordPress Table 'wordpress.wp_w2dc_levels_relationships' doesn't exist pour la requête SELECT wp_pm1.post_id FROM wp_postmeta AS wp_pm1 LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta AS wp_pm2 ON wp_pm1.post_id=wp_pm2.post_id LEFT JOIN wp_posts AS wp_posts ON wp_pm1.post_id=wp_posts.ID LEFT JOIN wp_w2dc_levels_relationships AS wp_lr ON wp_lr.post_id=wp_pm1.post_id LEFT JOIN wp_w2dc_levels AS wp_l ON WHERE wp_pm1.meta_key = '_expiration_date' AND wp_pm1.meta_value < 1509717711 AND wp_pm2.meta_key = '_listing_status' AND (wp_pm2.meta_value = 'active' OR wp_pm2.meta_value = 'stopped') AND (wp_l.eternal_active_period = '0') faite par require_once('C:\Users\benoit\Documents\Wordpress\instant 4.5\InstantWP_4.5\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-admin\admin.php'), do_action('admin_init'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, w2dc_plugin->loadPagesDirectories, w2dc_plugin->suspend_expired_listings Log file: C:\Users\benoit\Documents\Wordpress\instant 4.5\InstantWP_4.5\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress/php-errors.log (570.17 KiB) Clear Log

  • Ben_13

    2017-11-03 01:06:15
    Purchased Reply

    or this [02-Nov-2017 14:04:59] WordPress database error Table 'wordpress.wp_w2dc_content_fields_groups' doesn't exist for query SELECT * FROM wp_w2dc_content_fields_groups made by require_once('C:\Users\benoit\Documents\Wordpress\instant 4.5\InstantWP_4.5\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-load.php'), require_once('C:\Users\benoit\Documents\Wordpress\instant 4.5\InstantWP_4.5\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-config.php'), require_once('C:\Users\benoit\Documents\Wordpress\instant 4.5\InstantWP_4.5\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-settings.php'), include_once('C:\Users\benoit\Documents\Wordpress\instant 4.5\InstantWP_4.5\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\web-20-directory\w2dc.php'), w2dc_plugin->init, w2dc_plugin->loadClasses, w2dc_content_fields->__construct, w2dc_content_fields->getContentFieldsFromDB

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-03 23:13:28
    Purchased Reply

    no, we are looking for error message which explains why it does not allow to create database tables. And are you able to execute this sql in phpmyadmin

    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS 'wp_w2dc_content_fields_groups' (
    					`id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    					`name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    					`on_tab` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
    					`hide_anonymous` tinyint(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
    					PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

  • Ben_13

    2017-11-04 00:02:38
    Purchased Reply

    sorry.. but i implanted wordpress and plugin online, and it's workin.. at this time.. So the problem of no creation tables it seems about a local dev'.. strange thx for ur support..

  • GreatTaste

    2017-11-02 10:19:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, On a created textarea "content field", I use shortcodes which displays correctly when viewing a single listing. However, the shortcodes don't resolve when the content field is being displayed via the Visual Composer element "Directory Listings". This was working correctly up to Web 2.0 Directory version 1.14.13

  • GreatTaste

    2017-11-08 11:41:53
    Purchased Reply

    HI Shamali, do I need to clarify anything? Were you able to look into this?

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-08 19:30:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, sorry for the delay, we will look into this as soon as we will have some time.

  • GreatTaste

    2017-11-29 09:53:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Shamali, have you had a chance to look into this?

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-29 19:54:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, unfortunately, no. We are developing new version and really have a few free time.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-10 19:52:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, this is imdaSH with the purchase account. Can you help me, why I have two different map zooms?

    And can you tell me, why I have 2 different zooms on the map? here the map is zoomed in to Germany. And here it’s zoomed out to world map I dont know why. :/

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-10 21:50:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, actually these are not different "zooms". Each map zooms to fit all map markers on it. On the 2nd map there are not any map markers, so it shows worldwide map.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-10 23:06:15
    Purchased Reply

    I see. Now I have another problem. I saw at the create listing page, that I can choose the directory on the top right. After that and editing the listing levels my page doesnt show my directory anymore. :( I've put the [webdirectory id="3"] from the list into the page but it shows the directory with the 4 categories, not the other one with 1.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-10 23:37:21
    Purchased Reply

    Hm, if I have the first directory in the create listing page it's generating a perma link. If I choose the second directory, nothing happens.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-11 20:56:07
    Purchased Reply

    You have to place all [webdirectory id=”X”] shortcodes from the list each on separate pages. So this will be different directories.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-13 19:37:56
    Purchased Reply

    In the directory listing I have one directory with [webdirectory] and another one with [webdirectory id="3"] as shortcode. I've tried to add them with id="1" and id="3" but I still can see only ID 1 on both pages.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-13 19:56:14
    Purchased Reply

    I'm not sure what to do with the generated page from webdirectory. One page has a perma link from the older version. But the new directory doesnt have one and no matter what I set up at the listing item (the directory drop down on the top right) it has no effect to the pages. Should I recreate the old directory page which was generated by the plugin?

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-13 21:57:55
    Purchased Reply

    You have to place all [webdirectory id=”X”] shortcodes from the list each on separate pages. Each shortcode and page must be single and unique. There can not be old or new pages, they all are actual and active.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-13 21:59:09
    Purchased Reply

    Please, correct these pages with shortcodes and then may I look at your backend if still have any problems?

  • imda_03

    2017-11-13 22:38:35
    Purchased Reply

    I've recreated both pages but I wasn't able to show different maps. The strange thing, as I set up the new version of Webdirectory 2.0 the first time, the shortcode for the second map with single category worked. Only the zoom wasn't correct, it was showing the world map. And I hadn't to change the other map, this one had the shortcode [webbdirectory] as default. After some settings the plugin isnt showing this unique map with one category anymore. If you like you can take a look, just tell me where to send you login information.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-13 22:49:45
    Purchased Reply

    You can send private message through contact form in my profile.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-14 00:08:00
    Purchased Reply

    I do not see any directory shortcodes on your pages

  • imda_03

    2017-11-14 19:29:35
    Purchased Reply

    You can find them in the Divi Builder if you look into the section module "code".

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-14 22:41:44
    Purchased Reply

    There is [google_maps id="1002"] shortcode, but this is not directory plugin shortcode. Or I am looking in wrong place, sorry, backend in German, I do not know this language. Anyway, can not find where to edit page description with shortcodes.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-14 23:31:38
    Purchased Reply

    No problem. I've switched the backend language to english. Is this better for you? If you edit the pages which I gave you, You will find a divi page builder on them. If you have a simple editor you can activate it. And there is a grey section with the name code inside where I've inserted the shortcodes.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-14 23:34:29
    Purchased Reply

    If you look on your screenshot some posts before, it's the violet button on the top.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-14 23:41:33
    Purchased Reply

    Do you mean this section? Still can not find code there. Also probably the reason of the problem in this divi builder. Try to test shortcodes without this builder in native wordpress editor field.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-14 23:50:26
    Purchased Reply

    I gave you this page: and this page: and if you look inside you should find this sections

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-14 23:55:14
    Purchased Reply

    That screenshot was exactly for BIM-AKTIVITÄTEN page ID 1083

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-14 23:57:37
    Purchased Reply

    Anyway, test it without any builders. It seems it does not take shortcode parameters into account.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-15 00:01:01
    Purchased Reply

    Strange, why you have another content? Can you click on one revision on the bottom of this post? There should be a version I made today in the morning.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-15 00:06:02
    Purchased Reply

    Well it was working fine with it. But on the same day it didnt work anymore. I have the same map with categories at the search bar on both pages. And if I try to separate them with ids it will show the same content, too.

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-15 00:07:45
    Purchased Reply

    I think the problem in quotes and this divi editor, look at screenshot

  • imda_03

    2017-11-15 00:11:14
    Purchased Reply

    I guess I know what you mean. Let me try to fix that, if I edit the HTML.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-15 00:17:18
    Purchased Reply

    Your're a lifesafer, I guess 4 eyes are better than two :D I've used the text section instead of the code. And now I see what I want: I had no idea that there was anything wrong with the quotes inside the HTML.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-15 00:20:50
    Purchased Reply

    Ok, just one thing: If I use the search and choose the category, it says 0 listings found. Is that usual? EDIT: Nevermind, as I added a second listing item it works. EDIT2: It works after refreshing the page... Thank you for your patience and your kind support.

  • imda_03

    2017-11-15 19:45:47
    Purchased Reply

    I just want to say, that I've found a solution for "0 listings found". I was testing what happens if I disable "Use AJAX loading". After that I was able to search listings by choosing the category. Thank you again for taking your time.

  • mattr1seoman

    2017-11-12 02:17:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, If I don't want to get any payment related option then is it necessary to install woocommerce? Also, can't browse details page option though can see listing page.

  • marouane91

    2017-11-20 03:55:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Will there be discount on the black friday for your plugin ? Thank you

  • Shamalli

    2017-11-20 22:32:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, no, of course. Instead we are planning to increase the price.

  • marouane91

    2017-11-20 22:38:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i don't understand why you will increase the price on the day that it's supposed to represent the biggest promotion reduction price of the year ? Care to explain please ? And for how long will that new price last ? Kindly

  • slitweb

    2017-12-04 13:22:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Shamalli! Would you care to offer full compatibility with Divi Page Bilder Plugin (Frontend and Backend Divi Page Builder? I would like to provide you with the Divi PAge Builder Plugin, so you could look into it and try and provide Web Directory modules :) Would be awesome. From the comments, I can tell that there are plenty of other users, who would benefit from this. Thanks! Please provide me with an email address I could send the Plugin to. Best Saskia

  • Shamalli

    2017-12-04 19:47:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, unfortunately, no, we do not such plans. Instead we are going to adapt the plugin for the Page Builder By SiteOrigin. It is more popular and uses wordpress widgets as builder elements. if Divi builder uses wordpress widgets as modules too - probably it will be compatible as well.

  • joweb-net

    2017-12-07 05:14:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I want to know how to sell a list a contact pack using your plugin and once the pack is downloaded by a user becomes expired. Thank you

  • Shamalli

    2017-12-07 18:50:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, unfortunately no, it is not possible to implement with our directory plugin.

  • pradathemes

    2017-12-08 03:09:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Mate, is there any option for woocomerce package expiry? e.g option to set 1 month expiry for a package after 1 month purchased package and listing should be expired and user should be able to renew package

  • Shamalli

    2017-12-08 21:09:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, no, package of listings is not that item can have active period of usage. Only listings can have activity time range and can be expired. Your support has expired. We would recommend you to renew it for getting further assistance from our team.

  • boyver

    2017-12-08 06:03:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hello again, My google map "CTRL+Zoom" option dissappeared somehow. When a user scroll down or up map is zooming in and out. The same issue occurs on mobile platform. I tried to fix this problem on directory settings and also on page via wpbakery, but, there is no solution. Could you please help.

  • Shamalli

    2017-12-08 21:13:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, the plugin never has such option “CTRL+Zoom”, it uses scrolling zoom while "Enable zoom by mouse wheel" setting enabled.

  • fguyaux

    2017-12-09 01:38:22
    Purchased Reply

    I should have read those comments about the bad support and the bugs: The plugin completely broke 2 of my websites. One has Genesis template install, the other No 8. Both those templates have great rating. I understand that sometimes a plugin has incompatibility. I do not understand the refusal of a refund when that happens. One hour after I purchased, I asked for a refund because of the incompatibility. They refused and wash their hands saying : "We are very sorry, that you have troubles with your site. Unfortunately, this is not real reason for refund, since the problem is not in the plugin itself."