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WordPress LMS, WPLMS Mobile App now available at CodeCanyon.

WordPress LMS, Learning Management System for WordPress, WordPress Education theme built on BuddyPress.

The only WordPress LMS system which also has a mobile App.

WPLMS is a Learning Management System for WordPress . It is not just a WordPress education theme but a complete eLearning suite. It is suitable for Educational Training Centres, Corporate trainings, Coaching centres, Course tutors, College, Academy, University, School and MOOC platform. It is an e Learning WordPress theme for course management, instructor and student management using which you can create and sell your courses online. Create your own eLearning academy or online business like,, with WPLMS. WPLMS is a flexible, scalable and robust platform and widely used by startups as well as fortune 500 companies. WPLMS is tested on sites with close to million members, so what are you waiting for, buy WPLMS now !

Latest version 3.7 released on 11th September’18. Refer update log

Easy to use Front end Course builder

Course Student Management

Filterable Course Directory

Activity recording

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10th January’18 : check docs

Test WPLMS as Instructor : Instructor Demo

Credentials for Testing : instructor and [email protected]

To purchase a course sample credit card details are shared on checkout page

Latest features Added in Theme:

  1. Member Types & Group Types
  2. Custom Course Templates and Pacakge uploader
  3. Demo Switcher
  4. User Walk throughs/Guided Tours
  5. Ajax login and registration link ( screenshot)
  6. Updated one click installer link
  7. Dynamic Quizzes v 2 link
  8. Migration to BP Emails with Template customizer
  9. Instant Quiz answers
  10. Custom Registration Froms
  11. Save Quiz answers feature
  12. Live search in directories
  13. My Courses section with Live filters and live search (link)
  14. Live search in course admin, filters : (link)
  15. Mega Menu Styles in 2.1.1 (link)
  16. 28 New features added in WPLMS 2.0, link
  17. 44 New features added in WPLMS 1.0 – 1.9.9 versions, link
Sample Data updated 23rd September’16 (included in the package)

Theme Features

  • Courses
    • Create and Sell Courses
    • Create and upload custom badges and certificates
    • Free Units for Course Preview
    • Supports Audio/Video and Attachments in Units
    • Course Curriculum and Course Timeline
    • Course Reviews & Ratings
    • Exclusive Course Groups & Forums
    • Front End Functions:
      • Course Manual Evaluation
      • Remove reset Courses for Students
      • Overall Course Stats
      • Students Course Stats
      • Course Result
      • Auto Messages & Notifications
      • Bulk Messaging
      • Live status in Course Timeline
      • Set Course Status, award marks for course
      • Award Certificates, Badges
      • Extend subscriptions
    • Custom Widget : BP Course Widget
      • Displays Courses ordered by # students, # ratings, #reviews, date
      • Displays Courses in Single Items, Course lists and Course Carousels
    • Custom Widget : BP Course Search
      • Search in Courses
      • Select Instructor, Course Category or Course levels to search in
    • Custom Widget : Course Reviews
      • Displays Courses reviews
      • Displays course reviews in Single Items, lists and Carousels
    • Custom Widget : Site Stats
      • Displays Site wide stats
      • Displays # Instructors, #students, #courses, #units etc..
    • Custom Widget : BP Course Instructor
      • Displays Instructor of the Single Course
      • Displays other courses taken by Instructor
  • Quizes
    • Question Bank
    • Auto Evaluation
    • Quiz Timer
    • Quiz Timeline
    • Quesiton Types : Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct, Fill in the Blank, Sort, Match, Select dropdown, Small text & Essay Type
    • Detailed Result
    • Auto Messaging & Notifications
    • Front End Functions:
      • Quiz Automatic/Manual Evaluation
      • Reset Quiz for Student
      • Quiz Auto Submit on timer expire.
      • In Course vs Stand alone quiz
      • One Question per frame or Multi Question per frame
      • Live status in Quiz Timeline
      • Quiz support Audio, Video, Latex
      • Quiz Stats, download student scores
      • Dynamic Question, create quiz from pool of questions
      • Share / Print result
  • Assignments
    • Assignments similar to HomeWork, Timer (in Days), Auto submit
    • Multiple Assignment Upload
    • Essay type assignment
    • Include assignment in Course, Unit, Event
    • Detailed Result with instructor remarks
    • Auto Messaging & Notifications
    • Front End Functions:
      • Assignment Manual Evaluation
      • Reset Assignment for Student
      • Assignment Auto Submit on timer expire.
      • Remarks from Instructor
      • MEssage, Notification or Email
  • Statistics
    • Detailed Statistics
      • Full Course Stats
      • Quiz Stats
      • Assignment Stats
    • Instructor Stats (Front End):
      • Full Course Stats
      • Student Wise Stats
    • Admin Stats:
      • Overview : Total Students, instructors, courses, # students courses graphs
      • Course-wise stats : Each Course with # students, Average marks, # badges, #certificates
      • Instructor-wise stats: Each Instructor with # students, Averge marks, # badges, #certificates
  • Bulk Import/Export
    • Export CSV
      • Import & create Course,Quiz, Questions, Assignments
      • Import & create Users
      • Connect users with courses, quizzes, assignments with marks
    • Import CSV
      • Full Course Stats
      • Student Wise Stats
    • Admin Stats:
      • Overview : Total Students, instructors, courses, # students courses graphs
      • Course-wise stats : Each Course with # students, Average marks, # badges, #certificates
      • Instructor-wise stats: Each Instructor with # students, Averge marks, # badges, #certificates
  • FaceBook, Twitter, Google plus , Login integration via saperate plugin link
  • Shop
    • Multiple Course in single product
    • Enable/Disable Subscriptions
    • Custom Subscription duration for each Product
    • Custom WooCommerce Widgets
      • Price Filter
      • Advanced WooCommerce Carousels
  • Custom Header Login Panel
  • Unique BuddyPress Layout
  • Custom LSM Modules
  • Private Course Groups
  • Private Course Forums
  • BuddyPress Privacy Options
    • Enable/Disable Activity Access to Students, Instructors, Admin or All
    • Enable/Disable Groups Access to Students, Instructors, Admin or All
    • Enable/Disable Group creation to Students, Instructors, Admin
    • Show/hide Single user Profile Activity
    • Show/hide Single user Profile Groups
    • Show/hide Single user Profile Forums
  • Responsive and RetinaReady
  • Compatible with latest WordPress & WooCommerce versions
  • Widgetized Mega Menu
  • CSS3 animations
  • Supports WordPress Native Audio & Video shortcodes
  • Premium LayerSlider Plugin Worth $15
  • Drag Drop Page Builder
    • Create Unlimited Page Layouts
    • Inbuilt Sliders: Layer Slider, FlexSlider
    • Post Grid Masonry Layout with Pagination & Infinite Scroll
    • Include Sidebars
    • Create Filterable Posts with Pagination
    • Multi column Carousels / Block rotators
    • Four Block styles
    • 1/4,1/2,1/3,3/4,2/3,FullWidth Layout Blocks
    • Fullscreen Stripe Layout Block for Parallax stripe and Fullwidth Sliders
    • Save Page elements & full Layouts & reuse in other pages
    • Apply custom CSS & Classes to every element inside the PageBuilder itself.
    • Import/Export elements & Layouts.
  • Live Theme Customizer
    • Change theme element background/color Live
    • Adjust Font Sizes
    • Change all Font family/styles from 600+ Google fonts
    • Change font colors
    • Import/Export Customizer settings.
  • ShortCode Generator with Live Preview
    • Tabs, Accordion, Toggles
    • Popups, Gallery (Lightbox with sharing)
    • Animated Menu
    • Headings
    • Columns
    • Form Generator with validation
    • Buttons & Icons
    • Audio & Video
    • Team
    • Testimonial
    • Alerts, Tooltips, Notes, Progress Bars
  • Awesome Sliders
    • Premium Layer Slider
    • FlexSlider
  • Advanced Vibe Options Panel
    • Header with Upload Logo/Favicon
    • Unlimited Sidebars
    • BuddyPress Privace Options
    • Select social media icon style out of 6 options
    • Add Social Sharing in Blog Posts
    • Connect Post Layouts,Page Builder, Featured Component with Custom Post Types.
    • Import/Export Settings
  • Post Features
    • Any column Filterable Portfolio Styles with Pagination On/Off
    • Any Column Masonry layout with Infinite Scroll & Pagination
    • Supports HTML5 Audio/Video, Vimeo, Youtube,, Gallery…
  • Template Layouts
    • Three Page Layouts [Left Sidebar | Right Sidebar | Fullwidth].
    • Select Sidebar for the page.
    • Show/Hide Subheader/Titles,breadcrumbs & post author .
  • Form Generator
    • Generate Unlimited forums.
    • Data validation
    • Supports Text, Textarea, Select options.
  • Multifunctional Popups
    • Add any Dynamic Content available on Click or on Page Load.
    • Attach any Form/Slider/Content in popup.
  • Multifunctional Custom Widgets
    • Vibe Advanced Twitter Feed Widget
    • VibeCom Flickr Feed Widget
    • Vibe Instagram Widget
    • Vibe Tabs Widget (Most Popular, Recent, Posts,Portfolio,tags,..)
    • Vibe Carousel show Posts (recent/popular) with large images.
    • Vibe Posts, list posts with thumbnail option widget (Recent/popular)
    • Vibe Testimonials, shows selected testimonial
    • Vibe Gallery, shows responsive gallery.
    • Vibe WooCommerce Carousels, showcase WooCommerce Featured, On Sale, Recent etc. products in carousels.
    • Vibe WooCommerce Advanced Filters, show colors, images as selection links instead of simple lists in WooCommerce Shop Page as product filters.
    • Vibe WooCommerce Advanced Filters selection, show selected filters with classes instead of simple lists.
  • CSS3 Animations
    • 15+ animation effects
    • Effects appear only on load when the element is “visible” on screen
  • One Click Auto Update.
  • WordPress 3.0 Multi level drop-down menu .
  • Translation Ready.
  • Responsive HTML5 Video Player with Flash Fallback
  • Responsive Audio player for hosted audio files.
  • Responsive Gallery.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 tableless design .
  • 600+ Google Web Fonts with Refresh. (Change elements fonts in the theme settings)
  • Retina Ready Gravtars
  • Easily add Google analytics .
  • Unlimited Popups with open on page load function
  • Tabs : Horizontal & Vertical
  • Full Screen background Option .
  • Works in all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome
Latest version of WPLMS 3.6
-> VERSION 3.6   [ 25th JUNE'18]
-> VERSION 3.5.1   [ 15th MAY'18]
-> VERSION 3.5      [ 10th MAY'18]
-> VERSION 3.4.2   [ 22nd FEBRUARY'18]
-> VERSION 3.4.1   [ 05th FEBRUARY'18]
-> VERSION 3.4      [ 02nd FEBRUARY'18]
-> VERSION 3.3      [ 07th DECEMBER'17]
-> VERSION 3.2      [ 22nd NOVEMBER'17]
-> VERSION 3.1      [ 05th OCTOBER'17]
-> VERSION 3.0.1    [ 11th AUGUST'17]
-> VERSION 3.0       [ 09th AUGUST'17]
-> VERSION 2.9.2    [ 21st JULY'17]
-> VERSION 2.9.1    [ 20th JUNE'17]
-> VERSION 2.9       [ 14th JUNE'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.8.1    [ 22nd MAY'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.8       [ 02nd MAY'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.7.3    [ 10th APRIL'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.7.2    [ 06th APRIL'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.7.1    [ 04th APRIL'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.7       [ 25th MARCH'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.6.1    [ 24rd FEBRUARY'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.6       [ 23rd FEBRUARY'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.5.2    [ 04th FEBRUARY'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.5.1    [ 12th JANUARY'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.5.0    [ 10th JANUARY'17 ]
-> VERSION 2.4.1    [ 3rd DECEMBER'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.4       [ 1st DECEMBER'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.3.1    [ 15th October'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.3       [ 14th October'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.2.2    [ 27th August'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.2       [ 16th August'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.1.1    [ 6th July'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.1       [ 17th June'16 ]
-> VERSION [ 03rd May'16 ]
-> VERSION [ 30th April'16 ]
-> VERSION [ 28th April'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.0.9 [ 27th April'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.0.8 [ 02nd April'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.0.7 [ 13th March'16 ]
-> VERSION [ 04th March'16 ] 
-> VERSION 2.0.6 [ 11th February'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.0.2  [ 29th January'16 ] 
-> VERSION 2.0.1 [26th January'16 ]
-> VERSION 2.0 [24th January'16 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN [21st October'15 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.9 [21st October'15 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.8 [13th August'15 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.7 [04th August'15 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.6 [24th June'15 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.5 [26th May'15 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.4 [04th May'15 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.3 [31st March'15 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.2 [17th March'15 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.1 [19th February'15 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.9.0 [24th January'15 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.8.4 [24th December'14 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.8.3 [8th December'14 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.8.2 [17st November'14 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.8.1 [21st October'14 ] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.8.0  [1st October'14 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.7.5 [9, SEPTEMBER'14 ]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.7.3 [31, AUGUST'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.7.2 [19, AUGUST'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.7.1 [29, JULY'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.7.0 [15, JULY'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.6.5 [4, JULY'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.6.4 [28, JUNE'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.6.3 [18, JUNE'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.6.2 [09, JUNE'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.6.1 [26, MAY'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.6 [22, MAY'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.5.5 [7, MAY'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.5.4 [2, MAY'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.5.3 [22, APRIL'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.5.2 [11, APRIL'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.5 [07, APRIL'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.4.1 [28, March'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.4.0 [24, March'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.3.4 [18, March'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.3.3 [08, March'14
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.3.2 [05, March'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.3.1 [ 04th Mar'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.3 [28th Feb'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.2.2 [24th Feb'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.2.1 [24th Feb'14] 
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN 1.2 [22th Feb'14]
-> UPDATES & FIXES IN  VERSION 1.1 [19th Feb'14]


  • Front End editor from WP Front end editor
  • Bootstrap 3.0 from Twitter Bootstrap
  • Masonry & Isotope from
  • WooCommerce & jQuery FlexSlider from WooThemes
  • PrettyPhoto Gallery from No Margin for Errors
  • Some Icons used in template are by Freepik
  • Fitvids from Fitvids
  • Pie charts from Anthonyterrien
  • Articulate Package upload from Brian Batt
  • Images from , and [ NOTE: Some images used in demo are not included in sample data.]

  • GlobalEduLink

    2017-10-04 02:23:31
    Purchased Reply

    i have a problem with certificate styling from the backend the view of certificate is showing correctly to the system but when i assign the certificate to the learner its getting different alignment and view. can you please check with my wp access. i need some help from you

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-04 04:01:59
    Purchased Reply

    This can be easily fixed. Please post this in our support forums.

  • lewisr90

    2017-10-10 03:57:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, I have a page and the sidebar is showing at the bottom rather than the side even though I have right page sidebar template enabled?. Any idea why?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-10 18:34:07
    Purchased Reply

    Not sure, we need to check your page for this. Please share the page link or send me an email at [email protected] with subject "wplms support lweisr90"

  • manson65

    2017-10-11 23:53:24
    Purchased Reply

    hi mr vibe we can add 1 or 2 row to list of teahers in home page?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-13 01:07:46
    Purchased Reply

    Use the Pagebuilder Users carousel and select the type as instructors. ,

  • Episode1

    2017-10-13 08:13:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Mr Vibe I would like to draw your attention to the following code you gave me to add 'file upload' button in buddypress messenger system. When replying in buddy messenger an add file button was not showing. The following code shows the button however not the text that says 'add file'. Please provide me with a fix for this.


    Thank you. Kind Regards.

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-13 21:49:25
    Purchased Reply

    The text color seems to be of the same color as the background. Add following CSS in Customizer - Custom CSS to resolve this:


  • Episode1

    2017-10-14 03:14:52
    Purchased Reply

    Unfortunately this didnt work.

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-15 02:19:03
    Purchased Reply

    Try changing #fff to #fff! Important;

  • Episode1

    2017-10-15 07:18:51
    Purchased Reply

    perfect, this worked!

  • jlastra

    2017-10-25 13:27:47
    Purchased Reply

    How I can do the login like demo2. Forgive me but I can not find the way to do this. Please can you provide a step by step instructions?? Thanks in advance

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-25 15:22:30
    Purchased Reply

    Go to Wp admin - appearance - customiser - header - login style and set it to popup

  • jlastra

    2017-10-25 23:39:22
    Purchased Reply

    Ohhh thanks!! Awesome! Now how can I customize the login style. I'm interested in the fullscreen style. I want to change logo, bg and fg colors, fonts, etc. By the way, thank you so much for your 5 star support. Really fast and helpful

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-25 23:48:30
    Purchased Reply

    Check the same area, Wp admin - appearance - customiser - header - login background, colours. The logo is uploaded in Wp admin - wplms - header area. For fonts set the fonts in Wp admin - wplms - font manager (reset fonts if required, it might require more than 1 reload). Then set the fonts in customiser - header area.

  • lewisr90

    2017-10-25 19:58:31
    Purchased Reply

    hello, Im having an issue with ticket quantities using the event on plugin. Unfortunately i cannot increase the quantity of tickets for events see link I got in touch with eventon and they are saying that the quantity styles are not being loaded, he thinks its down to the theme as ive deactivated all the plugins and still it didnt work. Any idea why this is?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-10-25 23:50:59
    Purchased Reply

    This is very strange as many users are already using the tickets addon. I need to check your site for this, please create a support topic ( faster)or send an email at [email protected] for this.

  • lewisr90

    2017-10-26 01:03:21
    Purchased Reply

    emailed, many thanks

  • jlastra

    2017-11-01 13:43:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Vibe, I was checking the “Apply for Course” functionality and this is exactly what I need. But, I noticed that even when in the single course page shows the apply for course button in All Courses page is still showed as Private Course. Is there any way to change this status to an Apply for course button or link?? In ADMIN—> SUBMISSIONS tab you can find QUIZ SUBMISSIONS, COURSE SUBSMISSIONS, APPLICATIONS and ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSIONS. Can we remove the word submissions because is redundant? Doing this will improve the aesthetic of the SUBMISSIONS tab because everything is going to stay in the same line. Can we do this?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-01 22:32:24
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for pointing out, we've added a fix for private course label for "Apply for course". Thanks again, yes, we can do this. Added again in the next update.

  • jlastra

    2017-11-02 00:01:02
    Purchased Reply

    That's will be really nice!! Thanks!

  • jlastra

    2017-11-22 02:49:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Is there any update about this?? Just as a reminder: 1. Change label in Course Directory from "Private" to "Apply for Course" when is enabled. 2. Remove word "Submissions" in Admin -> Submissions. Is redundant and makes the tabs header occupy two lines instead of one. Thanks in advance

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-22 21:32:29
    Purchased Reply

    Both the issues are resolved in the updates.

  • jlastra

    2017-11-23 02:59:42
    Purchased Reply

    Oh thanks!! but after update im having an issue with the Vibe Custom Types plugin. Please, check the bellow image:

  • jlastra

    2017-11-23 03:05:38
    Purchased Reply

    Is the vibe custom type plugin the one who control apply for course feature?? Otherwise is not working for me.

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-23 21:20:27
    Purchased Reply

    No, its Vibe course module. Please confirm the version of Vibe Customtypes plugin it should be 3.2.1 from wp admin - plugins area.

  • jlastra

    2017-11-24 04:40:19
    Purchased Reply

    yes, version 3.2.1 works fine, thanks

  • jlastra

    2017-11-02 10:38:13
    Purchased Reply

    I installed one of your demos and I can see you added "Course Manage" and "Course Pursue" pages, can you tell what these pages are for? Thanks in advance

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-02 18:00:24
    Purchased Reply

    There are required pages for the LMS functionality. You can see this in the setup wizard. screenshot

  • jlastra

    2017-11-03 05:13:22
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, but according to that Pursue page has the same function that Status page. Status page use a course status template but that's not the case of pursue page that only use the default template. So, right now im really confuse about this. can you, please be more specific in this subject?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-03 22:48:47
    Purchased Reply

    There is no pursue page , there is a status and course creation page. Actually, the page names do not matter. The page which is connected at WP Admin - WPLMS - Course manager - Course status will appear when user clicks on start course page.

  • jlastra

    2017-11-04 06:29:30
    Purchased Reply

    So, what you want to say is Course pursue is a term used to make reference to a student taking a course? And yes, I can see in your demo a Course Manage and Course Pursue pages

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-07 00:03:10
    Purchased Reply


  • bunraka

    2017-11-02 20:12:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi vibethemes, Is there a way to limit the total play time of the unit videos? Thank you.

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-02 20:31:48
    Purchased Reply

    You mean like number of times a user can play a video ? This is not available as of now. If you want we can take it as a paid request, it is possible.

  • bunraka

    2017-11-02 20:36:57
    Purchased Reply

    Okay. I'd like to know about the paid request.

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-03 00:26:01
    Purchased Reply

    Please send me an email at [email protected] with subject "WPLMS Support" or post this in support forums.

  • bunraka

    2017-11-03 02:07:55
    Purchased Reply

    I sent an email. Thank you.

  • jhonnyrobson

    2017-11-05 01:24:02
    Purchased Reply

    3 days ago I asked a question in the forum and I was not answered. Today I went to look and my topic was deleted or there was some problem in the post, I do not know. Please, I ask you to answer me. Thank you

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-05 14:33:39
    Purchased Reply

    Thang is strange. I will check your topic asap. We do not delete any topics.

  • jhonnyrobson

    2017-11-05 21:47:48
    Purchased Reply

    Perfect. It has already been answered. And I've got it sorted out. Excellent support. Congratulations

  • Alexpr77

    2017-11-07 02:35:30
    Purchased Reply

    hi, i have a problem with vibe custom types plugin. i can't install version 3.1 because it crashes, and with an older version some pages like wplms->getting started dosen't word. any idea? thanks Àlex

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-07 16:48:00
    Purchased Reply

    We need to check your site for this. Please send em an email at [email protected] with subject "WPLMS Support"

  • creativia

    2017-11-09 23:54:13
    Purchased Reply

    hi, is it possible on user dashboard that only administrator can load files and user can view that files but not load your own? ...and can administrator load a file only for a specific course that only users course can view? thanks

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-10 01:14:27
    Purchased Reply

    Use the drive feature for this. You can enable drive quota and set maximum limit for users who wish to upload content and share with others. It will also enable drive for courses and attachments in messages. refer tutorial

  • sasannik

    2017-11-14 01:32:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I have a question, I do not want people to use woocommerce as a payment gate and registration for my course. I want people to come to a page and pay the fee via PayPal and then they fill out a form and then their access to the course with the permission created on my site and the info for login and ... send it to them. Could you please let me know that it is possible and if yes, how? Thank you.

  • sasannik

    2017-11-14 13:19:41
    Purchased Reply

    Also, I want to use Wishlist as it has some functions that I need, but I am not sure if you support it and it is possible to handle the scenario above via a membership plugin such as Wishlist or I need to directly use another solution through the WPLMS theme. I've seen many online training sites that people can pay through a payment gate and then their accounts with the related permission levels are created automatically and email to them. Thank you.

  • sasannik

    2017-11-14 23:12:46
    Purchased Reply

    I mean Wishlist member plugin

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-15 00:02:33
    Purchased Reply

    Yes this is possible. WPLMS is independent of eCommerce platforms, so it is possible. Please create a support topic in our support forums and we'll help you out.

  • kerendesigns

    2017-11-26 08:09:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. What is the best way to update the theme?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-11-26 10:52:11
    Purchased Reply

    Refer tip

  • Episode1

    2017-12-06 23:38:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, your latest update is still providing outdated versions of some plugins (page builder and Rev Slider) Current page builder is v5.4.5 we still have 5.3. Rev slider should be When is this going to be resolved as my hosts patch scanner keeps warning me to update the outdated plugins.

  • VibeThemes

    2017-12-07 00:03:59
    Purchased Reply

    We are planning to release the update this week, most likely tomorrow as we've made few important fixes. As an alternate we can give you the plugins via mail or install them on your site.

  • sasannik

    2017-12-18 14:09:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I have some questions related to the WPLMS AWS S3 plugin. 1) I was wondering I can use this plugin without WPLMS (for other websites) or it only works with WPLMS theme to play videos and audios? 2) Does it have API to control the player? for example, I want to set an event to show a DIV after 30 seconds or hide controls, etc. 3) If I encrypt my videos with HLS or AES to prevent downloading the videos/audios. Does your plugin can able to play them or not? Thank you.

  • vibealex

    2017-12-18 16:47:02
    Purchased Reply

    1. No, it won't work with other themes. 2. As of now , no, but it imternally uses wordpress video shortcode .So any plugin that tends to modify the wordpress player may work with it . 3. again as videos are embedded using wordpress video shortcode so,if encryption works with wp mediaelement player then it will work .

  • cloudninz

    2017-07-29 14:20:24
    Purchased Reply

    When are you releasing the Mobile App? I thought it was this week. Can someone buy courses using mobile App? and what are the other features available. Thanks

  • VibeThemes

    2017-07-29 17:26:01
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, users can buy courses using mobile app, the app opens an in app browser and the purchase actually happens in your website, so WooCommerce checkout still works with all the payment gateways. We're currently working on App documentation before submitting it for release. I am also creating videos on App working and would share in the support site very soon.

  • netixel

    2017-08-15 00:06:11
    Purchased Reply

    Hi team, I contact you to point out two minor errors of incompatibility between WPLMS and BBpress that the creators of BBpress pointed out to me : 1) 2)

  • VibeThemes

    2017-08-15 14:24:36
    Purchased Reply

    1. Yes currently we're not displaying avatars bbpress forum in our custom wplms bbpress theme,but it is a good suggestion.
    2. This is a styling issue with a third party plugin (not original bbpress) , although this is not a Wplms issue we will try to help you out. Please send an email with your site link at [email protected] with subject "wplms support" and we'll check it.

  • Episode1

    2017-08-15 23:28:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there,Looks like this theme has everything we require but a few pre purchase questions. 1. is theme fully SSL compatible? 2. Is it possible to sell offline courses as well as online courses? As well as physical products? (where postage gets calculated) 3. Is it possible for teachers to upload assignments to individual students and mark assignments manually? There is a one-on-one chat system but I dont see an option to upload files? 4. Is it possible for students so see there progress? Is there a student login demo area? 5. Is it possible to whitelabel front end login? Many Thanks

  • Episode1

    2017-08-15 23:32:47
    Purchased Reply

    and one more question: 6. is it compatible with Zapier? If we want to trigger an sms message once someone subscribes to a course or when a new module is released? Thanks

  • VibeThemes

    2017-08-16 00:01:31
    Purchased Reply

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes, refer link, you can also enable attachments in private messaging. 4. Yes, refer link 5. Yes 6. No but We can help you with it.

  • karolla86

    2017-08-26 07:00:37
    Purchased Reply

    Can I use it without woocommerce for free course?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-08-26 13:40:07
    Purchased Reply

    Yes in pricing section just enable the free course switch.

  • karolla86

    2017-08-27 01:10:56
    Purchased Reply

    Can ı sell course without woocommerce?

  • VibeThemes

    2017-08-27 15:22:46
    Purchased Reply

    Of course you can. You can manage students manually or use Pmpro or edd for selling courses