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WP Ultimo

WP Ultimo is the ultimate tool to create a premium network of websites – like – on your WordPress Multisite install. You can create unlimited plans, coupons codes and easily manage your network subscriptions.


  • Unlimited Plans: You can easily create unlimited plans with different limitations, such as post limits per post types, disk space, and even themes and plugins available.
  • 5 minutes Install: WP Ultimo ships with an amazing 5 minutes wizard to help you set up your network!
  • Stripe and PayPal Gateways: WP Ultimo comes with Stripe and PayPal support out-of-the-box. More gateways will come as add-ons in the future.
  • Easily manage Subscriptions: Manage subscriptions in a beautiful and concise control panel.
  • Refunds: You can easily issue refunds directly from the admin panel;
  • Coupon Codes: You can create unlimited coupon codes.
  • Site Templates: You can let your potential costumer select site templates during the sign-up flow, or select a specific template per plan.
  • Beautiful Sign-up Flow: WP Ultimo features one of the most beautiful sign-up flows available on the market (check our demo and screenshots).

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions at all.


Version 1.8.2 - 01/10/2018
* Fixed: (Again) Users can now select their own sites to be used as templates when creating new sites; This option was not available for some reason;
* Fixed: Responsiveness of the template previewer on the iPhone X, once and for all;
* Fixed: Bug with domain mapping redirecting to the original domain in some edge-cases;
* Fixed: Invalid trial days settings breaking the signup process;
* Fixed: Search and Replace API now supports Beaver Builder and other plugins that rely on deep serialization;
* Fixed: Forcing Site Icon to display on the registration page of WP Ultimo;
* Improved: Cleaned system info from WP Ultimo API data;
* Improved: Domain Mapping rewritting of URLs for assets now support Autoptimize (plugin);
* Improved: Gutenberg Support for domain mapping;
Version 1.8.1 - 11/09/2018
* Fixed: Users can now select their own sites to be used as templates when creating new sites; This option was not available for some reason;
Version 1.8.0 - 10/09/2018
* Fixed: Responsiveness of the template previewer on the iPhone X;
* Fixed: Beta updates not being displayed for add-ons;
* Fixed: Template_id on the URL now works if skip_plan is also present;
* Fixed: Added a better error message to put on the place of "Something wrong happened in the duplication process";
* Improved: Shortcode [wu_templates_list] now can take a list of template ids to display;
* Improved: New about page with useful info and links;
* Improved: Add-on plugin updater;
* Improved: Replaced the update URLs;
* Refactor: Moved cleaning settings functions out from the core class;
* Refactor: Moved stats calculation functions out from the core class;
* Added: Users can now select their own sites to be used as templates when creating new sites;
* Added: Export & Import added for WP Ultimo Settings, Plans, Coupons and Broadcasts;
* Added: Our CPanel integration now also syncs subdomains, to allow support for autoSSL;
* Added: domain mapping and subdomain sync support added. Also supports autoSSL;
* Added: Custom CSS control on the customizer for the WP Ultimo sign-up and login page;
* Added: Integration with Zapier no longer needs manual setup! You can simply search for the WP Ultimo app on their app list! The tutorial at was updated to reflect this change;
Version 1.7.3 - 13/08/2018
* Fixed: When wp-login-php obfuscation is active, the user was getting the 404 error page on logout;
* Fixed: wp-login.php Obfuscation was not fully supporting password reset;
* Fixed: PayPal gateway starting output without ob_start() on the PayPal button code;
* Fixed: Scoped chosen.js styles to prevent conflicts with other plugins, like Give;
* Fixed: Graphs of the statistics page are now working again;
* Fixed: Link "View on Stripe Dashboard" was always redirecting to the sandbox version of the Stripe Dashboard;
* Fixed: Stripe not formating the values of coupons correctly when using absolute values;
* Fixed: Second level serialized array not being picked up on Search and Replace;
* Fixed: Some scripts and images not using the mapped domain when a mapping is activated;
* Fixed: Responsiveness of the template previewer on mobile screens;
* Fixed: Login after signup is now fixed on WP Engine (finally!);
* Improved: Updated the "Translate WP Ultimo" link;
* Improved: Removed the "remove site" link when the user has only one active site;
* Improved: Make sure we display the "Add new site" link to users without sites, even if the "Enable Multiple Sites" option is disabled;
* Improved: Allow admins to filter the min length of passwords on signup (wu_password_min_length);
* Improved: Super Admins can now choose if they want to have visits limitation and counting or not;
* Improved: Alert messages asking for confirmation when super admin clicks the Delete button on the Plans list or inside a plan edit page;
* Improved: Alert message asking for confirmation added to the cancel payment integration link on the Account page;
* Improved: The webhooks menu is now a first level menu;
* Improved: License Key fields are now password fields;
* Improved: Super-admins can add the license code to the wp-config.php file to activate the plugin, using define('WP_ULTIMO_LICENSE_KEY', 'KEY_HERE');
* Added: Super admins can now block the frontend of sites above the quota number on Network Settings - this is useful when a client downgrades to a plan with lower site quota;
* Added: Option to add coupon codes to subscriptions on the management screen;
* Added: New email template - Super Admins now get an email when a subscription becomes inactive, allowing them to take action, if necessary;
* Added: New email template - Super Admins now get an email when a payment atempt fails, allowing them to take action, if necessary;
* Added: Signup URLs can now contain a template_id parameter to auto-set the template and skip the template selection step;
* Added: domain syncing support with no extra configuration steps necessary. It also includes AutoSSL!
Version 1.7.2 - 20/06/2018
* Fixed: WU_Signup()->get_transient() now switches to main blog before retrieving the data, to guarantee we are searching in the right database table;
* Fixed: The "move posts to trash or draft on downgrade" feature now handles unlimited post quotas correctly;
* Fixed: The URL previewer on sign-up, uses the right domain if the admin offers a first option different from the main network domain;
* Improved: Added a simple check for the PHP version, to make sure the user is running 5.6 or later instead of simply throwing a fatal error;
Version 1.7.1 - 17/06/2018
* Fixed: Critical issue causing the login rename feature to replace the main site with the login form;
Version 1.7.0 - 16/06/2018
* Fixed: Some wrong time formats being used on the codebase causing Stripe, PayPal and Ultimo Subscriptions to get 12h out of sync sometimes;
* Fixed: Only register subscription status widgets when the user has a valid plan;
* Fixed: Limits and Quotas widget not being displayed to super admins when visiting a sub-site;
* Fixed: Export CSV with missing columns and containing coupon code info;
* Fixed: Email alerting admin email change being sent on template duplication;
* Fixed: Small incompatibility with the DIVI builder on the post edit page;
* Improved: Plan filter options on the subscription list page;
* Improved: We no longer display a success message when submitting the map domain form with no domain address;
* Improved: Added an "Account page" link on the Payment Integration screen;
* Improved: Added an option to customize the Payment Integration screen title;
* Improved: Added an option to customize the Payment Integration screen description;
* Improved: Added options to customize the gateway integration button labels;
* Improved: Changed the signup-main template file, adding a new wrapper div to allow the body tag to take the whole screen, adding support to background images via CSS;
* Improved: WP Ultimo sign-up flow now supports styles coming from Material WP;
* Improved: Revised the account delete flow;
* Improved: Added a filter to the site count calculator for subscriptions;
* Improved: Visit counter now uses a ajax script to count visits to avoid problems with caching plugins - caching plugins supported: W3TC, WP Super Cache, WPEngine Cache and WPFastestCache;
* Improved: Admins can reset visit count on the sub-sites' limits and quotas widget;
* Improved: New email templates added for site removal and account removal (admin and user);
* Improved: Added an option to set a different logo for the login and sign-up pages;
* Improved: The CPanel integration now supports WU_CPANEL_ROOT_DIR, allowing admins to change the root directory of the add-on domains (defaults to /public_html). The CPanel tutorial was updated to reflect that change;
* Improved: Added a handful of new filters to important parts of the wu-subscription model, allowing for greater extendability;
* Improved: We now only display the disk space limit on the Account Statistics widget (client dashboard) when the disk space check is turned on in the Network Admin -> Settings -> Network Settings page;
* Improved: Replaced the phpInvoicer version with the latest one to avoid old PHP deprecated notices;
* Improved: Re-arranged some of the settings on WP Ultimo -> Network Settings to keep things more organized and easy to find;
* Improved: Sites lists now have easy link to reset visits count;
* Added: Beta Program, allowing network admins to receive notification of alpha, beta and release-candidate updates;
* Added: Super Admins can now allow users to choose from multiple domains for their site during the sign-up process;
* Added: Network admins can hide sub-site admin widgets with a filter (read more:;
* Added: Network admins can now change the login URL from wp-login.php to something else; It also supports obfuscation of the old wp-login.php URL, preventing brute-force attacks;
* Added: Super admins can now set a grace period before finally locking down the users' frontend;
* Added: Super Admins can now set the "copy media" option on a per plan basis, under the advanced options portion of the Plan edit page;
* Added: Super Admins now can set the extra users plan quota to unlimited as well;
* Added: support! Domains get automagically added to the RunCloud web-app domains panel after mapping;
* Added: Two new alert emails for monthly visits limits (limit approaching and limit reached) added;
* Added: Network admins can decide how to handle posts types above quota (do nothing, move to trash or mark as drafts);
* Added: Search and Replace UI on WP Ultimo Settings -> Network Options;
* Added: Support to setup fees on plans; 
* Added: Support to single charges (Stripe and Manual); 
* Added: The current card being used for payment is displayed on the Accounts page and Subscription management screen, if using Stripe;
* Added: Admins can now cancel the payment integration directly from the Subscription Management screen;
* Added: Clients can now updated their card info on the Accounts page, if using Stripe;
Version 1.6.2 - 03/05/2018
* Fixed: Small spelling mistakes on the dashboard;
* Fixed: Broadcasts widgets take the whole screen now on larger screens;
* Fixed: Link on the bottom of the HTML email template having a /1, which causes the link to be broken;
* Fixed: Making sure we don't show the "Use this Template" outside a sign-up context;
* Fixed: Small activation error on the site-hooks file;
* Fixed: Small bug on the Jumper builder, causing broken links;
* Fixed: Error copying AffiliateWP tables over from template sites halting the sign-up process;
* Fixed: Super Admin being removed from the main site when creating a new site;
* Improved: All strings of the PDF invoices are now translatable;
* Improved: Added an option to filter the wp_die title;
* Improved: We now check post limits when trying to restore posts to avoid users trashing and restoring posts to bypass plan limitations;
* Improved: Invite and Account Activation emails are now sent using our email template;
* Added: Experimental Search and Replace filter added;
* Added: CPanel support! Domains get automagically added to the CPanel Add-on Domains panel after mapping;
Version 1.6.1 - 23/04/2018  
* Fixed: "Webhook Settings" link on the Webhooks page redirecting to the wrong WP Ultimo settings tab;
* Fixed: Saving webhooks giving javascript error on Safari;
* Fixed: Cloudways giving 502 when a new domain was mapped;
* Improved: Visits line on the "Limits and Quotas" widget now displayed the next reset date;
* Improved: Added an extra setting for Cloudways, allowing admins to send extra domains alongside the mapped ones;
* Improved: The Cloudways integration now let admins sync extra domains. The tutorial on was changed to reflect this extra option;
Version 1.6.0 - 07/03/2018
- Fixed: "Select Template" showing up in the site template previewer when in shortcode context;
- Fixed: Template Previewer is handling SSL for subdomains in the right way now;
- Fixed: Template Previewer taking into account the plan selected previously, to display only the templates available for that selected plan;
- Fixed: "www." appearing on the site-url previewer;
- Fixed: Incompatibility with WP All Import WooCommerce Add-on;
- Fixed: Small portion of the bottom of the site preview being cut off on the Previewer screen;
- Fixed: Users with Subscriptions created with no sites can now create sites from the panel without getting a "no permissions" error;
- Fixed: Missing variable on domain mapping causing redirect errors in edge cases;
- Fixed: Auto-login after registration not working in some environments;
- Fixed: Invoice generator not being able to handle filenames with special characters and throwing errors;
- Improved: Re-phrased the Sunrise.php check step on the Setup Wizard to make clear that users must add the define('SUNRISE', true); line above the /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */;
- Improved: Added extra check on subscriptions to make sure free subscriptions are not getting expiring & expired notification emails;
- Improved: Reorganized the broadcasts screen to add a preview block and to clean up the send form;
- Improved: Added a login link on the "Site is not available" screen for admins to log in when "Block Front-end Access" is enabled;
- Improved: Replaced the old "No Preview" image with something less intrusive;
- Improved: Re-adjust the aspect ratio (320x179) of the template preview blocks to match the new resolution returned by the screenshot scraper;
- Improved: Adopted a more aggressive minification strategy for WP Ultimo scripts, boosting performance and reducing file sizes up to 50%;
- Improved: Making sure dbDelta does not dirty the logs with database errors on activation;
- Improved: Added a filter to allow developers to add custom meta to sites after site creation on the signup;
- Added: Option to prevent search engines from indexing template sites;
- Added: New feature allowing users to switch templates after sign-up;
- Added: New feature allowing admins to add a visit limit for plans;
- Added: New feature allowing admins to overwrite the trial settings on the plan edit page;
- Added: Different listing option on the Network Admin -> Sites page to list only Template sites;
- Added: Webhooks! Support for 8 events (Account Created, Account Deleted, Payment Received, Successful Payment, Failed Payment, Refund Issued, Plan Changes, New Domain Mapping), more will be added as we go;
- Added: WP Engine support! Domains get automagically added to the WP Engine panel after mapping;
- Added: Cloudways support! Domains get automagically added to the Cloudways panel after mapping;
- Added: Jumper UI that allows admin to easily switch between admin pages;
Version 1.5.5 - 07/03/2018
- Fixed: Change plan was not triggering role change and meta update of plan_id on the user;
- Fixed: We now force avatar display on our pages even when that option is disabled on the main site settings;
- Fixed: Customizer not loading preview in when a mapped domain is active;
- Fixed: Domain Mapping box on User Account page now gets the right URL for CNAME for Multisite installs running inside a directory (like, for example);
- Fixed: Subscription being marked as "trialing" wrongfully because weak type checking of the trial days attribute;
- Fixed: When a site template was no longer available, a "false" option would be displayed in the template selection screens during sign-up;
- Fixed: Fixed on the double animation effect on the princing table frequency selector;
- Important: We now use the locale of the user to render the Stripe box - Support languages: zh, da, nl, en, fi, fr, de, it, ja, no, es, sv;
- Improved: Changing the trial now updates the active until, to make sure we correctly categorize subscriptions as "on-hold";
- Improved: The quotas widget is now always hidden to the subscriber role;
- Added: Coupons now support limitations by plan and billing frequencies;
- Added: Top-bar added on the template preview page;
- Added: Notification Emails added for expiring and expired subscriptions;
- Added: Notification Emails added for expiring and expired trial periods;
- Added: Option to Activate and Deactivate plugins for plans directly from the Plugin Screen in the network admin;
Version 1.5.4 - 11/02/2018
- Fixed: Active until "remaining" string on the subscription was returning trial values instead of the right value;
- Fixed: "Block Frontend Access" option was not working;
- Fixed: Added the 'key' keyword to the sensitive info filter to prevent info like the MailChimp key from leaking into the frontend settings array;
- Fixed: Added extra checks to the invoice generation process;
- Fixed: Edge-case where broadcasts messages where being displayed to non-targeted users;
- Fixed: Subscriptions created by the panel now use the default role set in the Settings, which is also filterable;
- Improved: Email Blocks on the Settings -> Emails now is displayed with a lower opacity if that email is disabled;
- Improved: Post Type limits now handle singular and plural limits. "1 Post" and "10 Posts", for example;
- Improved: "/mo", "yoursite" string present on pricing table added as a translatable string;
- Improved: Subscriptions list table now displays Gravatars to make things a bit more personal and colorful =);
- Improved: Replaced jQueryUI DateTimePicker with FlatPickr;
- Added: Support for modifying subscription dates by the hour and minute, to allow further control;
- Added: Server time clock on the top bar to help admins when managing subscriptions;
- Added: Activity Stream widget on the Network Dashboard;
- Added: Notification email to let the network admin know when a user mapped a new domain to his site (thanks, Simon, for the suggestion);
- Added: Added plan and billing frequency fields on the Subscription -> Add New page;
- Added: New engine to install setting defaults without evoking loops;
- Added: Post Type Block: Super admins can block specific post types based on the user's subscription plan;
- Added: Role per plan: Super admins can now select a role to be used when the user signs up with a particular plan;
- Added: Template Options per plan: Super admins can now filter which templates will be available in the template selection step based on the plan selected;
Version 1.5.3 - 02/02/2018
- Fixed: Reverted admin options code to 1.5.0, since some users are still reporting CPU and Memory spikes;
- Fixed: Removed source-maps from final build to avoid 404 appearing on the console;
Version 1.5.2 - 31/01/2018
- Fixed: CPU and Memory spike due to the new default setting getter function going into an infinity loop in certain cases;
- Fixed: Subscription save now clears the sites object cache to fix incompatibility with Redis - thanks Jorge, for the report;
Version 1.5.1 - 24/01/2018
- Fixed: Shortcode wu_plan_link now treats the results to avoid issues;
- Fixed: Space quota updating when the plan is changed from the subscription management screen as well;
- Fixed: Add New Users from the sub-sites were not sending invitation email;
- Fixed: Small fix on the dutch translation file that was causing the Terms link to be broken;
- Fixed: Get allowed themes for individual sites now return an empty array by default to prevent warnings;
- Fixed: Subscriptions created via the Add New admin menu were not being saved;
- Fixed: WU_Signup not working on sites running on sub-folders;
- Fixed: Country selector not working as intended;
- Fixed: Front-end blocking does not prevent the Payment Screen from showing up;
- Improved: Filter to remove the H1 from the template selection step (wu_step_template_display_header);
- Improved: Explicit mention that WP Ultimo is under GPLv2 on both plugin and readme headers;
- Improved: Sunrise.php now will continue to work if the admin moves the plugins folder to a different location;
- Improved: Sunrise.php is now versioned and will display a message when a new version is received, with automatic replacing with just one click;
- Improved: Replaced the engine generating the .pot file with the same one being used by WordPress Core;
- Improved: Plans List on the Change Plan widget are now displayed horizontally to make sure they all fit (useful for networks with a lot of plans);
- Added: Top-bar navigation when visiting templates;
- Added: French translation, thanks to @nouvelletechno;
- Added: Spanish translation, thanks to Matias Candia;
- Added: Alert message being displayed to the user asking for confirmation when he/her tries to add a custom domain;
Version 1.5.0 - 04/11/2017
- Fixed: Manual Gateway handling upgrades and downgrades;
- Fixed: Change plan sometimes not updating the disk space quota of blogs;
- Fixed: Added edge case to domain mapping and the get_scheme function, to allow more flexibility to sub-domains installs using mapped domains;
- Fixed: Manual Gateway now checks if it should send the invoice on integration;
- Fixed: Incompatibility with Sitemap generators (thanks, Aron Prins =D);
- Fixed: Now WP Ultimo adds the original URL to the allowed cross-origin access array, to further prevent CORS issues;
- Fixed: Issue with sign-up redirects not being exact;
- Fixed: Relative time string on the Subscription page now support time spans larger than one year;
- Fixed: When the copy media option is disabled, we now remove the attachment posts related to each media file;
- Fixed: Small issue with creating new sites in some specific database environments;
- Fixed: Setup wizard link on the Mercator error message was broken;
- Fixed: We now check if the Stripe API was already loaded, to prevent fatal errors;
- Fixed: User creation now is timezone-sensitive, preventing delays in invoices and payments;
- Fixed: Spacing of integration buttons fixed;
- Improved: Multi-select fields on the Settings now can be sorted. That allow users to change the order of the allowed templates, for example;
- Improved: New option 'display_force' added to password fields. If checked, it adds a strength checker below the password field. More information: 
- Improved: Form Fields helper function now gives the option to change the default value of the billing frequency field;
- Improved: Applied number_format to statistics widgets;
- Improved: "Instructions to Pay" field on Manual Gateway now supports is now a WP Editor field;
- Improved: Updated the Dutch language files - Thanks, Aron Prins;
- Improved: Moved the Domain Mapping and SSL settings to their own Settings Tab;
- Improved: SSL Settings Summary widget on the Settings page to help visualizing the SSL configuration;
- Added: Geo-location block added;
- Added: Restricted Content shortcode for plans and default content; More information: 
- Added: New shortcode with the front-end URL of a user's site for the create account template email (WP Ultimo -> Emails);
- Added: Option to enable/disable SSO with enabled as the default behavior;
- Added: Manual Gateway now displays link to a modal containing Instructions to Pay in the pending payment row in the Billing History widget;
- Added: Table Updater checker added, to make sure custom tables are always in sync with their latest version;
Version 1.4.3 - 31/08/2017
- Fixed: Fatal errors on activation on single installs;
- Fixed: Welcome email not being sent after user sign-up;
- Fixed: Shortcode plan_link using echo, should use return;
- Improved: Removed plan_id and plan_freq from the filtering function, and now they get saved as meta on the user;
- Improved: Minor changes to the Manual Gateway to avoid conflicts with the WooCommerce Integration Add-on and all future gateways supporting the 'on-hold' status;
- Improved: Added the WP Ultimo as top-level menu on the admin bar;
- Improved: Sign-up customization steps only show in the main site now;
- Added: Essential changes to allow the WooCommerce Integration to work;
- Added: Filter on the metadata array sent to Stripe, to allow admins to add info they want to send to Stripe;
- Added: Filters to allow better customization of invoices sent: wu_invoice_from, wu_invoice_to, wu_invoice_bottom_message;
- Added: Reset Password now uses the same WP Ultimo template, even when WooCommerce is activated on the main site;
Version 1.4.2 - 18/08/2017
- Fixed: Redirect error using the wu_plan_link shortcode;
- Fixed: Customizer bug onload;
- Fixed: Coupon on wu_plan_link;
- Fixed: Plan save requiring monthly pricing even if that billing option is not available;
- Fixed: Added the 'manage_network' capability as a requirement to access all WP Ultimo Registration settings on the customizer;
- Improved: Replaced the approach of the site creation engine from the admin panel with the new one introduced on 1.4.0;
- Improved: Replaced the support email with the new one [email protected];
- Added: Network admins now can add new payments manually directly from the subscription management page;
- Added: New option to duplicate templates on the Network Sites list;
Version 1.4.1 - 10/08/2017
- Fixed: Change Plans not displaying pricing tables;
- Fixed: Pricing table shortcode was landing on the plan step again after a plan was selected;
- Fixed: Removed logs folder check from the setup wizard;
- Added: Option to toggle the cron-job of the Screenshot Scraper;
Version 1.4.0 - 08/08/2017
- Release Notes:
- Added: Option to copy Coupon's shareable links on the All Plans and Edit Plan pages;
- Added: Templates overriding for sign-up and emails;
- Added: Helper function to create users with subscriptions: wu_create_user();
- Added: Helper function to create a new WP Ultimo network site: wu_create_site();
- Added: Fields and Steps API to the Sign-up flow;
- Added: Helper function to add new sign-up steps: wu_add_signup_step();
- Added: Helper function to add new sign-up fields: wu_add_signup_field();
- Added: Deleting users and sites now removes the mappings associated with those sites;
- Added: Option on the Email Settings to allow plain emails to be sent;
- Added: Logs are now downloadable and delectable;
- Added: Option to hide the Plan Selection step if there is just one plan available on the platform;
- Added: Three different behaviors added to Coupon Code: disabled entirely, only via URL code or via URL code and Sign-up field;
- Added: New shortcode wu_user_meta to retrieve user meta information on the front-end. Useful for retrieving information collected during sign-up using custom fields;
- Improved: Shortcode wu_plan_link updated to work with the new Sign-up codebase;
- Improved: WP Ultimo now checks for empty user role options to rebuild them if needed;
- Improved: WP Ultimo now only displays broadcasts published after a user on the target group registered. This prevents new users from being bombarded by all the previously published Broadcasts;
- Improved: Better template selection field;
- Improved: Refactorization of the Screenshot Scraper: it now can handle up to ~80 without crashing;
- Fixed: WU_Colors being added more than once;
- Fixed: Coupon validation functions was not checking for post type, only for post titles;
- Fixed: Fixed some broken elements on the Coupon Codes list table;
- Fixed: Links breaking on Broadcasted emails;
- Fixed: Missing variable declarations inside template_list and pricing_table shortcodes;
- Fixed: Broadcast emails now supports multiple lines;
Version 1.3.3 - 19/07/2017
- Fixed: Issue with logs folder being located inside the plugin directory and, as a consequence, being wiped out on every update;
- Fixed: Non-numeric errors being thrown on the Account page when Quarterly and Yearly billing frequencies were disabled on PHP 7.1;
- Fixed: Error on the redirect URL filter after integration;
- Fixed: Manual Gateway applying coupon codes;
- Added: Log viewer added to the System Info page as a separate tab;
- Added: CSV Exporter for Subscriptions on the Subscriptions Page;
- Added: Option to select which Quota options will be displayed on the quota widget of the users' dashboard on WP Ultimo Settings -> General Tab;
Version 1.3.2 - 14/07/2017
- Fixed: Changed the order of Stripes Secret and Publishable keys on the settings to match the order on the Stripe Dashboard, avoiding confusion;
- Fixed: Site_Hooks::get_available_templates() now returns sites without a valid owner as well;
- Fixed: Default role not being applied to new sites created from the dashboard;
- Fixed: Stripe Gateway now communicates the discount applied to the subscription on the modal window for payment;
- Fixed: Template creation now handles a few edge cases preventing those sites from appearing on the available templates list;
- Critical Fixed: Site creation from admin always being created for the super admin;
- Improved: Added a new option to change the default behavior of plugin uninstall: now the default state is to not wipe plugin data;
- Improved: Added current plan to the change plan hook;
- Improved: Remove Terms of Service contents from System Info page;
Version 1.3.1 - 05/07/2017
- Fixed: Variable dump on sign up preventing redirect to the admin panel;
- Fixed: Reverted the duplication script to the default tables only;
Version 1.3.0 - 03/07/2017
- Release Notes:
- Fixed: Small issues with the template selection screen;
- Fixed: Email content editor saving URLs in a weird way, adding slashes;
- Fixed: Site Template description not being saved on the "Edit Template Info" screen;
- Fixed: Variable Dump including sensitive information;
- Fixed: Plan re-ordering not working on different languages;
- Fixed: WP Ultimo icon on multi-network;
- Fixed: Terms of Service field adding extra "\" after quotes;
- Fixed: Error on creating new sites from the admin panel with a plan and template;
- Improved: Uploads Quota can now be set as hidden on the plan pricing tables;
- Improved: Prefixed SweetAlert to avoid conflicts with other plugins;
- Improved: Replaced the content field for email templates with WP Editor;
- Improved: Added an ID to each plan HTML markup on the pricing tables;
- Improved: Added an extra check to the domain mapping (now called System) step on the Setup Wizard, to check if the right version of sunrise.php was loaded;
- Improved: Added an extra check to the System step on the Setup Wizard to make sure the logs directory exists and is writable;
- Improved: The features list field now uses a WP Editor widget, to allow the addition of bold text, italic, and links without editing HTML code, the same applies to the Broadcast message field;
- Improved: Add-ons page now handles installs for free add-ons;
- Improved: Duplicator now copies extra tables as well;
- Improved: Added hooks for adding extra elements to the Advanced Options on the edit plan and coupon pages;
- Added: wu_templates_list Shortcode added to display all the available templates on the front-end;
- Added: Warning message on the System Info tab if the logs directory is not properly configured to be writable;
- Added: Filters to change the labels and tooltip texts on the signup fields;
- Added: Option to enable or disable copying media files from the template sites;
- Added: Support to Multi-Network Environment (beta);
- Added: Readded the SSO script for single sign-on login;
- Added: Widget for Forum Discussions on the Network Admin;
Version 1.2.1 - 26/05/2017
- Fixed: Template categories sometimes appearing two times;
- Fixed: Not being able to remove items from pricing tables for plans;
- Fixed: Pagination on Subscriptions page take status into consideration now;
- Fixed: Weird redirects when enabling domain mapping;
- Fixed: Mercator error message being displayed even when the enable domain mapping option was deactivated;
- Fixed: WordPress Overwrite options on WP Ultimo Settings - Network not saving properly;
- Fixed: Prefixed the bootstrap classes we use;
- Fixed: Problem with template selection with resolutions under 780px and console messages;
- Fixed: Removed the payment step due to login inconsistency across different environment;
- Improved: Added a new style to the WP Error page to make it more consistent with the rest of the plugin, including the "Payment Required Needed";
- Improved: Switched screenshot scraper from file_get_contents to cURL for a 50% performance improvement;
- Improved: Added a more robust capabilities system to limit access to the Account page;
- Improved: Custom domain meta box now gives an error if the user tries to input a domain already being used in the network;
- Added: Shortcode wu_plan_link added to be used in custom pricing tables, use with plan_id and plan_freq;
- Added: Template selector turns into a select-box on resolutions under 780px;
- Added: Admins can search subscriptions on the subscriptions List Table - with ajax;
- Added: Terms of Service now can be set using a full-fledged editor, with prettier exhibition on the front-end;
- Issues: Removed SSO temporarily in order to prevent bugs from redirect loops until we can find a solution to the issues we are having with it.
Version 1.2.0 - 12/05/2017
- Fixed: Small typos on the settings page and other places;
- Fixed: Some string were missing i18n on the subscription management screen;
- Improved: Add-ons page now supports filtering as well;
- Improved: Security on issuing refunds;
- Added: Support for zero decimal currencies in Stripe;
- Added: Site Template Categories with filtering on the Signup, and a more consistent UI for editing site templates on the backend;
- Added: Option to hide plans from the pricing tables;
- Added: 100% OFF coupon codes with unlimited cycles don't ask for payment integration any longer;
- Added: Users can now add new sites from their panels, and admins can limit the number of sites on each plan.
- Added: Sites list added to the Subscription Management (admin) and My Account (user) Pages;
- Added: Custom capability 'manage_wu_account' created to control access to the Account page;
- Added: Network Admins can now set a different role for the users created via the signup process (defaults to admin);
- Added: Network Admins can now create subscriptions for users created outside of the signup flow (useful for migrating existing users);
- Added: Network Admins can now remove subscriptions from the Subscriptions list;
- Added: Payment is now a Signup Step when there is no trial;
- Added: Subscription is no longer deleted when a site is;
- Added: Option to send invoices when a payment is received from the gateways;
- Added: Manual Payments Gateway (beta);
- Removed: Old UI on site settings to add thumbnail;
Version 1.1.5 - 24/04/2017
- Fixed: Remote calls for activation API returning non-numerical values;
- Fixed: Formatting errors on Subscription values Gateways;
- Fixed: Small issues with resetting passwords;
- Fixed: Network active plugins do not show up on the subsites plugins page anymore;
- Fixed: Some small issues when creating sites from the panel using a plan;
- Improved: Added the all_plugins filter to the Plans advanced settings;
- Improved: Settings API now let us pass default values to the get_setting function;
- Improved: Settings API now allows add-ons to save their defaults on plugin activation;
- Improved: Core settings of WP Ultimo are now displayed on the System Info page as well;
- Improved: Image fields in the Settings now supports the removal of a previously uploaded image;
- Improved: WP Ultimo now saves the defaults when new options are added to it;
- Added: Link to go back to previous steps added to sign up flow;
- Added: Admins can now disable monthly billing if they wish to do so;
- Added: Admins can highlight a different billing frequency by default (eg. You have monthly, quarterly and yearly billing enabled, but you want the yearly to be highlighted by default);
- Added: Broadcast system: admins can now post admin notices to sites network-wide, targeting by plan and user; they can also send emails using the same targeting system;
Version 1.1.4 - 07/04/2017
- Fixed: Subscriptions with price set to zero being locked anyways;
- Fixed: Small compatibility issue with Live Composer Page Builder;
- Fixed: Stripe behaving strangely with different decimal places configurations;
- Improved: Activation now only checks the license code remotely, not locally;
- Improved: Pricing tables now display an error message for logged users before redirecting them back to the home page;
- Added: Partial Vietnamese Translation (Thanks to Richard Tuan);
- Added: Now users can overwrite the list of allowed themes by enabling themes for each site individually;
- Added: Settings and Documentation links added to the plugins table on the network admin;
- Added: Add-on page now let users buy add-ons, also let those with pre-launch licenses install all available add-ons directly from the admin;
Version 1.1.3 - 31/03/2017
- Fixed: Adding sites from the admin panel not working;
- Fixed: JQuery UI Styles using HTTPS - Thanks, Richard;
- Fixed: Adding new users throwing a fatal because of a redirect in the PayPal gateway not being checked;
- Fixed: Ajax tables throwing order and orderby undefined indexes notice;
- Fixed: Delete links not clickable throughout the WordPress admin;
- Fixed: Validating URL that users enter as custom domain;
- Improved: Subscriptions now get deleted after the user is deleted;
- Improved: Removing unnecessary files;
- Improved: The template selection list now displays the site name, not its path (which did not work for subdomain installs);
- Added: Filter to change the redirect URL after login (tutorial:;
- Added: Admins now have the option to hide specific post types from the pricing tables;
- Added: The network IP setting now displays the apparent IP address of the network by default;
- Added: Option to remove invalid subscriptions (subscriptions without user);
- Added: System Info page, to allow for faster debug and troubleshooting with support requests;
- Added: Shortcut buttons to extend and remove time from a subscription, via ajax;
Version 1.1.2 - 24/03/2017
- Fixed: Prevented the creation of tables on activation when they already exist;
- Added: Hooks on the gateway payment notifications to allow integrations;
- Fixed: Subscription creation adding an extra day to the active_until parameter of a subscription;
- Added: Manage Subscriptions link to the topbar WP Ultimo Menu;
- Fixed: Toggle of metaboxes in our admin pages now work properly;
- Fixed: Plan upgrade not working when upgrading from a free plan;
- Fixed: Language files not being loaded;
- Fixed: Free subscription being displayed as inactive in the subscription panel;
- Fixed: Small spelling errors;
- Added: Partial translation to Brazilian Portuguese (Signup Flow only);
- Improvement: Requirements engine in our Settings API now supports multiple requirements;
- Fixed: Some issues with the creation of sites from the admin panel;
- Added: PayPal Subscription button added as an option on the PayPal Gateway;
  • ra_r

    2017-07-28 11:13:49
    Purchased Reply

    while testing on demo. i noticed when i changed allowed sites to 4 and signed up. in limits and quotas i was shown mine as 5/4 instead of 1/4 and in my sites settings there were extra 4 sites which had nothing to do with me.. although i was not able to edit them but they were showing under my sites.. i tried doing similar thing like changing the number of allowed sites and every time ended up with few unknown extra sites.. i am interested in this plugin please let me know if it was a bug or something else. thanks

  • next-press

    2017-07-28 11:31:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, ra_r. Thanks for your interest. That's an issue with the demo site. Unfortunately, since it resets periodically, there are some limitations on how things work over the there. That behavior is not present on the actual product. Regards,

  • ra_r

    2017-07-28 12:24:13
    Purchased Reply

    That's great and thanks for the quick reply.

  • tshwanom

    2017-03-29 13:43:47
    Purchased Reply

    I am interested to purchase this asap however your payment gateways are prohibiting me to do so since they do not support my local currency. SUGGESTION Most developers integrate their plugins with woocommerce to handle payment gateways to give their plugins a world wide footprint. in that way they increase their sales. please do consider this as it will improve your sales

  • next-press

    2017-03-30 01:37:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, tshwanom. Thanks for your suggestion. We do have plans to add a WooCommerce integration in the near future. Let me know which gateway would work for you and where are you from, maybe we can add that to our gateways list. Kind regards,

  • tshwanom

    2017-03-30 07:36:35
    Purchased Reply

    South Africa is my country and we use Payfast but I can even settle for 2checkout

  • emgproductions

    2017-04-22 01:18:28
    Purchased Reply

    I am very interested in this plugin – have the following questions: 1. when following instructions in the docs, logged into the demo site, I am not finding the WPUltimo Options under sites >> settings tab. Am I doing something wrong? 2. to clarify: this plugin automates creation of a site (blog) for a new user-subscriber in the network, allowing them to select a template for the layout of the site, and giving them access, etc. Correct? 3. I need to offer subscription, selection of a template, creation of a site, input of a FEW customizations by the user – and done! Users will not have access to much at all in the wp-admin other than entry of a few custom elements (i.e. profile page photo, contact info, etc.) These site needs to be READY-MADE in just about every way. 4. therefore, that "template" selected will be completely setup – like a turnkey site with a few customizations possible. Is this the right plugin for me? Thanks :)

  • emgproductions

    2017-04-22 01:23:28
    Purchased Reply

    One other thing – I need to accept bitcoin (thru Stripe) – and thus that option cannot be recurring. So how might renewal be handled?

  • emgproductions

    2017-04-22 02:18:39
    Purchased Reply

    Also - why do I get "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." when in the demo site? I really can't seem to find much of anything in this demo :(

  • emgproductions

    2017-04-22 02:35:37
    Purchased Reply

    FYI - Demo issue fixed :)

  • next-press

    2017-04-22 02:53:01
    Purchased Reply

    Here's the answers: 1. It was an issue with the demo. 2. That's exactly right. You can create as many sites as you want from the admin panel, modify them in every way you like, creating pages and so on, and set those sites as templates. When a user signs up with that particular template, everything will be copied. 3, 4. This is the part the I think would require some custom development. After the site is created from a template, everything looks exactly like the template site (the exceptions are things like site name and etc, for obvious reasons). Modifying some of the information may require making some changes via code right after the site creation. You could also direct the user to the customizer to make some of this changes. 5. The way the plugin works now requires a gateway that supports subscriptions, so I'm afraid we would not be able to handle bitcoins for now. We are developing a manual gateway that would allow for non-recurring gateways to be implemented, but that is going to take some time. Kind regards,

  • emgproductions

    2017-04-22 04:15:44
    Purchased Reply

    Okay - I'm cool with custom development and redirection upon subscription to a "customizer" for site-user's input of custom elements – no problem. I understand the bitcoin limitation – and might be able to get around that by creating a "free" option that, if selected, redirects the user to a bitcoin payment option for a one-year subscription. I think I can find a work-around so buying now! Thanks for your help...might be leaning on you some more, but this looks pretty straight forward and a God-send for this project :)

  • emgproductions

    2017-04-22 07:21:25
    Purchased Reply

    One more question – I assume the plugin should be "network activated", yes?

  • blurblurblur

    2018-07-08 06:41:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, have you made it so that Pro Sites and Ultimo can run sided by side while we wait for the subscription migrator? I love your plugin, you're doing an excellent job.

  • next-press

    2018-07-08 06:43:45
    Purchased Reply

    No, unfortunately they won't work alongside each other The only way supported right now is to hand migrate the subscriptions and have the clients re-add their payment integrations, unfortunately.

  • anonymiz

    2017-03-20 18:59:16
    Purchased Reply

    no bitcoin support then useless product as per my view

  • wp-ultimo

    2017-03-20 22:51:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, anonymiz. We do support Stripe and Stripe has an option to get paid in bitcoins (but you end up receiving in dollars). Do you have any reliable bitcoin gateway that supports subscriptions to recommend us?

  • qwidecom

    2018-04-12 14:52:49
    Purchased Reply

    I found this plugin now and I'm not believing it can provision domains for WP multisites subaccounts. 1. Is that right? I just add an A entry on my server pointing to the IP of the account that is installed the WP multisites? 2. Can I manually withdraw charges? for the cases where the customer pays me in cash? 3. Does the domain provisioning work if my WP multisites is configured for subfolders? example: add domain for because the plugins I've seen only worked when WP multisites was configured for sub accounts in subdomains. 4. Can I make the purchase to test? if it is not what I am thinking you will return the amount paid? thank you!

  • wp-ultimo

    2018-04-24 00:13:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, there, sorry about the delay. 1. Yes. Once the mapping is done, Our domain mapping solution will route the domains accordingly. 2. We have something called "Manual Gateway", where you can enter instructions for your users to pay, like your bank account, and give them a way to send you the receipts. Then you can manually approve their payment. 3. Yes, it does. 4. If it's not what you are searching fore, just ask for a refund within 30-days.

  • RatQz

    2018-01-09 19:37:02
    Purchased Reply

    Can someone answer my mails about Woocommerce intergrations? Waiting for weeks now. You always had top support, now i hear nothing. A reply should be nice, because my whole business is down now.

  • next-press

    2018-01-10 02:06:55
    Purchased Reply

    Can you inform the email you used to contact us on the support system?

  • aquaminh

    2018-07-16 19:51:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, does this item include all your current and future addons? Thanks.

  • next-press

    2018-07-17 02:33:19
    Purchased Reply

    No, it does not include the add-ons.

  • lwifunyomangula

    2018-10-10 02:54:50
    Purchased Reply

    congratulation for the good work developer. Before i bought i thought woow i like it, but I bought i have been disappointed! the payment process is not smart, the woocommerce payment process does not work I bought in Gumroad wplutimo + wpultimowoo MY PROBLEM ==> but i cant leave it this plugin! it is unique and good vision! i will use it! it is unique and very promising! the developer has good vision! Im joining him to help fix and make more smooth! let me say i love it but let fix it! after user has filled forms to create site, then when s/he supposed to go to make payment intergration, the screen stop there without showing WOOCOMMERCE FORM INTERGRATION (it is like something hinder form not to show up to complete integration in woocommerce) 2. another thing is that – the woocommerce payment method seems to be so long taking steps CAUSE ONLINE PAYMENT MUST BE AS SHORT AS POSSIBLESO AS USER CAN NOT ABANDON THE PROCESS my suggestion is user must be directed to paying the order immediately after signup (maybe this must be included as a core setting to set: force redirect user to pay order when s/he try to access his/her site) also shortcode to show order button to be paid 3. and the last thing is that – site have to be created after payment completion MY SYTEAM INFO —————————————————————– —————— WORDPRESS & SYSTEM SETTINGS —————— —————————————————————– WordPress Version: 4.9.8 PHP Version: 7.0.4-7ubuntu2 MySQL Version: 5.7.11 Web Server: Apache/2.4.18 WordPress URL: XXXXXXXXXX.XX Home URL: XXXXXXXXXX.XX Content Directory: /home/XXX/public_html/wp-content Content URL: XXXXXX.XX/wp-content Plugins Directory: /home/XXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins Plugins URL: XXXXXX.XXX/wp-content/plugins Uploads Directory: /home/XXX/public_html/wp-content/uploads Cookie Domain: XXXXXX.XX Multi-Site Active: Yes PHP Current Time: 2018-10-08 19:16:22 Database Current Time: 2018-10-08 18:16:22 PHP cURL Support: Yes PHP GD Support: Yes PHP Memory Limit: 3520M PHP Memory Usage: 21.43M (0%) PHP Post Max Size: 1024M PHP Upload Max Size: 1024M PHP Max Execution Time: 5000 seconds PHP Allow URL Fopen: 1 PHP Max File Uploads: 20 WP Options Count: 226 WP Options Size: 55.45kb WP Options Transients: 4 WP_DEBUG: Disabled SCRIPT_DEBUG: Disabled SAVEQUERIES: Not set AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL: 60 WP_POST_REVISIONS: 1 DISABLE_WP_CRON: Not set WPLANG: Not set WP_MEMORY_LIMIT: 3008M WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT: 3520M Operating System: Windows Browser: Mozilla Firefox 61.0 User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:61.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/61.0 Active Theme: – Divi – 3.12.2 ( Active Plugins Network-Wide: – UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore – ( – WP Ultimo – 1.8.2 ( – WP Ultimo: WooCommerce Integration – 1.1.2 ( —————————————————————– ——————– WP ULTIMO CORE SETTINGS ——————– —————————————————————– Logs Directory: Writable Trial: 0 Currency Symbol: TZS Currency Position: %s %v Decimal Separator: . Thousand Separator: , Precision: 0 Uninstall Wipe Tables: Block Frontend: Block Frontend Grace Period: 1 Enable Multiple Sites: 1 Enable Visits Limiting: 1 Enable Price 1: 1 Enable Price 3: 1 Enable Price 12: 1 Default Pricing Option: 1 Enable Signup: 1 Registration Url: Login Url: Obfuscate Original Login Url: 1 Auto Login Users After Registration: 1 Default Role: administrator Skip Plan: Enable Multiple Domains: Domain Options: XXXXXXX.XX Enable Coupon Codes: disabled Enable Terms: 1 Allow Template: 1 Allow Template Switching: 1 Allow Own Site As Template: 1 Allow Template Filter: 1 Allow Template Top Bar: 1 Enable Screenshot Scraper: 1 Copy Media: 1 Stop Template Indexing: 1 Move Posts On Downgrade: trash Block Sites On Downgrade: none Menu Items Plugin: Add New Users: Enable Domain Mapping: 1 Custom Domains: 1 Domain Mapping Alert Message: This action can make your site inaccessible if your DNS configuration was not properly set up. Please make sure your domain DNS configuration is pointing to the right IP address and that enough time has passed for that change to propagate. Force Admin Redirect: both Force Admin Https: Force Subdomains Https: Force Mapped Https: Allow Page Unmapping: 1 Force Https Unmapped: Enable Sso: 1 Network Ip: Payment Integration Title: Payment Integration Desc: Attach Invoice Pdf: 1 Merchant Address: Salasala Kinzudi Top Bar Button Text: Use this Template Top Bar Enable Resize: 1 Cleaning Options: 1 Import Partial: 0 Beta Program: 0 Woocommerce Title: Dynamic Payments Woocommerce Button Label: Use Dynamic Payments Woocommerce Button Tooltip: By choosing dynamic payments, you will receive an invoice every billing period with a link for a payment form. You’ll be able to use different payment options. Once that payment is confirmed by the payment processor chosen, your subscription will be renewed. Woocommerce Waiting Days: 0 Manual Waiting Days: 0 Expiring Days: 3 Enable Webhooks: 1 Webhook Calls Blocking: 0 Enable Api: 1 Enable Jumper: 1 Jumper Key: g Jumper Custom Links: Jumper Display Tip: 1 Domain Mapping: 1 Manual Title: Another thing to add about PAYMENT PROCESS when a user is in grace period to complete payments, why should payments form/button be straight available to him at his/her dashboard cause ALL PAYMENTS ARE DONE WITHIN THE NETWORK. there is no need to put longer, complicated and hidden steps (with invoice which we actually dont receive them) payment using invoice is more diffivult than paying staright from your dashboard by the way the user will be working within the dahsboard there she can easily pay form to complete MY SUGESTION we can learn how WOCOMMERCE FRONTEND MANAGER WCFM MEMBERSHIP and its core WCFM. they have intergrated woocommerce payments in their membership system very smooth and straight forward. you pay using woocommerce staright by clicking the button. When a user who has not paid want to access dashboard he is automatically directed smmoth and straight to payment (invoice is smooth handled by woocommerce) lets payment process be STRAIGHT, SMOOTH, SHORT, PAYMENT BUTTONS VERY EASY TO SEE to avoid to much work load to you intergrate payment processes to be done by woocommerce cause woocommerce has a lot to offer in payment online. Lets wpultimo stick to multisite issues but i like how other feauures wpultimo has like limit and restrictions, quota, visitor limits only PAYMENTS PROCESS IS WHAT HAS DISAPPOINTED ME and actually i have bought two plugins yesterday 07 october 2018 and dispoointed found they are not working. my project has stopped for that. can you soon help me for that?

  • mobileready8

    2018-11-29 15:17:11
    Purchased Reply

    OK I am confused on your pricing here. On Envato regular licence is $999 On your website it is much much lower??? What am I missing?

  • wp-ultimo

    2018-11-29 23:33:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there. We held a Black Friday promo on the site for the unlimited license and the offer here was generating a lot of confusion, so we changed the price to prevent purchases made in error. I've lowered them back to the original price.

  • hifivintage

    2017-11-03 10:38:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, are we able to bill customers by a fix fee and number of users. for example 100 USD per subsite/month and 1 USD per user sucribed on subsite per month ?

  • next-press

    2017-11-03 11:18:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, that's currently not possible, but it is on our roadmap.

  • next-press

    2017-11-03 11:18:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, that's currently not possible, but it is on our roadmap.

  • hifivintage

    2017-11-03 19:07:29
    Purchased Reply

    thanks, in that case, can we still restrict the disk capacoty of the subsite ?

  • next-press

    2017-11-03 20:21:38
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, you can

  • hifivintage

    2017-11-04 06:17:48
    Purchased Reply

    Good. I have two request. First, I would like to offer the option for customers to buy some services, like set up of plugins, particular support... etc. this is not achievable with WP-ultimo. But can be handle with a side woocommerce shop that would sell aditional services products. Will I be able to link wp ultimo car with woocommerce cart in order to allow customers to have a one stop shop ? 2) some of the services could be suscriptions. in that case , could we combine wp ultimo site suscriptions and woo commerce services or memberships under a same customer account ? Best regards, H

  • next-press

    2017-11-06 22:01:51
    Purchased Reply

    1) Since WooCommerce would not be processing the payment for the subscription itself, I'm not sure if it would be possible to link the two of them. We will be implementing plugin and theme sales on one of our add-ons soon, though. 2) We do have plans to integrate WooCommerce subscriptions in our WooCommerce Integration add-on soon as well. Kind regards,

  • hifivintage

    2017-11-07 19:12:23
    Purchased Reply

    OK, thanks. 2 more comments. 1) in wp ultimo woocommerce integration, will users have same account for both ? This is importantt since we are suing other plugins that use wooommerce user accounts. this way we need wp ulltimo to be integrated within woocommerce user accunts system. 2)We are using wp material which is great as well, but on some pages like pricing page or plan select, we see wpmaterial backgroud showned, and this is not looking good. Do you know what I mean ? Best rgs, H

  • next-press

    2017-11-07 23:42:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1) Yes, they share the same user info; 2) On the Material WP settings page, disable the option to enqueue styles on the Login Page and the background should go away. Kind regards,

  • hifivintage

    2017-11-08 07:16:45
    Purchased Reply

    thanks I don't see such an option in wp material settings; what is the exact wording ?

  • next-press

    2017-11-09 01:28:33
    Purchased Reply

    Here it is It's on the Functionality tab

  • jugoud26

    2017-04-05 03:30:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hello If i buy your product Can i test the plugin in my localhost before the live production ? Julien from FR

  • next-press

    2017-04-05 03:34:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Julien. I'm not sure if I understand your question. WP Ultimo will work normally on a local install, the only thing you will need some effort to make work would be webhooks and PayPal notifications. I recommend using something like ngrok for that. Kind regards,

  • jugoud26

    2017-04-05 03:37:01
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry i m Talking about a licence

  • next-press

    2017-04-05 03:38:40
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, of course! You can use your license to test locally before production!

  • beixiaoyi

    2018-04-25 18:59:33
    Purchased Reply

    custom domian does not work.

  • wp-ultimo

    2018-04-26 02:11:09
    Purchased Reply

    Can you elaborate on this? What error are you getting? Kind regards,

  • manaka02

    2018-10-25 23:06:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, If I have a custom plugin for woocommerce payment, Did it works as a payment gateway ?

  • next-press

    2018-10-26 00:06:55
    Purchased Reply

    Only if you use our WooCommerce Integration add-on.

  • tomatnig

    2018-12-05 20:53:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hello will the domain mapping feature work for a domain say in ultimo

  • next-press

    2018-12-05 21:46:33
    Purchased Reply

    You mean domains with www.? If that's the case, they will.

  • tomatnig

    2018-12-05 22:18:52
    Purchased Reply

    Yes. I want to be able to host websites with already existing domains by pointing my ultimo account in a particular package to a domain name not necessarily subdomains and subdirectories. Also will my existing multisite plugins be available to site subscribers I mean those who host their websites on wp ultimo and should be able to use some of my already installed premium plugins

  • larrybird1

    2017-10-31 18:35:52
    Purchased Reply

    Wow, this looks like the real deal, very impressive and a lot of revenue ways for me. I have 2 very basic questions, 1- if a user of my service use his own domain, lets say will this domain and content could be indexed and ranked in google? or this doenst work that way for SEO purposes? 2- can you provide me with an example of some user of your plugin, handling a multisite business with different packages for the final user? Best regards

  • next-press

    2017-10-31 19:31:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, larrybird1. Thanks for the interest. 1) Yes. As the primary domain for that site, it will be ranked and indexed by google normally. The only SEO difference here is that once your customer adds his own domain, he/she loses the domain authority linked to your network's domain as it will no longer be using 2) If you go to our site:, the last block contains a series of testimonials, each of which links to that client's network using WP Ultimo. Kind regards,

  • larrybird1

    2017-11-05 14:12:25
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks a lot, i saw the sites using your system one question, lets say the business model is to allow the user to build their own website, for this i think of elementor as a plugin easy to understand for the casual user. 1- Can i use elementor as a regular plugin for my network of sites? leaving this to some plan premium lets say 2- What will be the minimun hosting plan i will need? maybe one with 30GB Web Space ? Best regards!

  • ndeerdiayz

    2017-11-22 15:05:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I was reading characteristic about this plugin, one of them is; Unlimited Plans: You can easily create unlimited plans with different limitations, such as post limits per post types, disk space, and even themes and plugins available. But I'm not sure if it is telling me that I can make pages private for non-users and basic user? Because I'm building a pay per content blog, and I need to make some things such as articles, pages, and so for things on invisible to the visitor but not to the pay members.

  • next-press

    2017-11-22 20:46:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, ndeerdiayz. WP Ultimo is a Website as a Service plugin, not a content restrict-type plugin. That means that you can create unlimited plans for your network, allowing users on each plan to access different levels of control and limitation. For example, you can have a "Starter" plan that will let the user create just one site on the network, and add 5 posts, and another "Advanced" plan that will allow the users to add 5 sites and unlimited posts. Hope that clarifies it a bit. Kind regards,

  • jugoud26

    2017-06-30 07:34:36
    Purchased Reply

    hi do you plan to add limit the numbers of users for each plans in next update ? Kind regards

  • next-press

    2017-06-30 08:15:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, jugod26. That's already present in the current version.

  • jugoud26

    2017-06-30 09:18:57
    Purchased Reply

    Yes sorry

  • mspky

    2018-02-08 21:44:10
    Purchased Reply

    do you support bitcoin payment gateway for recurring payments? is the easiest opensource can you implement this please

  • JFOC

    2018-03-22 01:20:06
    Purchased Reply

    is this single network or unlimited network license?